Competition Management


Competition: An Interpretation

Competition is the rivalry among competitors providing similar services and/or targeting the same target audience to achieve the same goal. When you are running for the same prize, you need to make sure that you are way ahead of your competitor. Studying and analyzing your competitor’s moves can help you know their moves, perceptions around them and about you in the market, and then take the necessary steps.

Understanding your competitors’ perception helps you understand why some people prefer them over you. You need to devise a strategy that demotes them and increases your customer base.

  • 01Competition is a zero-sum game. Some gain and some lose. We want to make sure that you are never at the losing end.
  • 02Cryptomize would provide you with 24*7 monitoring and modulation of your competitor’s actions. We make your life easier by making it harder for your competitors.

Understanding Competition Management

When you are working in a competitive market, it is imperative to pay heed to your competitor's actions. The first and foremost step is to understand who your competitors are and what they do. While most people would stop here, the real job actually starts after it.You not only need to analyse but also modulate your competitor's image.

  • 01Competition Management means revamping your competitor’s image in the eyes of the audience for the sake of staying relevant in the industry.

  • 02Competition Management will not only help you gain insight into your competitor’s actions and strategies, but will also provide you with an insider look into your audience.

  • 02Staying relevant is the only way of keeping our business alive. And if survival is something that worries you, you need to adopt a competition modulating strategy.

To help you understand your competitors' ideas and actions, CryptoMize offers services such as competition testing, competition tracking, and competition Abasement.

Understanding Competition

Why is Competition Management Important?

The race to the top has never been more competitive. The digital age has presented newer and better channels to connect and influence the audience. Competition for attention is fierce and cut-throat. So you need to fight back, and what could be more promising than kicking down your competitors' image.

  • 01Before modulation, what is required is a detailed analysis of your competitor's strengths and weaknesses, which would assist you in recognizing opportunities and threats.
  • 02A close check of your competitor’s actions would assist you to strategize in advance and remain a step ahead. It would require keeping a close check on your competitor’s actions and strategizing accordingly.
  • 03It’s hard to grow a business if you don’t know who your competitors are.Competition Management would not only provide you with the necessary information but also an action plan.

CryptoMize is the right place for your competitor issues. We would draw a complete blueprint to success for you and help you stay relevant in the industry.


Competition Management: An Advantageous Tool

When you enter the industry, remember that anything goes. You need to make sure that your competitor has a hard time. A Competition Management strategy is an intelligent way of doing that.

helps understand competition

Track Competition

A competitive modulation would begin with competition tracking and analyses which would provide you with an understanding of your competition.

better audience insight

Audience Insight

Audience insight is an integral part of any campaign. Monitoring competition would help you understand your audience as well in terms of their tastes, preferences and demands.

helps to introspect

To Introspect

Through an analysis, you would also get an opportunity to introspect your business strategies and services. This would help you improve your chances of growth.

keeps you ahead

Keeps you Ahead

When working on your competition management, a competition modulation strategy would help you stay ahead of your competitors in the market.

What We Can Do For You?

Our Amazing and Effective Services

Competitive Assessment

The first step towards modulation is Competition Management to investigate and analyze what your competitors are doing. Competition assessment would discover and research every aspect of your competitor precisely.

Competition Tracking

Keeping track of your competitors actions is equally important for recognizing changes and improvements to take premptive actions. Our task would not end with assessing, but CryptoMize services would closely monitor your competitors.

Competition Abasement

The last but the most effective step to improve your prospects in the market is revamping up your competitor’s image and pulling away their audience into your net. An abasement strategy provides you a strategic advantage in the industry.


Competition Assessment

Recognizing that public restraints can unnecessarily hinder competition on the merits, the Advocacy Working Group prepared these recommended practices to provide guidance to competition agencies engaged in competition assessments. A competition assessment is an evaluation of a competitor agency or another government body of the potential competitive effects of a proposed or existing policy. Through the assessment, competition agencies can urge policymakers to consider the policy’s likely impact on competition, identify whether justifications exist for any restrictions on competition, and assess whether less restrictive alternatives would achieve the intended public policy goal. In drafting the recommended practices

Creating a profitable business requires offering a product or service that consumers will buy at a price that produces enough revenue for the business to cover its expenses. Fulfilling this objective is complicated by the fact that most businesses face competition from other companies engaged in selling similar products and services. A competitive assessment or competitive analysis is a business-planning tool that attempts to account for the presence of competitors and their potential impact on business decisions.


Significance of Competition Assessment

When in a competitive market, you need to make sure that you have a proper competitor analysis in hand before you proceed further. Find a way to calculate your competition. Cryptomize services can help you assess your competitor’s strategies and performance for better results.

Inside view

Assessing your competitors' business operations will help you get an inside view of your competitor’s business plans and strategies from a distance. An insight into their business is all you need to understand and act better.

Self Analysis

Competitor’s assessment will help you gain a better understanding of your own daily operations. It also gives you the necessary information for a comparative analysis that will make you a better personality.

Plan Better

Before taking business decisions, it is better to plan first and nothing more than a comprehensively done analysis can help you with that. Competitor assessment will also assist you in better planning your future course of action.

Components of Competition Assessment

Analytics Research

Our analytics research brings all the digital data analytics together so you can truly understand what’s working, what’s not and differentiate from your competitors' activity. Analytics helps us track and measure everything from which our competitors benefit.

Channels Assessment

This acts as a comprehensive external channel audit to assess all the possible qualitative as well as major quantitative elements available out there. We offer an assessment of channels where we use ranking analysis to traffic analysis and construct an approach to communicating.

Strategy Assessment

Our team of experts showcases their cutting-edge research and analysis experience. We then circle back to the analytics of every channel and, through that information, we analyze your competitor’s strategy to differentiate you from them or their strategy that will benefit you.

Competition Tracking

CryptoMize gives you the power to track your competitors' marketing strategies. By using our tools, you can improve your marketing operations and grab some new lead opportunities. We’re also the only platform on the market that focuses solely on marketing operations, giving us a unique position. CryptoMize allows you to track and monitor your competitors’ strategies in real-time. CryptoMize can act as the helm of that structure.

  • 01We keep an eye on your competitors’ social media profiles, their online user interactions, the keywords their audience uses, and their activities.
  • 02We report on any changes to their activity and the potential impact on the online reputation of your brand.
  • 03We monitor all this data using our sophisticated analytic tool to evaluate the metrics, churning out statistics for your business decisions.
Competition Tracking

Competition Tracking as a Crucial Strategy

Tracking metrics is one of the most important things you need to do when running a business or trying to showcase a positive perception of yourself. While there are many different methods for monitoring your business’s performance, CryptoMize prefers “Competition Tracking”.

  • 01With competition tracking, we oversee every single aspect of your competitor that makes them your competitor.
  • 02Competitor’s Tracking doesn't just share information about the past, but their timely updates can prevent you from taking wrong steps in the future.
  • 03Tracking Intelligence helps monitor your current indicators against their long-term goals, preventing any deviations caused by competing companies.
tracking important

Competition Tracking Services

Channels Monitoring

Monitoring your competitor's channels is a very useful thing to do, both from a competitive standpoint and from a brand awareness perspective.

KPI Monitoring

KPIs are essential for internal reporting and external communication. CryptoMize gives you a structure that you can use to overpower your competitors.

Audience Monitoring

Monitoring your competitor’s audience is a very essential factor for success. You need to keep tracking their audience base and find out the changes.

Competition Abasement

The digital age has made it far easier to reach and influence the audience.While your competitors will be busy keeping up with the audience, you have a chance to put digital media to its full use. You can use the power of the internet to revamp your competitor's image.

A competitor abasement strategy focuses on tuning into your competitor's perceptions so that your interests in the industry are promoted. A competitor abasement strategy helps you win an audience for your brand or service indirectly. Without bringing in changes initially to your business, you can still control the market by debasing your competitor.

Competition Abasement

Why is Competition Abasement Crucial?

In competitive situations, attention spans can be short. If you don't pay attention to what your competitors are doing and why they're doing it, you could easily get caught up in a race to the bottom that ends up leaving you behind.

Revamp Competitor’s Image

Competition abasement can help you change the way people perceive your competitor's performance and services. The audience's trust and credibility in your competitor would be shattered as a result of this.

More Audience

You will acquire a better knowledge of your own business operations by analysing the activities of your competitors. You will also be able to perform a comparative analysis with the information provided.

Increased Growth Prospects

Competition abasement would help with growth without bringing much change to your business activity. This way, your business operations can run smoothly as before while bringing in added advantages.

Competition Abasement Services

Site Control

We would, through our proprietary tools, control sites that benefit your competitors. Our services would demote such sites and help you.

Targeted Microsites

Through targeted microsites strategy, we would multiply your efforts and success rates and would bring your competitor’s image to dust.

Strategy Check

We would devise a strategy to revamp your competitor by keeping a check on your competitor’s strategy.



Frequently Asked Questions

There are multiple ways of dealing with your competition.Firstly, it's important to conduct market research before launching. In addition to this, you can recognize your past and potential competitors and using that, determine your competitive advantage. It is also crucial to keep an eye on your competitors. Accept and play the game "The Idea Exchange". You should establish contact with your competition. Make a strategy with your heart and mind, you can triumph.

We can define competitiveness in the context of the business as the ability of businesses to provide goods or services with a favorable performance ratio that ensures high profitability while also obtaining customer preference over other competitors while maintaining or increasing market share. Competitiveness ensures the long-term viability and longevity of the organization.

A few effective techniques for identifying direct competitors:
Market Research: Examine the market for your goods and see who else is selling similar products. Ask your sales team which competitors come up frequently in their sales process. From there, you can analyse those organisations' products and marketing activities to develop methods to outperform them.
Get Customer Feedback: Again, your customers are your immediate competitors' key. Once they've chosen your company and product, ask what other companies/products they considered. Customers often reveal unexpected competitors.
Aside from that, your sales team can question potential clients what businesses they are considering. If they haven't decided yet, knowing which businesses or products they're considering will help your team better understand their needs.
Check out online communities on Social Media or forums:
Nowadays, potential clients seek advice and suggestions on social networking sites and applications, as well as online communities like Quora and Reddit. You can learn more about your competitors by looking into their online conversations.
This is especially true for younger marketers. According to Deloitte, 50% of millennials say a friend or family member's recommendation has a significant impact on their purchasing decision. And 27% of both millennials and Gen Z believe online recommendations from friends have a significant impact on their purchasing decisions.

When we talk about direct competition, we're referring to firms or publishers that sell or market the same products as your company. Your customers will frequently analyze both you and your immediate competitors before making a purchase choice or converting to your product or service.

When you talk about indirect competition, you're referring to firms or publishers that don't sell or market the same items as your company, but who are in direct competition with your company on the internet. It is possible that others will write the same type of content as you and will be fighting for the same keywords as well. In a nutshell, they are fighting for the attention of your clients.

There are many aspects that differentiates a company from it's competitiors. According to some professional research, there are six primary ways to differentiate a company. These are: products, services, channels of distribution, relationships, reputation/image, and prices. All these factors creates distinctiveness between the businesses and competitors.

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