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Manage Your Business Competitively

When you are working in a competitive market, it is imperative to pay heed to your competitor's actions. The first and foremost step is to understand who your competitors are and what they do.

Total Competitor Analysis

CryptoMize provides you 24*7 monitoring and analysis of your competitor on the internet This gives useful insights and understanding of perceptions around them and around your brand in the market.

Managing Your Image

While most people would stop here, the real job actually starts after it.You not only need to analyze competitors but also modulate their image to your advantage.


What Do We Offer?

The race to the top has never been more competitive. The digital age has presented newer and better channels to track your competitor’s actions and connect with your audience. With CryptoMize :
  • Analyze competitor's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Keep a close check on your competitor’s actions.
  • Recognize opportunities, threats and strategize accordingly.

Track Competition

A competitive modulation would begin with competition tracking and analyses which would provide you with an understanding of your competition.

Audience Insight

Audience insight is an integral part of any campaign. With competition monitoring, understand your audience well in terms of their tastes, preferences and demands.

Brand Growth

Through an analysis, you would also get an opportunity to introspect your business strategies and services. This would help you improve the chances of growth for your brand.

Stay Ahead

Competition modulation strategy is an integral part of competition management. This would help you stay ahead of your competitors in the market.

Here’s How We Do it ..

Revamping your competitor’s image in the eyes of the audience with Cryptomize!


Brand Management Made Easy

  • Social Media Tracking

    Many businesses fail to keep track of their competitor’s presence online due to less digital knowledge, which has its own downsides. We keep an eye on your competitors’ social media profiles, their online user interactions, the keywords their audience uses, and their activities.

  • Protecting Brand Reputation

    Every action that your competitor makes may affect your brand reputation directly or indirectly. Be it in terms of relevancy or some negative mentions. We keep you updated on any changes to their activity and to minimize the potential impact on the reputation of your brand.

  • Making Business Decisions

    Many businesses fail to learn from their competitor’s mistakes, and tend to repeat the same mistakes. We gather intelligence using our sophisticated analytic tool to evaluate the metrics, churning out statistics for your business decisions.


10+ Years of Experience

With many years of experience, we provide services that can help you assess your competitor’s strategies and performance for better results.

Inside view

Get an inside view of your competitor’s business plans and strategies from a distance by assessing your competitors' business operations . A look into their business is all you need to understand and act better.

Self Analysis

Gain a better understanding of your own daily operations through a competitor's assessment. It also gives you the necessary information for a comparative analysis that will make you a better personality.

Plan Better

Before taking business decisions, it is better to plan first and nothing more than a comprehensively done analysis can help you with that. Competitor assessment will also assist you in better planning your future course of action.

Just What You Need !

Not just keep your business alive, but thrive with our competition modulating services.

What We Put Into Practice

CryptoMize deploys a set of operations to tackle any challenge that you may be facing.

Analytics Research

Analytics Research

Our analytics research brings all the digital data analytics together to track and measure everything from which your competitors benefit.

better audience insight

Channels Assessment

This acts as a comprehensive external channel audit to assess all the possible qualitative as well as major quantitative elements available out there.

Strategy Assessment

Strategy Assessment

Through the information gathered, we analyze your competitor’s strategy to differentiate you from them or their strategy that will benefit you.

Competition Modulation

Competition Modulation

We discover and gather insights into every one of your competitors precisely to change the way people perceive your competitor's performance and services.

Our Goals

Growth Prospects

We aim to promote growth without bringing much change to your business activity. This way, your business operations can run smoothly as before while bringing in added advantages.

Gain Audience

Our goal is to improve your business operations covering the areas where your competitors are lacking , so that you are able to gain new audiences and retain old ones .

Competition Abasement

We aim to provide an effective abasement strategy and ensure that your interests are promoted that gives you an advantage over your competitors in the industry.



Frequently Asked Questions

There are multiple ways of dealing with your competition.Firstly, it's important to conduct market research before launching. In addition to this, you can recognize your past and potential competitors and using that, determine your competitive advantage. It is also crucial to keep an eye on your competitors. Accept and play the game "The Idea Exchange". You should establish contact with your competition. Make a strategy with your heart and mind, you can triumph.

We can define competitiveness in the context of the business as the ability of businesses to provide goods or services with a favorable performance ratio that ensures high profitability while also obtaining customer preference over other competitors while maintaining or increasing market share. Competitiveness ensures the long-term viability and longevity of the organization.

A few effective techniques for identifying direct competitors:
Market Research: Examine the market for your goods and see who else is selling similar products. Ask your sales team which competitors come up frequently in their sales process. From there, you can analyse those organisations' products and marketing activities to develop methods to outperform them.
Get Customer Feedback: Again, your customers are your immediate competitors' key. Once they've chosen your company and product, ask what other companies/products they considered. Customers often reveal unexpected competitors.
Aside from that, your sales team can question potential clients what businesses they are considering. If they haven't decided yet, knowing which businesses or products they're considering will help your team better understand their needs.
Check out online communities on Social Media or forums:
Nowadays, potential clients seek advice and suggestions on social networking sites and applications, as well as online communities like Quora and Reddit. You can learn more about your competitors by looking into their online conversations.
This is especially true for younger marketers. According to Deloitte, 50% of millennials say a friend or family member's recommendation has a significant impact on their purchasing decision. And 27% of both millennials and Gen Z believe online recommendations from friends have a significant impact on their purchasing decisions.

When we talk about direct competition, we're referring to firms or publishers that sell or market the same products as your company. Your customers will frequently analyze both you and your immediate competitors before making a purchase choice or converting to your product or service.

When you talk about indirect competition, you're referring to firms or publishers that don't sell or market the same items as your company, but who are in direct competition with your company on the internet. It is possible that others will write the same type of content as you and will be fighting for the same keywords as well. In a nutshell, they are fighting for the attention of your clients.

There are many aspects that differentiates a company from its competitors. According to some professional research, there are six primary ways to differentiate a company. These are: products, services, channels of distribution, relationships, reputation/image, and prices. All these factors create distinctiveness between the businesses and competitors.

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