Media Monitoring


Introduction to Media Monitoring

The world we live in has an enormous amount of information flowing.This indicates that it is more vital than ever to keep an eye on the news and stay informed about what is going on in the world. Because the media plays such a significant role in our lives, it is critical to understand how it might influence us.

The process of gathering, archiving, and analysing mass media content is known as media monitoring. Print media, broadcast TV, radio, newswires, video news releases, and social media postings are all examples of this. It helps to identify new challenges that directly influence business or individuals, new trends that may have an impact on traffic, and new competitors in the same market.


What Is The Need For Media Monitoring?

Brand Image

You can use media monitoring to keep track of how your brand, product, or service is being portrayed in the media.

Gather Information

You can acquire information about your campaigns, marketing initiatives, competitors, and industry using media monitoring tools.


Brand Reputation

Use insights on how your company, rivals, and industry are being discussed in the media, to manage your brand's reputation

Customer Experience

Gaining valuable information from the media about your customer’s behaviour can help in improving customer experience.

What Does CryptoMize Do?



CryptoMize helps you to understand your target audience by monitoring their behaviour in the fast changing environment where you operate.



You are able to detect impending crises beforehand and mitigate harm with a swift and informed response with our media monitoring services.



You can acquire information about your marketing initiatives, campaigns, competitors, and industry using our media monitoring tools.



Identification of journalists and influencers who have the audiences and networks you need to enhance your outreach efforts.

Our Approach

Staying on top of every mention of your business may be a daunting task. To make the job easier for you, CryptoMize executes the following practices :

Print Media Monitoring

Print Media Monitoring

Examine print publications for information on your business, brands, products, or competitors.

Broadcast Media Monitoring

Broadcast Media Monitoring

Keep watch on broadcast media and their outlets to be informed on what the media is saying.

Digital Media Monitoring

Digital Media Monitoring

Monitor the social platforms for information that is being circulated among the online audience.

Print Media Monitoring

Print Media Monitoring

  • The Print Media Monitoring service keeps an eye on major newspapers, journals, and trade publications for content that is relevant to your company.
  • This also incorporates building press reports that include trend analysis, and other information about coverage.
  • Calculating the value of publicity and the impact of coverage.
  • Keeping track of your communications activities and reporting on them.
Broadcast Media Monitoring

Broadcast Media Monitoring

With this you can keep track of everything that airs on TV or radio about your brand , products and competitors. It assist you in :

  • Creating coverage, reach, and sentiment highlight reports.
  • Keep up with what's being said about you locally and internationally.
  • Calculating the value of publicity and the impact of coverage.
Improve  Your  Brand Performance With Our Insights

Digital Media Monitoring

In today’s world, your online presence has become one such factor that determines the success of your business. The promotion of your products, services, or brands can be done to a global audience thanks to the Internet.

When you communicate your business to your audience, they might also be talking about you. CryptoMize’s media monitoring tools collect all the relevant mentions that are being made about you or your brand.

Improve  Your  Brand Performance With Our Insights


You'll have access to unrivalled coverage of the internet world.


Track social media, blogs, and internet news from various platforms.


Email alerts for new postings on any social media accounts that are being followed.


CryptoMize’s Vision

  • Calculate the number of your audience who will hear your tale.
  • Track success through engagement ranking, influencer rating and other metrics.
  • Analyze the frequency, tone, and scope of social media discussions.
  • Check out what customers and future customers have to say about your product.


Frequently Asked Questions

Media monitoring enables you to manage how your brand, product, or service is perceived in the public eye as a result of media coverage. You can use media monitoring tools to gather data about your campaigns, marketing initiatives, competitors, and the industry in which you operate.

Media monitoring works by continuously crawling and indexing websites such as Twitter, Reddit, and other social media platforms using machine learning techniques. Once the software has indexed all of the best media websites, it will be able to search for mentions, customer opinions, specific products, brands, and people, among other things.

Media monitoring is not the same as media relations. The goals are different, and there is a different emphasis.
One difference is in how you use the information you get. When you are doing media relations, you use the information mainly to make your pitch to reporters; they will be covering your story. But when you are monitoring the coverage, you want the information mainly to understand what's happening with your company or issue in the news media.
You will still use that information to pitch stories to reporters, but mainly just when it makes sense--when there is a good match between what they are covering and what you have to say. If they're not interested, you just move on to someone else.

Media monitoring, also known as media intelligence, is a method used by companies and organizations to collect, select and store information from various sources including news agencies, press releases, government announcements, company annual reports , magazines, books etc.
It is used for analyzing competitors' activity in news media. This data can be used by business or organization for many purposes: for example to keep track on their brand's public image or to find out who has talked about them recently. Media monitoring also allows to detect opportunities to promote products or services via media channels.

Media monitoring can be used by:
  • Small and medium-sized businesses and startups (SMEs)
  • Businesses of large scale
  • Advocacy organisations, trade associations, and the nonprofit sector
  • Public administration and government
  • Public relations and communications firms.

Businesses of all sizes, large and small, use media monitoring to determine the true value of their public relations efforts. Keep an eye out for certain buzzwords to assist you in comprehending the current state of the industry. Monitor your competitors' activities by keeping an eye on their media appearances and communications output.

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