Mobile Forensics

Mobile Forensics

All you need to know about Mobile Forensics

Mobile Forensics is a part of Digital Forensics that focuses on recovering digital evidence from Mobiledevices. CryptoMize has experts who practice Mobileforensics and can provide great MobileForensics Services to make sure that your problem is resolved.

Primary Concept

Original evidence must not be altered. With Mobiledevices, this is incredibly challenging

Cryptomize’s Approach

Cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated, and so are our MobileForensic Services


Importance of Mobile Forensic mobile

Imitating the phone model is unlawful. The models released assist future generations. While criminals have recognised cloning of Mobile phones, Mobiledevice forensics has been introduced. Our experienced and skilled analysts will work with your team to discover and preserve evidence.






Mobile devices have been the greatest technical innovations in recent years


Smart phones allow us to practically perform almost anything a computer could do


Smart phones aid many studies. Professionals use this data to trace suspects


They store more personal data so Mobile phone analysis has become a backbone

Mobile Device Isolation Techniques

Protecting sensitive information is essential. You can’t protect it if you don’t help people know how. The only way to do that is to make security both a priority and a personal attitude. CryptoMize ensures that your sensitive information remains safe, sound and secure.

Faraday’s Bag

If a phone is discovered, it is necessary to immediately use a Faraday bag. Isolate the phone and charge it with an emergency battery so that you can safely enter the lab. Additionally, the power cord should be disconnected, as it may allow the Mobileto communicate.


Jammers are devices that prevent Mobile phone users from communicating by transmitting radio waves at the same frequency. This disrupts communication between Mobiledevices and BTS, effectively paralysing any phone activity within its range.

Airplane Mode

The use of airplane mode on Mobiledevices that were gathered at a crime scene is one approach to protect them. Choosing this option is dangerous because it requires interaction with the phone, which is only feasible if the phone has not been protected with a password.

Mobile Forensics Challenges

Mobile devices often include digital evidence that is difficult to access. Among the reasons


Lack of Resources

The number of tools needed by a forensic examiner also rises. In order to acquire the same, forensic acquisition accessories such as USB cables, batteries, and chargers for various Mobile phones must be kept.


Generic State of Devices

Even if a device appears to be off, background activities may be running. Some phone alarm clocks work even when the phone is turned off. An abrupt change in state may cause data loss or alteration.


Device Alteration

It is possible to modify a device by relocating programme data, renaming files, and changing the operating system installed on the device. It is important to examine the suspect's knowledge and experience in this situation.


Malicious Programs

Malicious software or malware, such as a virus or a Trojan horse, could be installed on the device. Malicious programmes of this nature may attempt to spread to other machines via a wired or wireless network interface.

Valued Services


Android Encryption Cracking

Android encrypts data. Cybercrime requires cryptography. CryptoMize's Forensic team can decode it and extract the data


Sim Card Data Recovery

Our team scans the computer for lost data and picks which to recover. It's a quick way to recover SIM data


Chat Extraction

With our Chat Extraction Service, attack is impossible. We make it possible by exclusive encryption service


Speaker Recognition

We analyze audio signals to identify, store, retrieve, or synthesise them and Speaker identification identifies who spoke


MobileData Indexing

The Mobileversion of the material is utilised for the purposes of indexing and ranking


Video Evidence Enhancement

It is possible to enhance videos. To get the finest results, you need the best video recording


Android Encryption Cracking

Android adds delays between decryption attempts and data wipes after a series of failed attempts to prevent successful brute-force attacks. To avoid an off-device brute-force attack, the key is tied to the device's hardware.
  • User data is protected by Full Disk Encryption (FDE)
  • The master key (DEK) is encrypted using the user's PIN, password
  • The device then stores the encrypted DEK
  • Prevents brute force attacks
  • CryptoMize has tools and professionals to crack encryptions

Sim Card Data Recovery

  • Recover deleted SIM card files like text messages and contacts.
  • Recover lost or deleted contacts from Android internal storage.
  • Recover lost music, videos, photos, and documents from SD card.
  • Select the desired data to recover from the PC's lost data.
  • You can pick between rapid scan and thorough scan to retrieve data.
Valued Services

Chat Extraction and Speaker Recognition

Prevents MITM

Man in the middle attacks are impossible with encryption. No emails exist on the company's systems, ruling out cloud acquisition. Encrypted chat cloud backups are impossible to steal.


A user account will be given the power to access and extract data from a working database, provided root permissions are granted to the account in question.


In the speaker identification task, an unknown speaker's speech is examined and compared to known speakers' speech models. If it matches,the unknown speaker


In speaker verification, an unknown speaker claims an identity by comparing an unknown speaker to the model speaker. If it matches,the unknown speaker is identified .


Video Evidence Enhancement

Video evidence can benefit from a variety of enhancing procedures. To achieve the highest improvement effects, the best video recording should be supplied. CryptoMize’s experts use the following techniques that provide accurate results:


Enhances the clarity and distinction of visual edges in recordings by increasing their contrast

Video Stabilization

The amount of movement in the video is reduced, resulting in the smoothest playback possible


Protects a witness, victim, or law enforcement officer by covering their face or portions of the video



Frequently Asked Questions

The goal of the Mobile Forensics method is to retrieve digital evidence or relevant data from a Mobile device in such a manner that the evidence is preserved in a forensically sound state. To achieve this, the MobileForensic procedure must start with specific guidelines for seizing, isolating, transporting, storing for examination, and proofing digital evidence coming from Mobiledevices.
Mobile Forensic tools can help you unlock and retrieve all of the data on your phone, whether it's an Android or an iPhone. From a suspect's device, you may get data like call records, chats, text messages, documents, graphics, photos, emails, app data, and much more.
Taking Mobile phone evidence to a lab and having the data extracted and made accessible to investigators may take four to eight hours.
Sniffing and analysing tools aid in the diagnosis of network issues, the detection of exploitation attempts, the isolation of compromised systems, and the monitoring of system use, among other things. 1 Wireshark
2 Aircrack-ng
3 WebScarab
4 ngrep
In both civil and criminal matters, the findings of a Mobile phone search may have a significant impact on the court's decision. If you recently looked for anything incriminating on your phone that is related to the case, the opposing counsel may be able to use that search as evidence against you, which may significantly harm your case.
As long as the messages aren't overwritten, they can be retrieved." Note that receiving new messages may cause the text messages you're attempting to preserve to be erased, so put your phone in Airplane mode as soon as you notice they've been deleted.

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