Securing and Encrypting all Confidential, Private and Business Files


CryptoDrive id an extremely encrypted and secure private data storage device that doesn't trust anyone in protecing your privacy and ensures that no unauthorized party can access, modify, hack or intercept it.

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You Own Everything

All Data is stored on Your own Personal Device. You own and control the data, the code and literally everything. You don’t have to be forced to blindly trust anyone for protecing “your” privacy and security of your important and sensitive data.

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Multi-Tier Encryptions

The device has multiple layers of encryption, passwords and hardware and software security on simply everything be it BIOS, Individual Partitions, System and User Files and Folders, Storage and Backup Media, Temporary Files and Folders, Logs etc.

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No Central Servers

Central and Remote Servers are Sitting Ducks when it comes to Interception Attempts be it by anyone. When using CryptoDrive as there are No Servers, Unauthorized and Unauthenticated Interception is completely impossible.

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Extremely Portable

The Device has a very small form-factor making it extremely portable so that it can be caried even in your pockets and handbags whereever you go. To power it up all you need is a micro-usb powerbank or charger and voila.

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Encrypted Backups

CryptoDrive supports several kinds of Encrypted Backup Solutions in both Automatic and Manual Modes ensuring that your data is secure even if your device is stolen, lost and even intentionally or unintentionally physically damaged or destroyed.

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No Compromises in Security

In addition to encryption various other technical safeguards have been enforced and implemented such as forward secure, authentication, authorization, certificate pinning, code signing, and so on to make sure there are no loopholes left.

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