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What is Information Technology Consulting?

In IT Consulting, companies are advised on how to effectively utilize Information Technology (IT) to accomplish their goals. With IT consulting services, we assist our clients and assess various technology initiatives and align them with their business or process objectives.


We, At CryptoMize, aims to obtain impartial and outside opinions and suggestions.


Our assitance provides you an unbaised technological opinions, with full-assessment and mitigation.

What is Information Technology Consulting

Importance of IT Consultancy Services

Finding the correct software solution is like seeing a shooting star because, when it comes to software development, the different programming languages and solutions available may be difficult to choose without assistance. Information Technology is having a fast effect on company operations, regardless of industry or size. As a consequence of new digital technologies, IT is becoming increasingly essential in the way companies function

Information Technology (IT) is vital for company innovation. Cloud Computing and Online Marketing all involve IT. Business Growth relies on IT consulting.


The use of Information Technology may help a business save money and develop new goods. IT experts in particular assist in increasing business efficiency.


Many information technology consulting organisations are now offering excellent services to assist you in achieving your objectives.


It is impossible to overstate the relevance of IT consulting services in corporate management. IT consultants help businesses improve their IT infrastructure.

Importance of IT Consultancy Services

IT Services vs IT Consulting

Technical jargon may differ in a standard-based industry in differentiating between IT services and software consultancy. It's hard to tell the difference. In terms of IT, removing ambiguity helps set any kind of expectations.
  • Our team help clients with anything from overall IT strategy to specific technology and functionality needs, such as process automation or mobile security. Some businesses value quick access to IT specialists
  • CryptoMize is one of the early adopters of cloud computing and cloud archiving that aims to enhance data backup and business continuity.
  • Our one of the best in the industry IT Consultants identify the best solution. A company's solution is "made up of their toolset".
  • If a service provider is a Microsoft business, clients will almost certainly get Microsoft solutions, even if they aren't the finest

Our Services

IT Advisory

With Information Technology Consulting Services, our objhective is to to gain an understanding of your company's issues and requirements, to offer and evaluate alternative solutions, and to develop an implementation strategy for those answers. IT consulting is valuable to both established startups and large corporations.

Cloud Consulting and Migration

When a company transfers some or all of its data centre operations to the cloud, it typically uses AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure's cloud-based architecture. Cloud Consulting helps companies save money and time by advising on cloud migration, cloud-native development, and optimization.

IT Solution Implementation

Our IT Solutions Implementation Service delivers a rapid and efficient solution in the numerous fields where we specialise. With an emphasis on quality control, this service includes all activities related to software implementation employing best-in-class international, agile, or structured technologies.

IT Modernization

Large corporations rarely merge old and new programmes, resulting in blunders, delays, customer dissatisfaction, and employee frustration, in shorts a havoc. IT Managers must be cautious in their spending and make investments in coexistence solutions in order to prevent downtime.

For your benefits

IT Advisory

Cryptomize will define your company's problems and requirements, then propose a solution that best fits your company's needs.
IT Advice assists organisations in navigating difficult IT changes, improving infrastructure performance, and saving money.
IT consultancy benefits both startups and large businesses. Its scope depends on the company's size, specialism and strategic goals.
You may also require more resources than you currently have. In this case, we may provide additional technical staff for your assistance.

IT Solution Implementation

  • ✓ We work with our customers' strategic goals to develop technology solutions that increase operational efficiency
  • ✓ IT Solutions Implementation offers rapid response to the various areas where we specialise in process automation and optimization
  • ✓ Our IT solution implementation service encompasses all software implementation operations
  • ✓ Our Software Implementation operations include the use of the best international, agile and structured technologies as well as adapting to our clients' existing techniques, all within the framework of software quality control
  • ✓ The job doesn't end with the IT solution. To see whether the solution is working for your company. CryptoMize monitors its progress to ensure it is beneficial to your business
your upgradation

IT Modernization

In huge enterprieses, IT infrastructure often mixes old and new programmes that don't always work well together, resulting in errors, delays, customer dissatisfaction, and employee irritation

To reduce the expense of maintaining outdated technology and enhance its effect on your company's efficiency, 3 major steps are performed:
  • Examining the code and infrastructure of apps that have been operating for a long time.
  • Software re-architecting, re-coding, platform transfer, and containerization are among the enhancements planned
  • Putting the changes into action
IT administrators must spend wisely, choosing solutions that cause the least amount of disturbance - or, better yet, investing in coexistence technology

Cloud Consulting and Migration

If your organization is wanting to relocate its on-premise infrastructure or software to the cloud, we can assist you with that migration

We make absolutely sure you approach your cloud migration with the following mindset:
  • Comprehensive Strategy
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Best Practices for Deployment
  • Skilled Migration Team
Our IT Consultants can help your organization establish a cloud migration plan that evaluates cloud providers, describes the migration process, and helps execute the move


Our Featured Service Offering Categories

Information technology consulting (also known as IT consulting, computer consultancy, business and technology services, computing consultancy, technology consulting, and IT advisory) is a type of management consulting that focuses on advising businesses on how to best use information technology (IT) to achieve their goals.

IT Consultants are required in many business organisations for a variety of reasons such as:

  • Obtain impartial, outside opinions and suggestions
  • In order to get access to the experts' specific knowledge
  • Temporary assistance for a one-time project that does not need the employment of a permanent employee(s).
  • To hire a particular firm to provide all or part of your IT services.

IT Consultancy can be applied in a variety of fields such as:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Digital Transformation
  • Blockchain
  • Internet of Things
  • SaaS
  • ICT
  • Data analytics
  • IT governance
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Automation
Online commerce, digital marketing, social networking, communication, and cloud computing are all reliant on information technology. As a result, one of the most important elements for company development is Information Technology Consulting. In general, Information Technology in companies aids firms in running smoothly by implementing efficient procedures that save expenses, improve communication, boost performance, and create new goods. Information Technology Consultants, in particular, are assisting in the development of a better foundation for complete company success.

There are numerous benefits of IT Advisory. The major ones include:

  • Make an impact on your company's IT strategy.
  • Give your company the ability to solve IT related issues on its own.
  • Obtain a Detailed Plan
  • Predict future risks and reduce them
  • Achieve long-term success
  • Switching to technological advances
  • Microservices for software delivery
  • Cloud Computing
  • Computing without a server
  • Managing or replacing out-of-date software and hardware
  • Customer experience digitization

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