Online Reputation Monitoring

Monitoring Online Reputation

OOnline credibility is not just a matter of google search and finding results, good reputation is generated through a well thought out strategy, and reputation tracking is a significant factor in monitoring the compliance strategy.
Reputation Monitoring
New monitoring tools with sophisticated algorithms have paved the way for us to proactively manage your personal online reputation management and also to search the digital media domain to provide you with real-time sentiment analysis and support our reputation repair strategies.
Perception is Reality
Perception is Reality

In today's digital landscape, a negative reputation can be the kiss of death for any business or brand. As online search inquiries and review sites come to dictate a business' bottom line, more and more, it becomes imperative for companies to play a more active role in guarding their online reputation.

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The Question is How?
The Question is How?

How can companies guard their online reputation as effectively and efficiently as possible? Manually Googling your business name, day after day, may be somewhat effective, but who has time for it? There are better strategies that companies can implement, and we have listed five of them below.

Features of a Good Online Reputation Monitoring Solution

Any reputable brand reputation monitoring tool will have a variety of features that can give a company a good handle on their online reputation. However, these are some of the most valuable features that shouldn’t be excluded:

 Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis

We use AI to analyze customer sentiments.

Google Monitoring

Google Monitoring

We monitors Google search results and sends reports.

Black List and White List Sites

Black List and White List Sites

Advanced filtering should be closely watched.

Deep Web Monitoring

Deep Web Monitoring

We monitor pirate websites reputation damage.

Social media Monitoring

Social media Monitoring

We monitors social media platforms for brand mentions.

Monitor Individuals

Monitor Individuals

We monitors mentions of single people (e.g., leadership, spokespeople, etc.)


What is Reputation Management Software?

In the world of social media, any negative comment about you can damage a reputation within seconds. Reputation management Softwares are tools to monitor your online mentions. It provides you real-time data and sends alerts to us. Our monitoring with these software provides us to manage any kind of damage or crisis to your reputation.

What Do We Do?

Automated Monitoring

We use AI technology to keep track of your reputation. With the aid of our new reputation management tools, any problems can be resolved easily before they have a great impact.

Amicable settlement

A Negative comment can strike you anytime irrespective of your intention which can prove to be disastrous. The prompt way to avoid this is by opening up multiple channels to vent the issue and manage non-desirable issues instantly. Our priority will be to open up channels for your customers to offer constructive ways to settle the issues amicably, thus, removing the negative content and maintaining a positive brand image.

Encourage Positive Reviews

There is nothing more inspiring for an organization or a person than a favorable review. We manage your online presence by encouraging loyal customers to provide honest reviews to enable people to use your product or service which in turn will help in the brand building process. Our team will check the credibility of the allegation and work towards diminishing it promptly.

Demote Negative Reviews

The first thing you have to do is take a deep breath and compose yourself and never respond in frustration or haste. Our team will provide you with search security and analysis and look into the matter, and will de-index this review in the search rankings.Our team will check the legitimacy of the claim and work to minimize it quickly.

What else we can do for You?

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