Brand Protection on Digital Media

Brand Protection and Search Media

D Digitalization has made businesses face the constant threat of fraudulent infringements. Corporate management security is required to deal with such attacks.

Brand Protection on Digital Media

CryptoMize provides online brand protection services that allows businesses to secure their digital properties and helps detect any digital fraud and requires detection and implementation of the appropriate measures to protect the domain name.

The internet has changed how business is done globally, online retail websites have now accounted for 16% sales worldwide. Counterfeit products also take their toll in the e-commerce industry and it becomes hard to differentiate. Our approaches are continuously evolving and we implement new strategies to counter these challenges in the brand development process. Our premium services will provide you with the best brand protection and secure our client’s digital presence without any compromise.

What is Business Reputation?

Business Reputation is a concept that showcases your brand image, highlights pros and cons of buying your brand or services and reflects all the negative and positive perception about your brand. 50 percent of customers don’t read full information about a brand or a product. They perceive a brand reputation according to reviews on consumer review sites. With these facts, inevitably, the importance of a company's online reputation business reputation will rise.
What is business reputation

Importance of Brand Protection on Digital Media

  • Brand protection provides removal of counterfeit and resulting in drastic increase in sales.

  • Creation of brand image giving other marketing and branding strategies a boost.

  • Stakeholders, partners and investors will be likely to invest more as the brand image reflects safe investments and opportunities.

  • Brand protection creates buzz around as it involves use of social media and other platforms.

Brands and Social Media

Today, social media is much more than just adding friends and sharing photos. Over the years, social media has developed itself to the point where businesses use these platforms to promote their brands. Social Media Reputation Management now acts to buffer marketing strategy as a marketing strategy that is used for brand reputation management.
To improve social media presence, Brand Protection on networking sites involves:
  • Registering IP portfolio for brands.
  • Controlling brand pages on social media.
  • Using On-Platform reporting tools for counterfeits.
  • Monitoring Brand Visibility.
Social Media in Online Reputation Management?

Online Brand Protection Strategy: Our 4 Keys to Success

Resolve Issues That Affect Reputation
Audit of Domain Portfolio

Brand protection audits are the gold standard for IP rights protection. Our in-house team of brand protection experts audits your domain portfolio. We perform a full historic data search on every word and character to locate cybersquatters and fabricated trade names, phonetic look-alikes, misspellings, offensive terms and gambling sites, etc.

Use Social Listening Tool
Forensic Threat Analysis

We set up automated red flag monitoring alerts to warn you immediately of new potentially damaging activity or trends. Spyware, viruses, and other security protection threats such as trojans are continuously evolving at an alarming rate. We combine investigative techniques from both sides of the digital fence to research new trends in malware and deliver management strategies and countermeasures to avoid costly breaches.

Post Engaging, Relevant Content
Online Threat Reduction

We optimize your available legal options using our proprietary rights research database to identify best law firms and litigation strategies. From trademark, copyright and infringement investigations to full-service cybersecurity and reputation management services, we remove the most pressing legal risks from your path so you can focus on growing your business.

Focus on Increasing Reviews
Real-time Discovery

Our Anti-counterfeit services work in real time. By monitoring the global IP network and brand monitoring, we can detect a fake product as soon as it is being listed on eCommerce stores and related sites.

What else can we do for you?

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