Political Consultancy


What is Political Consultancy?

Political Consultancy is a type of political service. It involves strategic planning, campaign planning, advertising research, etc. A Political Consultant is an individual who advises on the aspects of politics, usually elections and related strategy.


Consultancies are often used to provide advice to the politician independently.

Poltical Party

Consultancies are often used to provide advice to the party organization.


Why Political Consultancy?

Political Consultancies are important for campaigns and elections. They help in developing and executing various strategies which will be followed by the candidates to get elected. The Political Consultants plan and execute the campaign strategy. They manage the communication between the candidates and their supporters, arrange meetings and organize the campaign events.

Political Consultancies can be very important in determining the success of a campaign or an election. A well-planned campaign with an effective communication strategy can lead to success while a badly planned and executed campaign can lead to failure. Political Consultancies play a very crucial role in any election.

Why is Political Consultancy Important?

One of the major benefits of Political Consultancies is that they help their clients identify the strengths and weaknesses of their opponents. Political Parties hire Political Consultancies not just because they're experts in politics, but because they're experts at campaigning and winning elections.






We have immense amounts of expertise in how to handle campaigns and political situations.


We consist of useful connections that can help perform better than your competitor in elections.


Political Consultancies know how to effectively run a campaign and make it successful.


We gather data that can be used during the campaign, which helps you at winning elections.

How does Political Consultancy make a difference?

  • Political Consultants have been playing an important role in politics since the late 19th century.
  • The two most prominent types of consultants are polling and advertising experts.
  • Polling experts evaluate public opinion on behalf of a candidate or political party while advertising experts create media campaigns to promote a particular candidate or idea. Consultants also rely on many other professionals, such as lawyers and writers.
  • With the help of Political Consultancy Service, the candidates can gain valuable insights into how voters feel about key issues and make informed decisions regarding their campaign strategies.

Role of Political Consultancy

Research plays an important role in all election campaigns, but nowhere more so than in that of small parties or independent candidates who do not have access to the high levels of membership information enjoyed by the larger parties. Research forms the 'air war', which provides information on voters' concerns and enables parties to devise strategies to address them.

we provide information on voters' concerns that enable parties to make strategies to sort them.


Our strategy department plans how an election campaign will be fought and what tactics will be used.


We produce materials for candidates and activists to connect with voters during election campaigns.


We formulate a message for you that is relevant and believable according to demographic sentiments.


Our Process

Trend Analysis
Our team of experts helps you identify trends and develop a strategy to leverage them to your advantage.
Digital Perception
We have gained expertise in the art of creating a digital perception that helps you win the election.
Sentiment Monitoring
Sentiments of voters play a major role in campaigns and we make sure the positive sentiments are in your favor.
Narrative Management
We make a negative experience positive by balancing a narrative and revealing fact-checked information.

Our Services

Campaign Management

Our Services can help you in managing your Political Campaign and assure swing votes in your favor.


Strategy Consultancy

Our team can help you in setting up the data-driven campaign strategy and also in implementing it.


Issue Tracking

Our team of experts can help you find the issues in your campaign and constituency with a solution.


Media Relations

Our good relations with media and can help you get on screen more often than your competitor and make an impact over voters.


Legislative Monitoring

On your behalf, we monitor your legislation and come up with all the negatives and positives to provide strategy for it.


Segmentation Support

We help you with the segmentation of your voters so that you can have an edge over your competitors during elections.


Our Goals

  • Direct Engagement: We assist the candidate in establishing direct engagement with their voters through our services.
  • Local Issues Research: Our team of experts does data-driven research on local issues that might affect elections and makes strategies according to them.
  • Personalised Messages: We help you build a personalized message for your targeted audience to drive the maximum number, of swing votes in your favor.
  • Win the Election: We make sure our clients not just win the elections but win the hearts of people too with the help of our experience and technology.


Frequently Asked Questions

An effective campaign strategy is a critical element in a winning election plan. The term "political campaign" is an umbrella that covers many activities – from candidate selection and nomination to fundraising and advertising – undertaken by a team of people throughout an election season. The political campaign strategy sets out how these activities will be executed, and when. The overall timeline for a political campaign plan is normally from the beginning of an election year until election day.
Early planning is important because it allows you to focus your efforts. You'll have time to work through any hurdles that come up, get the word out about your campaign, and get to know the concerns of your constituents. If you're thinking about running for office, don't wait until the last minute start early, and plan.
The timing of your campaign plan should include important dates for launch, special events to attend, and deadlines for candidate applications. The whole point of political campaign planning is to establish realistic timeframes for tasks so that you can manage your campaign effectively.
Voter targeting is the process by which political campaigns identify and engage the voter segments crucial to their success. Campaigns need to be able to identify who is most likely to vote, who is most likely to support them, and how best to communicate with those voters. In a data-driven age, this is a very sophisticated process of voter segmentation through the use of both qualitative and quantitative analytics.
Political messaging is the persuasive message that helps a political leader or a political party connect with the voters and persuades them to vote for you. Political messaging is primarily an art that requires both science and creativity. It is very essential in politics to get your political messaging right, especially in the era of social media. Political communicators have to be sensitive to the needs of different groups of people and have a deep understanding of what they want and how they think.
The success of a campaign depends on many factors but some basic principles can help you to be more successful in creating effective political messaging.
Microtargeting allows campaigns to more effectively allocate their limited resources and maximize their ability to influence voter behavior. Campaigns use the information from microtargeting to create a tailored message that is delivered directly to a target audience. This can be done through targeted mail pieces, door knocking, or even social media. For example, if a campaign wanted to reach undecided female voters in a rural area who were low information voters they could use microtargeting to identify these individuals and communicate with them via direct mail or some other form of communication where they have some sort of interaction with the campaign or candidate.
The insight development phase of electoral strategy development is very important and it must be carried out meticulously. The first step that we take is to gather all the relevant information available on the political scenario and also on the voter perception and behavior. We then use advanced data analytics & research methods like large sample surveys, advanced polling techniques, structured qualitative research, and many others to develop "insights" about voters.

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