Digital Listening


What is Digital Listening?

Digital Listening is the process of identifying and analysing your Clients’ opinion about your service or product through several digital communication channels. A targeted audience's opinion may be assessed via digital listening, making it a useful resource for businesses, governments and other organisations to gauge public sentiment.


Listening to audience comments of your brand to make sure of what the audience thinks of you


Engaging the audience in a relevant way to grow audience engagement and finally your business


How Does It Work?

Acquisition of data from various social media platforms pertaining to audience behaviour is necessary for presenting both good and negative social interactions, which is accomplished via Digital listening.
Positive and negative emotions are identified via the process of data analysis, which is the act of gathering pieces of information by analysing the data gathered through Data Acquisition.

Public Opinion

Understanding the public's perceptions of your brand is important to understand how an opinion was formed and how to change it.

Online Reputation

Businesses know that maintaining a strong online reputation is key to success. We help companies gain insights into what people are saying.

New Conduct

A proper analysis and monitoring will help you adopt a new conduct. Data acquisition and analysis are used to establish new standards.


Our Services

Our Intelligence team consists of highly dedicated experts who deploy themselves completely in Digital Listening to provide you the following services

Keyword Monitoring

Monitoring brand mentions and relevant keywords across channels to decide when and how to engage.

Social Listening

Assessing interactions on major social platforms, evaluating what works and what doesn't, and spot warnings.

Community Management

Understanding, monitoring, and engaging customers and influencers in a meaningful way are all important.

Google Result Audit

Understand what people learn and perceive about your company as a result of a search, and why it is important.


What is Keyword Monitoring?

  • Your audience searches for your company using specific words and phrases.
  • Using those keywords and phrases will make you appear on high-ranking pages.
  • We will track mentions, particular keywords, and reviews across platforms.
  • We will monitor brand mentions and relevant keywords across several platforms.
  • We will provide contextual analysis so you know when and how to react.

What is Social Listening?

The technique of tracking social platforms for mentions of your business or reactions to content from your social accounts is known as Social Listening.
  • Social listening is often used interchangeably with "digital listening," which more widely is the monitoring across all web platforms.
  • We filter through the chaos to find the essential dialogues and ensure that you're aware of them and their significance.
  • We can also assist you identify and remove fake accounts or other misleading representations of your brand.
  • When businesses are unable to effectively track their mentions using internal resources, they invest in monitoring services.

What is Community Management?

Engaging on different platforms by monitoring conversations in order to establish a strong foundation for your community is an important part of Digital Listening. Understanding your community and interacting with them will help you gain an edge in the market.
  • Besides listening, responding and engaging on the channels are also important.
  • Monitoring conversations and connecting with consumers, viewers, and influencers is part of community management.
  • If your business requires community management, it is something you should invest in.
  • Identifying influencers will help build strong connections with brand ambassadors.
  • Community Management will also lead you to participate in the online discussions and debates.

What is Google Result Audit?

  • People wanting to know your brand, search for it on search engines like Google.
  • We dive in deep to analyze Google Search Results, to understand what people think out of it.
  • We assist you in comprehending the many elements of Google search results.
  • It also involves assessing the impact of those factors on your business, i.e what people think.
  • From SEO to Wikipedia interaction, we give concrete advice for increasing your online presence.

Our Methods

Digital Listening is a proof that there is a lot of significance in the opinions formed by your audience. CryptoMize uses a number of techniques to fulfil your digital listening needs and help you understand audience perspective.
  • Understanding Audience
  • Customer Experience
  • Brand Protection
  • Product Improvisation
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Reaching Influencers
  • Campaign Monitoring
  • Reputation Protection
Using Digital Listening methods and approaches, you may expand your brand's reach and effectiveness while simultaneously improving your bottom line.

Our Process

Online Evaluation

We discover industry trends, likes and dislikes of people, and key metrics.


Competitive Analysis

We follow a comprehensive analysis and gain insights into your competitors' social media.


Brand Managing

We help you understand brand perception, and monitor crises in advance.


Listening Audience

We identify trendy topics amongst your audience and gain qualitative insights of your clients.


Social Regulation

We will manage your social media channels, build social strategies and organize content in advance.


Agency Growth

We will build brand awareness and deliver custom reports so that you have an edge in the industry.


Significance In The Modern World

Protect Reputation

Understand your online brand perception and protect it before a crisis takes place.


Understand Audience

Knowing your audience is the first step for a successful customer experience strategy.


Customer Experience

Gain insights from the marketplace and improve overall customer satisfaction.


Benefits For Choosing Us

Are you aware of what is being said about your brand? With Digital Listening, you can know that and further improve and grow.

Protect Reputation

Understand your online brand perception and protect it before a crisis takes place

Understanding Audience

Knowing your audience is the first step for a successful customer experience strategy

Customer Experience

Gain insights from the marketplace and improve overall customer satisfaction

Our Aim

CryptoMize monitors a variety of platforms for mentions of your brand, competitors, product, and other topics in order to track, evaluate, and respond to conversations about your brand, competitors, product, and other topics.

It is critical to have a strategy in place when conducting audience research. We will monitor various social media channels for mentions of your business and related keywords, thereby increasing audience engagement and, as a result, your business, through relevant engagement.


Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Listening enables the automated tracking and analysis of the many discussions and interactions occurring on social media platforms. Digital Listening is a technique for monitoring and analysing the many conversations and interactions that take place on social media sites. Scrapers are used in social listening software to gather different metrics and references of certain keywords from social media sites and other public sources, as well as to analyse the gathered data for meaningful patterns and trends in social listening streams. It may be used to collect vital information about a business's campaigns, consumers, industry, and competitors.

Numerous tools are classified as social media management tools since they integrate social media listening, monitoring, and analytics into a common platform or programme.
  2. BuzzSumo
  3. Buffer
  4. TweetReach
  5. Keyhole
  6. Hootsuite

A Social Listening Report may help your team remain on top of online conversations while concentrating on customer questions, remarks, issues, and demographics. It's a simple way to increase customer engagement while simultaneously cultivating a more suitable brand perception.

  1. We can collect information by using Digital Listening.
  2. The capacity to enhance social customer service by detecting influencers and prospective brand ambassadors
  3. The chance to enhance our internet reputation
  4. Feedback in proper time
  5. We can learn from our competitors' errors thanks to Digital Listening.

Searching for and collecting data from advisory boards, social networking sites, and messaging forums is part of social surveillance. The programme keeps track of all references using relevant keyword combinations.

A Social Media Listening tool is software that monitors and analyses online conversations about your brand, a certain topic, your competitors, or anything else relevant to your company. It gathers mentions of particular keywords and aids marketers in their analysis

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