Operational Intelligence


Operational Intelligence

Operational Intelligence helps organizations gain hand over information that is used to aid decisions in real time as opposed to information that is used primarily to aid decisions in batch mode. CryptoMize’s operational intelligence services can help businesses get real-time answers to their questions, allowing them to make better decisions faster than they could without it. Our intelligence services is a combination:

Business Analytics

Business analytics is the application of mathematics and statistics to solve business problems.


The information that comes from sensors or other sources that a business or other organization uses for operations.


Key features of Operational Intelligence

Our Motive of Operational Intelligence

Operational Intelligence gathers data from throughout the IT system, analyses it in real time (as it is produced or gathered), and presents it. Our team of IT operators respond quickly and make choices based on the findings.

Another motive is to monitor company’s operations, identify inefficiencies, opportunities, and risks, and propose operational solutions. Some characterise Operational Intelligence as an event-centric strategy to disseminating information that enables people to make better choices.


Where is Operational Intelligence Applied?

  • 01Operating Intelligence is appropriate for stock trading and other investment management due to real-time data monitoring.
  • 02Online marketers, for example, employ real-time technologies to analyse internet clickstream data to better target customers.
  • 03The viewing preferences of clients are recorded in real time by the set-top boxes used by cable TV companies.
  • 04Sensor data from industrial equipment, pipelines, elevators, etc. may be analysed using Operational Intelligence approaches.
  • 05Server, network, and website logs are used to investigate real-time security risks and IT operational concerns.

Benefits of Operational Intelligence

Operational Intelligence enables managers and employees to make better choices on a daily basis. Ultimately, better visibility and understanding into corporate processes may lead to increased revenue and competitive advantage. OI can help you in other ways.

Improved Logs

Using OI improves log utilisation. With inactive log-generating systems and applications, these logs may help your firm. So you can solve any difficulties or bottlenecks instantly.

Future Assistance

OI assists you in gaining insight into your company. You may learn how your company works and how it reacts to different situations. This might assist you in developing future action plans.

Product Security

OI can also protect your data. OI can track attack patterns. So you know which elements of your product are vulnerable. OI may also be coupled with an Intrusion Detection System.

How Is Operational Intelligence Related To VSM?

Understanding the value that each component or phase provides to the end result is called Value Stream Management (VSM). Systems, apps, and processes are subdivided. Not every component contributes equally to the ultimate result. Some could bring more value than others.

You will assess where your resources are being lost once you realise this. Then you can improve the efficiency of your company, system, or application. OI works with real-time data. You will utilize OI for VSM, which can help you save time and money by optimizing faster.

Our Methodology


Data Collection

Data is OI's core. We won’t proceed further unless we collect data. We collect data to assist you in understanding what's going on. Server, application, and event logs typically collect this data. Apps and systems may use event loggers to capture data. It should be continuous to receive real-time updates. But remember, “real-time” doesn't mean “instant.”


The collectors' data is raw. As these are logs, we’ll expect hundreds of lines per second. So it is a bit difficult to make sense of it. The connection contains analytic tools. The gathered data is sent for analysis and presentation. We introduce a segregator between the collector and the analytical tool for visualising facts, thereby helping you comprehend. We help you in creating graphs for numerous uses.

Decision Making

We will make decisions after gathering and seeing data. For example, in the stock market, the action dashboard helps in decision-making. Assume you have an OI trading system. It collects, processes, and visualises data from stock exchange sites. Similarly, we provide an Automated Dashboard that makes this process possible. Action dashboards are important for planning.

Our Approach

  • Log Tracking
  • Network and server event logs must be tracked in real-time by businesses using Operational Intelligence. This indicates that the time between information production and decision-making is seconds or less. With this ongoing stream of data, our IT analysts can stay on top of network activity.
  • Log Analysis
  • Operational Intelligence as a log analysis approach helps to break down information silos inside the organisation. During an IT issue, our experts make sure that each of the log sources are carefully examined.
  • Control Panels
  • Our Control Panel makes logs accessible to analysts and IT employees. We set our panel to present logs in various ways, depending on the user's function or the business's requirements.
  • Event Processing
  • Operational Intelligence's log analysis is a complex event process. With modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, CryptoMize Operational Intelligence solutions are helping companies get actionable insights from computer-generated and user-generated data.

Our Goals

Data from throughout the IT system is gathered and analysed in real-time using Operational Intelligence. Our goals are:


Collecting Data

At CryptoMize, we believe in collecting as much data as possible in order to proceed effectively.


Data Analysis

After collecting, we analyze the data using Operational Intelligence. With this we can analyse the company's issues.


Develop Strategies

Following the collection and analysis of data, we devise strategies to increase profit margins for our clients.


Continuous Assistance

Through a continuous check on social media, our company would engage in fact based research and provide continuous assistance to the candidate.


Frequently Asked Questions

Operational intelligence (OI) is a technique that provides you with real-time information about what's going on in your company's operations. It can assist you in making quick judgments that will improve the efficiency of your operations. With comprehensive dashboards and reports, you can cut through the clutter of software delivery and break down silos.
Each and every OI solution includes the ability to monitor data sources in real time. In example, one of the most distinguishing characteristics of OI is that it gives analysis and alerts as they occur, typically within seconds of the event data being collected. Operational intelligence is a type of alert system that employs rules to assist you in optimising your operational environment. Operational intelligence can notify you before a critical event occurs, allowing you to take necessary action before the event occurs. This allows for a more proactive response to events occurring in the operational environment.
It is possible that different operational intelligence solutions will employ a variety of different technologies and will be implemented in a variety of different ways. The following are some of the most common characteristics of an operational intelligence solution:
  • Real-time monitoring is essential.
  • Situational awareness in real time
  • Dashboards that are updated in real time for different user roles
  • The relationship between two or more events
  • Dashboards tailored to specific industries
  • Analysis on a number of dimensions
  • Analysis of the underlying causes
  • Time series and trend analysis are two types of analysis.
  • Analytics based on large amounts of data
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