Securing and Encrypting all Confidential, Private and Business Files


CryptoPhone is an Extremely Encrypted and Secure Communication Device that works without a Central Server on a Private End-to-End CryptoNetwork to protect them from Unauthorized Surveillance and Interception.

No Conversations History
No Conversations History

The chat history is not stored anywhere, its only visible to both the parties that are communicating until the session is active. Once the session is closed it self-destructs there is no trace of if left even on the devices used for communicating.

No Conversations History
Truly Anonymous

CryptoBox eliminates all metadata from your communications before they leave your device to make them completely anonymous and untracable. Nobody knows Who You Are, Where You Are, Who You Talk to, What You Say or What You Share.

No Conversations History
Multi-Tier Encryptions

All text and data that leaves the CryptoBox is encrypted randomly using various extremely powerful military-grade encryptions making it impossible for unauthorized and unauthenticated parties to spoof, decrypt or intercept it no matter what.

No Conversations History
No Servers and Third Parties

All communication happens from a CryptoBox to a CryptoBox and There are No Central Servers and No Third Parties to Blackmail, Monitor, Censor or Hack. Moreover there are No Hidden Policies and Forced Agreements truly ensuring your Right to Privacy.

No Conversations History
Extremely Portable

The Device has a very small form-factor making it extremely portable so that it can be caried even in your pockets and handbags whereever you go. To power it up all you need is a micro-usb powerbank or charger and voila.

No Conversations History
No Compromises in Security

In addition to encryption various other technical safeguards have been enforced and implemented such as forward secure, authentication, authorization, certificate pinning, code signing, and so on to make sure there are no loopholes left.

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