Online Identity Management

Construct your Identity Online

Online Identity Management is a parallel to the traditional concept of identity management in the real world, which refers to identifying a person or a company. Online identity management refers to the collection and categorization of information about an online entity.

An online identity is a distinct identity that is established by engaging in activities online. This includes:

  • Creating a website

  • Blogging

  • Engaging on social media

  • Posting comments or reviews

  • Every time you post to a social media account, create a new page on a blog or website, comment on a review site or forum, or even play online games, you are shaping the way your online identity is managed.

Construct Your Identity Online

Why Identity Management

It is important for the growth of Internet space and of brand reputation monitoring. We are the reputational management experts in this department. This critical technology assures protection and privacy while providing a safe, stable position in cyberspace.While everyone longs for safety and privacy, these basic standards are often ignored as the internet industry moves forward quickly. It's time to rethink your online identity. The Internet has become a critical part of daily life. However, the safety and privacy of the Internet are not good enough today which affects the online reputation. We need an online identity to make sure to use the Internet to do what we want to do online and feel safe. Concerns regarding privacy and cyber threats, the development of digital recognition systems have become vital to the Internet infrastructure with our seo reputation services.

why identity management

Digital Identity

In a person-to-person business transaction, when the other person doesn't know you or know who you are, she may accept credentials that vouch for your identity. Identity management in computer networks is about the following:

Build your Trust

Whether a set of digital credentials under examination by a service or application can vouch for your identity, and can attest to your authorization to conduct the transaction you request; Whether an access management system can trust the results of that examination enough to grant you access to documents, protected services, or information; Whether you personally can trust credentials presented by a website or web app, to represent the business, institution, or agency with which you intend to conduct a transaction.


Data Collection

Data is being collected about you -- that much is undeniable. The common misconception is that your personally identifiable data (PII) resides natively in some single, centralized database. Clearly, Facebook is one of the most aggressive collectors of behavioral data and aggregated inferences about the personal information people post -- although it accuses others of "harvesting" this data. Indeed, social media's ability to influence public perceptions and opinion may have already changed the course of world history.

Personal Identity

Personal identity is the amalgam of information necessary for you, or anyone seeking to impersonate you, to be recognized as valid and to be authenticated. Someone stealing a password to a DMV database might be able to attain information about your driver's license or the make and model of car you drive. If that's enough information for someone else, in some other transaction, to pass this person off as you, then that malicious actor may have effectively "stolen your identity."


Identity Management

Identity management, therefore, consists of the practices and principles to which everyone in the transaction process adheres, including yourself, to protect those elements of digital identity that may be combined by a malicious actor to utilize your personal identity. Identity and access management (IAM) is the class of software and services on the computer networks' side of the transaction, dedicated to fulfilling their responsibilities to you in that regard.

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