Crisis Management

What is Crisis?

Crisis refers to an unexpected unplanned situation or threat that suddenly dawns upon a business/ individual out of nowhere. Threats to reputation are not uncommon, and when they appear, it is best to be prepared. A crisis situation not only hampers the day-to-day functioning but also threatens the very stability of the organization. In this age of the internet, the threat roams now more than ever.

Plan and Recover
CM refers to a procedure that involves planning to recover from a certain crisis.
Prevention Strategies
We make sure to provide you with designed prevention strategies for crisis resolution.
Quick Decision Making
This requires quick decision-making, implementation, and effective management.
Implement and Manage
We manage your crisis before it’s too late and we can help you get back on your feet.

Types Of Crisis

Organizational Misdeeds

A crisis of organizational misdeeds arise when the management makes certain decisions knowing the harmful consequences of the same in line with its short-term motives. This may include a crisis of deception, a crisis of misconduct, etc.

Crisis from Rumours

An organization may face an existential crisis due to the spread of false information about it. Rumors can tarnish the reputation and negatively impact audience perception.

Crisis from Slander

Sometimes a crisis may arise suddenly by character assasination without you having the slightest hint about it. Such a situation requires swift decision-making in order to protect your name or image.

Reputational Risks in Businesses

Image is a vital component to every business. Threats can come from misunderstandings, negative PR, and more. Everyone needs to make sure that firm is represented in the right light by them and should know how to protect a brand image.

Loss of Credibility

Reputation damage can lead to a loss of credibility, as loss of credibility leads to lack of trust. Stakeholders of a firm with a good reputation are less likely to believe in any kind of reputation damaging information. On the other hand, a firm with several reputational risks, only 15% of stakeholders will believe positive information, versus 57% of stakeholders believing negative information after hearing it once or twice.

Revenue Loss

Since your online reputation is a crucial aspect in the success of your business, a reputation damage can lead to revenue loss. Customers always go with a business that has good customer service for their own convenience. 17% of the consumers rejected brands with a negative brand image and did not use their business for any purchase. A business with a good reputation can have 7-9 % extra profit.

Daily Business Operations Disruption

With any business damage, daily business operation disruption is an apparent problem. Any reputation damage could lead the firm to increase the cost of hiring employees. A reputation damage crisis can cause the business to take a new approach to business practices or even entire business models, which can lead to more distress.

Loss of Investors and Stakeholders

Any company with a negative reputation is likely to lose the number of investors or stake. As Reputational Damage increases liquidity risk resulting in loss of capital and investments. A reputation crisis is a really difficult situation for any company to be caught in. Not only does it affect the company's brand reputation but even worse, it also tends to cost the company a lot of money.

How Crisis Can Disrupt Your Functioning?

When things go wrong in crisis, your entire company suffers. The old adage “all press is good press” isn’t exactly true when it comes to crisis because crisis actually disrupts your functionality. It totally messes with you in all areas of your business.

  • 01These days, the world is full of potential crises that were never there before, as social media has made us all vulnerable.
  • 02When people have access to all the information they want from multiple websites, they know when something’s off with your company.
  • 03Your online perception relies on a strong foundation of trust, and without it, you won’t stand a chance in reaching your target audience.

It’s known that a crisis can destroy businesses and damage reputations. The ability to quickly resolve a crisis is an indication of whether a business is facing a failure or not.

crisis dispute

Crisis Management and Preparation

In the hyper-connected world, it is absolutely essential to monitor and manage online reputation. Any prominent entity comes at greater risk of reputation damage. Without any preparation any individual will be under the risk.

We at CryptoMize, provide our clients with extensive planning by identifying and outline the steps to be taken in times of need. We are sure to provide them with a preparation plan for any crisis and prepare them accordingly. Our objective is to gather all the data related to our client’s information to provide them strategies accordingly.

Prepare for a Crisis Now

The Internet has allowed anyone to form an opinion about any person, business's products and services. If that opinion is not positive, it becomes easy to spread across the web. Crisis Management is a simple way for corporations and individuals to encourage a positive image and suppress negative information that could harm their brand image to avoid any crisis.

  • 01Unprepared strategies during a may reflect ineptness
  • 02Any online information is perpetual. Consequently, any damage to brand image will last forever.
  • 03Businesses are based on trust and credibility, any reputation blunder may reduce credibility.
Crisis Management Prepration
Crisis Assesment

Crisis Assessment

No one can afford to be completely unprepared for a crisis. While there is no such thing or a system that can prevent your business from having one, you can make sure the impact of a crisis on your business is minimized.

Readiness and Awareness

A good starting point would be to build and maintain readiness and awareness for potential crises and company-wide shifts in sentiment.

Organize and Analyse

Our Crisis Assessment organizes and analyzes the information that needs to take place upon receiving negative feedback or detection of risks that threaten reputation.

Crisis Assessment Elements

Any drastic negative change in public perception about a company or an individual qualifies as a crisis. There are ample reasons that can affect a reputation such as : scandals, misbehaviour, complaints or displeased consumer reports, scam etc.A crisis can erupt and result in bad news and lost sales online and off—unless you’re prepared. All of this begins with a simple assessment to establish the areas which are most at risk to an incident, and therefore should be focussed on. We take into account factors such as unique selling points, what makes you stand out from the crowd.

This includes steps such as:

  • 01Competitor Analysis which includes analysis of all your competitors that may act as a threat to you and your business.
  • 02Sentiment Analysis which includes analyzing sentiment of your audience which may get affected by the crisis.
  • 03Situational Analysis includes assessing any previous situational crisis caused by any factor and many more other factors affecting.

Threat Analysis

A Threat Assessment determines which elements are part of the system to be analyzed.

Trend Analysis

A Trend Analysis is an attempt to identify the environment to improve crisis communication.

Media Monitoring

Media Monitoring is an attempt to understand the audience’s voice and sentiment on channels.

Damage Control

  • Reputation Damage Control is when a negative piece of information about a company, resulting in reputation damage, is spread on the internet it can do extreme damage to its credibility. To avoid any further damage and repair the existing reputation, Damage Control Services are rendered after managing a crisis.
  • It's easy to assume that your reputation is set in stone, but that's not the case. Reputation Damage Control is a necessary part of every entity as a single incident can result in your reputation being damaged to the point where clients, customers or the public are no longer willing to communicate with you. This could result in a loss of business, personal image damage, employee turnover, and even a drop in stock price.
Damage Cantrol

Why Damage Control is Necessary?

Reputation damage control is an important part of managing your online reputation. Your reputation says a lot about you, and if it has been damaged, your business and life may be negatively affected. When you manage your online reputation, you should use professionals to ensure your reputation is being protected and repaired properly.

The best way to handle a reputation damage control strategy is to have a plan in place before a damaging event occurs. This way, you will be prepared to hit the ground running once the damaging event has occurred, rather than having to scramble to find a solution.

 damage cantrol
crisis communication

Crisis Communication

Crisis Communication is a kind of risk management process which is undertaken to address any damage to a reputation. Whenever a company or an individual is under a risk, creating a narrative or dialogue to address a situation is our top priority. With this, we prioritize the objectives to gather data and information, coordinate with our clients and work from their perspective. This type of response is highly reactive in nature and always takes place after a crisis. At CryptoMize, we make sure that our client is heard by the targeted audience to avoid any risk to their brand image.

Activities of Damage Control

CryptoMize works on these activities to control any aftermath of a crisis.

Controlled Interactivity

Interactivity refers to any activity or conversation that may happen on any digital platform. CryptoMize helps you control that activity and conversation that may hamper your activity on any social media platform.

Dialogue Control

We believe that Dialogue may control the outcome of a conversation and Dialogue control is necessary to steer a story in a desired direction. CryptoMize allows you to control the dialogue that may create any ruckus.

Media Management

CryptoMize provides Media Management service to keep your control and navigate the storm – all in one place. We have secured safety for clients and let them concentrate on their day to day activities.

How Do We Manage a Crisis?

Our Crisis Management Plan provides overall development to your online public perception. We identify, evaluate, and implement rapid containment strategies to avoid social-media-based crises before they begin. We'll then devise a plan to regain your company's reputation in the public eye. CryptoMize offers services including content creation and distribution, monitoring of social media, blogging etc.

Our initial strategies include assembling a professional crisis management team for crisis resolutions. Our team of professionals assess your unguarded focal points and strategize according to your vulnerabilities.

Since the extent of the crisis will determine the severity of what is required, it is sometimes useful to take the time to pre-plan how to deal with the crisis, thus enabling a more successful resolution. This does not mean to go in completely cold and unprepared, but to have a framework to follow and to have considered the potential issues.

This includes steps such as:

  • 01Data Collection
  • 02Situation Analysis
  • 03Sentiment Analysis
  • 04Competitor Analysis
  • 05Existing Brand Image
  • 06Public Perception and many more.

By assessing each of the components, we evaluate elements that may have caused reputation damage. To evaluate the extent of the damage, our crisis manager looks for existing issues that may have contributed to the crisis, as well as things that might arise from it. So that when a crisis is brewing, we are able to assess it for you and help you figure out with our branding strategies and many more ORM services.

Once we have collected all the information they need, their job is to develop a plan that will repair the damage done to your company's reputation, how you communicate about the issue, and what services you'll use to get the job done.

Strategies that are used by our crisis managers for managing a crisis can be grouped under two categories namely the proactive crisis management strategies and the reactive crisis management strategies.

Proactive Crisis Management Strategy

This strategy is implemented when the crisis is not yet created. When a crisis is looming, it is better to take the necessary steps in order to avert it from happening. The steps that are taken are in order to avert the crisis.

Reactive Crisis Management Strategy

We acknowledge the fact that to manage a crisis, creation of appropriate, responsive and desirable content creation is necessary:

  • 01We known the importance of responding to negative comments and reflection of a positive brand image in order to provide authentic information to the public
  • 02We identify content and replace it with positive information.
  • 03To promote a positive perception of you, we use several SEO techniques such as bookmarkings and backlinking for content that we highlight.
  • 04With use of our evaluations and analysis we make sure that public perception is favorable to your motive.

Any step is worthless without monitoring. We take a proactive and integrated approach to reputation management. We look at all the factors that impact your online reputation. We monitor everything from news coverage to blogs and social media. And we work with you to become the go-to expert in your field.

Our final phase strategies include monitoring of:

  • 01Every Social Media Comment, (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.)
  • 02Review or Feedback to any website
  • 03Search Engine Rankings
  • 04Any Competitor’s action

To analyze the public's perception and their sentiments on your action. Our purpose is to ensure that our client maintains a risk-free reputation and will not attract any further reputation damage. By monitoring the public's reaction to our practices, we can catch any potential crises before they get out of hand. Monitoring public reaction will also allow you to take advantage of positive public opinion, making it easier for you to expand your business or spread your message.

Our process

Our Goals


Creation of Trust and Credibility

For a brand or a company, reputation is the most crucial asset they have. It is what differentiates them from their competitors, and how they are perceived by the wider audience is of great importance.The trust and credibility generated by crisis management services are the first steps to a positive reputation. People will trust you more, before they even know who you are or what you are doing.

Preventive Strategies

Preventive Strategies for a Damage

A crisis is the same thing as a disaster. A disaster or crisis or emergency is something that happens suddenly and unexpectedly that causes great harm or loss. Although there is no great guarantee that you will not get into a crisis, you can be prepared for it. By being prepared, you will be able to face it with a sense of calmness and come out on top.

Depiction of Proactiveness

Depiction of Proactiveness

Any good crisis management plan should include proactive measures to ensure that a crisis never happens at all. A company that has an excellent reputation must have a successful crisis management campaign as reputable firms tend to fall into a reputation crisis. This is one of the reasons why online reputation management is an essential component of any reputable firm.


Stronger Communication Skill

Strong communication skills are the key to any successful organization. Great Communication skills help an organization to be efficient in their job and also makes them communicate with the others in an appropriate way. The services provided by our Online Reputation Manager helps in managing the reputation of the organization in a proper way.

Asist Damage Control

Asist Damage Control

Reputation management, in the digital age, is almost always about crisis management: the sooner you respond to a negative event, the better chance you have of controlling its damage to your reputation. The longer you wait, the more likely your silence will cause rumors and speculation to spread. Crisis Management Plans offer you services that reduce risk elements by 50 percent caused by any reputation crisis.

Enhancing Public Perception

Enhancing Public Perception

Whether it’s a product recall or an issue with a customer, when a company faces a crisis, its reputation can suffer. Although some companies can weather a crisis and come out on top, most find that their businesses suffer in the wake of a PR disaster. Any Crisis Management Plan is based on the damage done to a reputation. With a plan to improve your reputation, public perception enhancement about your company or you is obvious.

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