Digital Listening


Identify Audience Behaviour

CryptoMize offers you Digital Listening Service with proprietary tools. Our Digital Listening Tool acts as a Radar that Mine, Monitor and Index by going around the deepest and the darkest of the digital spaces.

Mine Data

Our Proprietary tool is supremely powerful that can find anything Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Turn Into Intelligence

With the best of the technology and abilities, foresee any budding crisis beforehand.


Foresee Opportunities With Monitoring

With acquisition of data from various social media channels and digital spaces, our proprietary tools capacitate your abilities by presenting a deep analysis on both negative and positive online interactions.

It enables you to find opportunities within the threats. Our monitoring tool has a keen eye for your competitors and foes and pertains to the quality to monitor each and every step of their strategy.
01 Target


Our tools gather all the relevant and related people and data sets for us to track their performances

02 Track


Truly capacitate yourself to track every conversation about your organization, industry and competition.

03 Analyze


Analyze any mention on the web, news portals, blogs, forums, brand mentions, podcast, social media etc.


Comprehensive and Smart Technology

Social Listening

Assessing interactions on major social platforms, evaluating what works and what doesn't, and spot warnings.

Content Analysis

Search engines can analyse the content of web sites in order to determine whether the material is relevant to the queries or not.

Community Management

Understanding, monitoring, and engaging customers and influencers in a meaningful way are all important.

Monitoring Conversations

Understand what people learn and perceive about your company as a result of a search, and why it is important.


Undermined Obstacles

You might face similar challenges that follow the discourse of unforeseen threats.

Frequent Crisis

The main issues faced is the situation of frequent reputational crisis resulting from rumors and other activities like bad reviews.

Undetected Threats

The frequent crises can arise from the undetected threats that can be easily tackled by monitoring the mentions.

Bad Reputation

A person’s name precedes its reputation. Consequently, frequent crises lead the name to a bad reputation.


Experience the Real-Time Monitoring

Efficient Web & Social

Monitor everything that is being said about your organization on all the channels that matter.

Monitor the Performance

Find out where and when you are mentioned so you can maximize the results of your strategy.

Instant Alerts

Give alerts on Mentions' sentiment, likes, dislikes – the faster you know, the better you can react.

Perform Sentiment Analysis

It sorts negative mentions from the positive ones, so you can craft a better communication strategy.

Analyze Top Players’ Mentions

Analyze top players where exactly they get mentioned, and what topics they are focusing on.

Real-time Monitoring

Take the right decisions backed up by accurate and stats based upon billions of data.


Explore the Arena of Predictive Analytics

Identify Trends

It’s almost impossible to come up with an effective operational strategy without consistent information regarding the trends.

Attract Supporters

Get to know your audience core interests and create products that fit their exact needs and desires.

Take Action Immediately

Instantly know who talks about you over the internet and what so you can react on the spot and manage all the good or bad reactions

Identify Missed Opportunities

Find out how to improve and beat the competition based on real-time data that will show you all the unexploited paths.

Find Competitors’ Weaknesses

What were the tipping points of your competitors over time, and how people related to them. .

Understand Opponents’ Strategies

Better position yourself by identifying the strategies that gave your competitors an advantage or backfire.

Grow Your Audience

Research your audience on the web or social media channels; identify their interest, ideas, values, and motivation, engage with them.

Use Influencer Outreach

Discover and engage with key influencers who will give you larger exposure & greater insights about your target.

How Our Digital Listening Tool Works

Our digital listening tools perform all the below mentioned actions in this chronological order.

Metrics Identification
Metrics Identification

To provide more precision, we prepare our tool with Key Metrics and relevant keywords that need to be focused on.

Platform Identify
Platform Identify

Identify the platforms that you want to focus your mentions on for better precision thats how Digital Listening Tool Works

Data Extraction
Data Extraction

With the most precise key metrics and platforms chosen, our platform collect anything and everything available across the web


Index the following data extracted from our tool and indexed into sheets in an organized manner to the customized

Our Aim?

CryptoMize monitors a variety of platforms for mentions of your brand, competitors, product, and other topics in order to track, evaluate, and respond to conversations about your brand, competitors, product, and other topics.

It is critical to have a strategy in place when conducting audience research. We will monitor various social media channels for mentions of your business and related keywords, thereby increasing audience engagement and, as a result, your business, through relevant engagement.
Our Aim

Our Goals?

Our goals thrive on your vision. We aim to accomplish your mission by following these goals altogether.


We follow a comprehensive analysis and gain insights into your competitors' social media.


We help you understand brand perception, and monitor crises in advance.


We identify trendy topics amongst your audience and gain qualitative insights of your audience.


Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Listening enables the automated tracking and analysis of the many discussions and interactions occurring on social media platforms. Digital Listening is a technique for monitoring and analysing the many conversations and interactions that take place on social media sites. Scrapers are used in social listening software to gather different metrics and references of certain keywords from social media sites and other public sources, as well as to analyse the gathered data for meaningful patterns and trends in social listening streams. It may be used to collect vital information about a business's campaigns, consumers, industry, and competitors.

Numerous tools are classified as social media management tools since they integrate social media listening, monitoring, and analytics into a common platform or programme.
  2. BuzzSumo
  3. Buffer
  4. TweetReach
  5. Keyhole
  6. Hootsuite

A Social Listening Report may help your team remain on top of online conversations while concentrating on customer questions, remarks, issues, and demographics. It's a simple way to increase customer engagement while simultaneously cultivating a more suitable brand perception.

  1. We can collect information by using Digital Listening.
  2. The capacity to enhance social customer service by detecting influencers and prospective brand ambassadors
  3. The chance to enhance our internet reputation
  4. Feedback in proper time
  5. We can learn from our competitors' errors thanks to Digital Listening.

Searching for and collecting data from advisory boards, social networking sites, and messaging forums is part of social surveillance. The programme keeps track of all references using relevant keyword combinations.

A Social Media Listening tool is software that monitors and analyses online conversations about your brand, a certain topic, your competitors, or anything else relevant to your company. It gathers mentions of particular keywords and aids marketers in their analysis

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