Brand Augmentation


Get Your Brand in Front of the Audience

Regardless of whether you are a small or large company, it is important to get you in front of the right audience. Brand promotion is a comprehensive and long-term strategy aimed to establish and maintain a brand image, as well as the trust of customers, in order to strengthen your brand foundation and market share.

Connecting Brands with Customers

We help you engage, communicate, and provide value to your target market before building a marketing plan for your business.

Promoting Made Simple

Our automated methods for brand promotion allow our clients to reach a larger market in a shorter time, at a reasonable cost.


Understanding Online Brand Augmentation

A brand is a set of perceptions of your company’s name, visual and verbal imagery, customer's perception of your business values and attributes. For businesses, building a strong brand is more complex than it first seems. They have to build trust with customers, talk to them using the right language, and doing this through online platforms is even more challenging.

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    Brand augmentation is a centric practice of enhancing brand visibility to potential customers.

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    It would mean promoting your brand by using all the online social and professional media platforms.

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    If you’re a company looking to expand your brand exposure, a brand augmentation is the way to go.

Corporate Reputation

Marketing versus Augmentation

The two approaches are related but very different. Augmentation is just one part of the marketing process. Marketing is a deliberate effort to control the perceptions of people who have already bought something. The goal is to increase sales volume. Brand augmentation is a strategy for getting more out of the same customers. In brand augmentation, what you do affects what they think not just during your ad campaign but after it ends too.

It is often much cheaper than marketing, which makes it useful even when you are not yet sure how you are going to make money from your product. And because it is cheaper, it takes less time, which lets you try out more ideas -- making every idea you try a little cheaper to test.


Outcomes From Our Services


Key Differentiator

Promotions help a business to draw attention towards it and hence create a difference in its competitors and succeed.


Increase Customer Base

A promotion can be an effective tool for building a brand, attracting customers, and bringing potential new customers to you.


Planned Strategy

A proper brand promotion strategy can help you recognize the trends, patterns and inclinations of your customers.

Our Focus

Target Audience

Target Audience

We use our proprietary technology to analyze data and find out the best possible match of audience, which helps clients to reach the maximum number of targeted people



We don’t try to scale your network by using cheap ads and quit when things get tough. We believe in offering the best quality services.



We’ll give you the powerful analytics and real-time reports you need to confidently take on any challenges your business might face.

Our Approach

Social Media

Social Media

Social media automation may help you reach new consumers and increase brand exposure. As part of our brand augmentation strategy, we will use social media.

Affiliate Advertising

Affiliate Advertising

One of the easiest ways to get your brand promoted online is by partnering with affiliate marketers. Our affiliate advertising includes partnering directly with affiliate marketers.

Network and Influencers

Network and Influencers

We'll bring you in contact with the appropriate people and support you in expanding your network in order to assist you in mastering your story.



We create high-quality, unique content for businesses and in a variety of industries in order to build beneficial brand awareness about your brand or product.

Our Process

Whether your brand needs a refresh or you want to create something new, we can elevate your brand and business to be the best in your niche.


The more you know about your customers, the more successful you’ll be, therefore it is important to identify interest and understand customer needs and requirements.


Field Intelligence delivers reliable reporting that helps you gather, record and analyze your information to provide you with detailed reports.


Make the most of what you’ve got and give readers information they can use to make smart, informed business decisions.


Brand Augmentation helps companies to engage with their customers through a range of innovative communication channels.

Our Goals

Separate Identity

Brand augmentation provides the means to differentiate a brand from other similar products/services, making it stand out among its peers.

Improved Business

Our unique approach helps businesses to expand more and more and build a strong presence which would help in improved business.

Increase Customer Base

Through brand augmentation efforts, your brand will be able to reach every possible customer and improve your current and potential customer base.


Our Featured Service Offering Categories

A strong brand can assist you in selling your message and advantages. It becomes much easier to launch new branded lines as long as any new items and services you provide meet the same high standards as your existing offers. Your brand acts as an ambassador and advocate for you, attracting and comforting clients. At the same time, it will aid in the recruitment of new clients.
Brand Augmentation has a wide range of goals. Primarily, it creates brand awareness. A brand's awareness must be raised in order for it to be recognised by the general public. Several methods, including promotional activities, can be used to raise brand recognition. Brand marketing, for example, is seen to be the most effective technique for a company to enhance brand recognition.
For a business, one of the most important benefits of branding is that the company's brand can differentiate itself from the competition. The targeted market and customers are reminded and convinced that their brand has been serving them and that it intends to continue to do so in the foreseeable future. The brand of the company can benefit from this marketing strategy by increasing its marketing share as well as existing sales.
All of the tools that marketers use to communicate with their target markets and end customers are included in the category of brand promotion techniques. The following are examples of marketing communication tools that can be used to promote a brand:
  • Advertising: Advertising is a simple and cost-effective method of promoting a product or service. It's a good thing; it works. However, the problem with advertising is that it lacks the personal touch that makes people feel like they belong.
  • Personal Selling: It is a type of selling that takes place one-on-one with the customer. It is advantageous to engage in personal selling because it entails direct face-to-face communication. The feedback from buyers would be received by the sellers immediately following the transaction. The problem with personal selling is that it is a time-consuming and opulent method of generating revenue. When it comes to building a brand, advertising is an excellent choice.
  • Sales Promotion Sale promotion consists of short-term or small incentives, the goal of which is to increase the immediate sale of the brand and attract an increasing number of customers to the brand. However, because it only lasts for a short period of time, it does not foster customer loyalty to the brand. Sale promotions are seasonal in nature, and are typically offered at the end of the season to clear out the inventory and stock.
Brand promotion is a more comprehensive and long-term strategy in which a company makes an effort to establish and maintain a brand image, as well as the trust of customers, in order to strengthen their foundation as a brand and grow their market share. Firms attempt to establish a connection with their target audience by conveying some positive messages about their brand while promoting their products or services.
Brand augmentation is a marketing technique to create new business opportunities using social media channels, new media channels, and/or internet channels. A well executed brand augmentation campaign is the key to increasing a company’s visibility online. Through well crafted online content, a brand can differentiate itself from its competitors. One will be able to capitalize on the resources that are already in place to help its products or services reach the widest possible audience.

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