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What Is a Media and PR Consultancy?

Every individual, businesses, or organisations seek media and PR services to communicate with their audience in the best possible light. A Media and PR Consultancy helps them achieve that goal with their expertise in two fields: Public Relations and Media Relations.

Public Relations

It curates and develops your story. It establishes a mutually beneficial relationship between organizations and their public.

Media Relations

It broadcasts your story to an audience and aims to get good coverage in the media without spending money on advertising.

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What is the need for Media and PR Consultancy?

Every success story is backed by a set of good communication skills. For any individual or business, it is essential that they communicate their values and message to their audience effectively. The way you communicate molds the public perception of you or your brand. This is the sole reason for Media and PR Consultancy is trending at present. It helps you achieve the following:






It helps you defend, enhance and create a positive reputation using the media.


It uses press releases, social media, and more to promote your products and services.


It allows for two-way communication with your audience.


It uses targeted PR campaigns to help you achieve your commercial goals.

Benefits of Media and PR Consultancy

A good plot overrules ads. Creating and circulating good content about you or your brand which is unpaid for, increases your credibility.
Media/ PR Consultancy is a great approach to increase awareness about you or your products and services among your audience.
Media/ PR Consultancy with its extensive effort helps to create a positive image and protect the reputation of you and your brand.
Media/ PR Consultancy executes strong PR strategies that enhance existing customer relationships and helps build new ones for PR Consultancy.

What is Media Relations?

Media Relations refers to working with the media to communicate with an audience about an individual’s or business's values, goals, and operations in a credible manner.
  • Media Relations aims to provide timely and favorable coverage to a large number of people.
  • Individuals and companies utilize it to tell their narrative or send out a message to the public.
  • Media Relations provide easy access to information that influences a large number of audiences at a given time.
  • It provides free of cost promotion and publicity to individuals, businesses, and organizations.

What is Public Relations?

  • The process of managing and releasing information from an individual or an organization to the public in order to influence their public perception is known as public relations.
  • It uses media as a medium to communicate the mission and image of an individual or organization to the public.
  • It carries out publicity campaigns and PR operations, to create and maintain strong relationships with the public.
  • It enhances the public image through the media and promotes businesses or individuals.

Our Process

CryptoMize aims and operates to provide high-quality services to our clients. The following are some methods we inculcate:

Market Research

Conducting Market Research to learn more about clients' interests, attitudes, and priorities, and developing tactics to influence them through media.


Target Audience

After analysing the market we help you identify potential audiences and communicate your message accordingly.


Product Information

We provide insight and communicate every minor detail about your services and products to the general public.


Media Pitch

The primary goal is to capture a reporter's interest ,enough for them to want to contact you for an interview or a product demonstration.

Valued Services

Our Services

Strategic Counselling

We help clients create social media campaigns. These initiatives frequently use video, blogs, forums, and other social networking features.


Media Campaign

We create a proposal that outlines PR campaigns that includes digital services, influencer engagement and so on.


Content Creation

We create editorial content and circulate it among magazines, newspapers, news channels, websites, blogs, and TV programs.


Brand Awareness

We support your marketing efforts for product launches, special marketing, brand awareness, image, and positioning.


Media Planning

We help you decide how, when, and to whom to send a branding message. We devise techniques for getting messages to the right audience.


Strategy Development

We work with you to develop strategies that will allow you to carry out your plans more efficiently and effectively.


Our Goals

CryptoMize is a leading company that offers wide ranges of services. With 10 + years of experience, we provide services that are customized to meet your needs.

Most of our clients are government, prime ministers, presidents, MNCs, major political parties or high networth individuals, who want to build and maintain their digital presence and reputation.


Our goal is to assist you in building a positive image for yourself and your brand.


Our main focus lies in helping you to maintain and protect your reputation.


We develop strong PR strategies and execute it to promote you and your brand .


Frequently Asked Questions

PR Consultancy are those that hold responsibilities for an individual’s or organization’s public image. To preserve a positive reputation for the organization, PR consultancy incorporates a strategic approach to manage the distribution and spread of organization-related information to the public.
Three type of PR Consultants are as follows:
  • Media Pitcher
    They excel at persuading people to buy into a story. They're the ones that have to deal with the ink. They have connections, great people skills,are intriguing to talk to, knowledgeable about a variety of issues, persuasive, engaging, and a rich voice with a range of tone. Pitchers enjoy keeping up with the news and keeping their finger on the pulse of the industry.
  • The Writer
    They are professionals in the field of writing. Give a Writer a theme, a few supporting bullet points, and some additional research sources, and they'll deliver crisp, engaging text that's exactly the right length. A writer is a polymath who is interested in a wide range of things, is thoughtful, has an engaging point of view, a nice turn of phrase, a large vocabulary, and a keen eye for grammar.
  • The Client Manager
    When it comes to client management, the client manager has a sixth sense. The Client Manager simply comprehends and anticipates the wants and expectations of the client. Client Managers have the ability to form strong, long-term connections with clients that can withstand the highs and lows of a campaign and often touch on personal friendship.
PR Consultancy is important for organizations as:
  • 1. Public Relations Consultants handle the public image of an organization.
  • 2. They communicate the values and messages of an organization to the public.
  • 3. It carries out publicity campaigns and PR operations, to help organizations to create and maintain strong relationships with the public.
  • 4. It helps to generate brand awareness for an organization.
Some of the benefits of Media Consultancy are:
  • 1. It helps to create leads, contacts, and even generate sales which helps to improve business.
  • 2. It works to improve a company's social media presence.
  • 3. These strategic consultants assist businesses and clients in identifying areas for improvement and guide them to make improvements.
For marketers and companies, Media Consultancy is a critical tool. It not only gives small businesses and startups a place to show off their products, but it also allows them to communicate directly with their customers.
Media Consultancy services can be delivered online with the help of digital media.Any communication medium that uses one or more encoded machine-readable data formats is referred to as digital media. On a digital electronics device, digital media can be created, viewed, distributed, edited, listened to, and archived. Digital media encompasses all forms of digitised information that are broadcast to us via a screen and/or speaker. Text, music, video, and images that are transmitted over the internet for viewing or listening on the internet are also included.

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