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Digitalization has made businesses face the constant threat of fraudulent infringements. Corporate management security is required to deal with such attacks. The internet has changed how business is done globally, online retail websites have now accounted for 16% sales worldwide. Consequently, Counterfeit products will also take their toll in the ecommerce industry. In addition to that, it becomes hard to differentiate.

CryptoMize provides online brand protection services that allows businesses to secure their digital properties and helps detect any digital fraud and requires detection and implementation of the appropriate measures to protect the domain name.

  • 01Our approaches are continuously evolving and we implement new strategies to counter these challenges in the brand development process.
  • 02Our premium services will provide you with the best brand protection and secure our client’s digital presence without any compromise.

Understanding Business Reputation

Business Reputation is a concept that showcases your brand image, highlights pros and cons of buying your brand or services and reflects all the negative and positive perception about your brand. 50% of the customers don’t read full information about a brand or a product. They perceive a brand reputation according to reviews on consumer review sites. With this fact, inevitably, the importance of a company's online reputation will rise.


Why Is Business Reputation Important?

As we all know, online reputation is a key to success in any business. You can have the best product and service, but if your potential customers find your business unreliable, they will never buy from you. We're living in a time when the Internet expands with every second, and it is easier than ever for people to share their opinions on various social media and online platforms.

Reputation is the cornerstone of your business and without it you have nothing. Don't focus on sales or making money, your business will fail. Focus on making your customers happy and they will come back and spread the word about you. But, it goes beyond that, it also goes to your business as a whole. A good reputation is the first step to a good business. It ensures that your business will be taken seriously and that you will become a staple in your community. This is why it is important to focus on your reputation before anything else.


Significance of Brand Protection in Digital Media

The Internet is the most powerful tool for people to easily share their views and opinions, as well as the best place for companies to protect their brands and products. But at the same time, the Internet is also a powerful tool for people to spread rumors and even slander. If neglected, you may experience a major decrease in brand value and sales. Your online reputation and visibility is the most valuable thing you own. It’s the first thing a potential customer sees about your business and it can make or break your business. Making an effort to protect it is a very good idea. The best way to protect your online reputation is to be aware of all the information out there and how it can affect what your potential customers see about your company.

Removal of Counterfeit Products

Online shops which sell branded goods face a variety of issues arising from counterfeit products. Businesses selling branded products with cheap quality results in misleading information relating to product quality. Thus, businesses selling counterfeit products deteriorate a brand’s reputation. Brand Protection Services provide removal of counterfeit which results in drastic increase of sales.

Creation of Brand Image

Brand Image is what sells a product. There are thousands of products that are selling the same thing to their customers. Brand Image is what makes a brand different from others. Brand Protection Services is the best approach for any business to create a brand image. Brand Protection not just creates brand image but also gives other marketing and branding strategies a boost.

More Investments

As the popularity of online brands increases, the security of these brands become more critical for the success of the business. Protecting a brand online is more than just stopping negative comments and reviews. Our Brand Protection Services provide you the perfect brand image. Consequently, stakeholders, partners and investors will be more likely to invest as the brand image reflects safe investment and opportunities.

Creates Buzz

You have the best product in the world but if no one knows about it, it won't sell. That's why you have to build a reputation for your brand. Brand Protection Services are surely made to create the buzz around. It includes each activity that helps in creating the buzz. Whether it is use of social media, web mentioning or cyber security, these services make sure that the information online about you is positive and authentic.

How can the Protection of your Brand be Advantageous?


The recent rise of online abuse has led to all sorts of organisations becoming victims of what is called brand abuse. Brand abuse can be a stepping stone to other attack types, including data theft and damage to the reputation of your business.


It is much more common in the market. There are numerous ways through which intellectual property can be stolen, including misappropriating information at hand. With Brand Protection, you are able to gain competitive advantage in the market.


The staggering volume of counterfeit electronic parts entering the supply chain today is only growing. This results in negative impacts to program schedule and system performance. Our services provide Counterfeit Prevention so no one harms your brand.

Online Reviews And Business Reputation

Online customer reviews are now a major deciding factor for consumers who are looking to buy products and services.A negative review is one that includes one star or less, while neutral reviews include a rating of 3 or 4 stars. In fact, 88% of consumers read reviews on a company or product before they purchase. That means that a few negative or even neutral reviews can significantly affect your business reputation. These negative reviews following reasons:

  • 01Fake Negative Testimonials
  • 02Reviews on Counterfeit Products
  • 03Disgruntled Customer or an employee
Online Reviews And Business Reputation

Linking Brands with Social Media

Today, social media is much more than just adding friends and sharing photos. Over the years, social media has developed itself to the point where businesses use these platforms to promote their brands. Social Media Reputation Management now acts to buffer marketing strategy that is used for brand reputation management.

Why is traditional marketing not enough?

Social media is a very powerful tool that most companies have already embraced.

  • 01This is because it helps them get in touch with their customers, communicate with them quickly, and work together to resolve issues.
  • 02However, this doesn’t mean that social media is the only avenue for interaction between companies and customers. Many small to medium size companies are still hesitant when it comes to social media marketing.
  • 03They may even be concerned about negative feedback or bad press. While this is understandable, it is not always a good reason to stay out of social media.

Having a large following on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and other niche platforms, is important for any brand these days. The different social media channels are essential for connecting with customers on a personal level, and for creating a reputation of trust and transparency.

Why is traditional marketing not enough?

Online Brand Protection Strategy: Our 4 Keys to Success

Audit of Domain Portfolio

Brand protection audits are the gold standard for IP rights protection. Our in-house team of brand protection experts audits your domain portfolio. We perform a full historic data search on every word and character to locate cybersquatters and fabricated trade names, phonetic look-alikes, misspellings, offensive terms and gambling sites, etc.

Forensic Threat Analysis

We set up automated red flag monitoring alerts to warn you immediately of new potentially damaging activity or trends. Spyware, viruses, and other security protection threats are continuously evolving. We combine investigative techniques from both sides of the digital fence to deliver management strategies and countermeasures to avoid costly breaches.

Online Threat Reduction

We optimize your available legal options using our proprietary rights research database to identify best law firms and litigation strategies. From trademark, copyright and infringement investigations to full-service cybersecurity and reputation management services, we remove the most pressing legal risks from your path so you can focus on growing your business.

Real-time Discovery

If you know what your customers are saying about you in real-time, you can deal with issues instantly. The longer you wait to address them, the more damage control will cost you. Our Anti-counterfeit services work in real time. By monitoring the global IP network, we can detect a fake product as soon as it is being listed on eCommerce stores and related sites.

Our Goals


With the increasing popularity of digital goods and online counterfeiting, spotting trademark infringement online has never been more important. To successfully deal with such issues, you need an effective strategy for detecting infringing activity and then taking the appropriate action to remedy it.


Validation is a crucial part of trademark enforcement because it’s the only way to ensure that the products labeled as infringements truly are infringements. Otherwise, authentic companies are penalized by mistake while trying to enforce their IP rights. This results in business damage for them, litigation or settlement costs, lost sales, and more work.


Enforcement is the last step in the order of removing or solving an IP violation. It is arguably the most strategic part of a brand’s anti-counterfeiting campaign. It's important to get things right the first time to avoid any future legal problems. Ignoring any of these steps can lead to issues such as getting sued, having to pay damages, and losing reputation.


Frequently Asked Questions

It's more expensive - and riskier – not to have a brand protection and intellectual property programme in place. While this varies by company, it is not as expensive as many corporations believe. You may be efficient without breaking the bank if you put the correct combination of efforts in place. It's not always possible, but in the world of trademark protection, being always watchful goes a long way.
Organizations are now required to have an online presence for the purposes of growing the brand, increasing reach and overall exposure, or face going offline for failing to do so. While this can be incredibly exciting from the perspective of the brand and marketing teams (and business leaders), this presents a new type of security challenge for information security professionals – who must create defence off the back of any threats emanating from social media and the internet, in general. The reality is that being online creates new threats – and those responsible for protecting the organization must react with increased speed and skill to stay ahead of the game.
Attacks on brands have real-world consequences for both the business and the person who is targeted. The top three are as follows:
  • Loss of Customer Trust: It is estimated that a loss of customer trust may cost global businesses up to $2.5 trillion each year. Trust issues have a direct effect on a company's image - and reputation is important in today's world of digital technology. Regarding security, a breach may have a major impact on how customers view a company, leading to customers looking elsewhere for safer and more viable alternatives as a consequence.
  • Financial Loss- Consumer trust is not the only thing that can be lost when a brand is attacked; brand assaults may also result in direct financial loss for both the customer and the business! Business email compromise assaults, which are usually characterised as a fraud to persuade companies to transfer money illegitimately, are projected to have cost $26 billion in 2019 - and that's just business email compromise.
  • Disadvantage in the marketplace: As previously stated, two of the instances may have a direct effect on how a business operates – and, depending on the competitiveness of the sector, such variables might hinder competition within the market.
If you are serious about preserving your brand, you must demonstrate this by consistently delivering on your brand promise. This is due to the fact that a brand is a specific promise of excellence wrapped in an experience. It instilled a sense of anticipation in the psyche of the consumer. Customers' experiences with the product or service, including making the purchase, receiving assistance, and so on, meet or exceed the brand's promise, indicating that you are doing all you can to safeguard the brand in the best possible manner. If they don't, the brand will suffer as a result of it.
Some of the best strategies of brand protection are:
  • Domain Portfolio Audit
  • Forensic Threat Analysis
  • Reducing online threat
  • Real Time Discovery
  • Identify the allegedly infringing product. It is very difficult to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit goods.
  • Intellectual property should be registered. The cost of registering your intellectual property may seem high at first, but it is well worth it.
  • Anti-counterfeiting tools should be used.
  • Form a group of people.

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