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Before purchasing anything, buyers tend to research the product and the firm on various search engines. Approximately 85 percent of consumers are hesitant to buy anything after going through responses by customers. Any negative comments about a product may send away a potential buyer. At CryptoMize, we offer Online Review Management Services that particularly emphasize the need for companies to manage online presence. Our services provide capabilities to command, control and respond to any feedback.


Social Media and Reviews

In a world where more than 1 billion people have active accounts, your reputation is important to your professional life and personal relationships. With the rising trend of social media, it's important to understand how your reputation is perceived by others in the virtual world. Be ready to learn the most common mistakes made by people in the business world and how to avoid them with the help of social media.

With increase in the number of users, Social Media has been an ever-changing networking website where trends change within days. Consequently, Social Media, now, is acting as a brand marketing strategy for a couple of years.

Customer Support

Any Social Media Profile of a business reflects every information about your product which can affect business reputation and any B2B marketing strategy. As Customers use social media as a platform where they can suggest changes and complain about certain products or services.

Customer Reviews

Your brand is influenced by your online reputation. Naturally, then, your review management strategy should be closely tied to your reputation management efforts. That means monitoring what people are saying about your brand and your employees’ online activities.

Buying Decisions

Social media has taken on a big role in shaping reputation, meaning that reputations are not just about what's happened in the past but what's happening in the present on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

Attract Reputation Defender Reviews

Social media engagements and Business Listings portals allow firms to gain potential buyers, steer traffic to their website and even increase sales. Any review acts as a reputation management profile defender. With authentic and personalized reviews any product or service may depict it as trustworthy.

Corporate Reputation

What is Corporate Reputation?

A company's reputation is an important asset. The value of a company’s reputation can be measured by the profits it makes, the costs to replace it, and the costs of any damage to it.

  • 01It also includes intangible elements such as the pride, its managers, employees, and shareholders take in the company.
  • 02A good reputation can attract new customers, investors, and suppliers. It can help a company retain its employees and motivate them to provide high-quality service to customers. It can also discourage competitors from entering a market, since they may view the company as a strong and formidable competitor.

How to establish a good Corporate Reputation?

A good corporate reputation is the cornerstone of any successful business. It allows you to develop trust with your customers and clients, which is critical to lasting business success. However, a good reputation can be easily tarnished by a few negative reviews. If you are serious about developing long-lasting connections with your customers and turning them into repeat customers, you need to establish a good corporate reputation.

We, At CryptoMize, we plan a structure to command, control and respond to reviews whether negative comment or a positive one ORM services by CryptoMize, our team of response management specialists analyze and evaluate online representation of brand image and execute the same strategies to protect online reputation and take businesses to the top of their league.

How to establish a good corporate reputation?

Is it illegal to write fake reviews?

The current world mindset is built around the idea that by throwing a few positive reviews on your site, you can generate sales. There is no question that reviews play a huge role in sales conversion.

Fake testimonials are often used to make a product or service look better than it actually is. Since online reviews play an important role in influencing potential customer decisions, this is a serious concern for companies and other businesses. Because of this, some companies have taken legal and illegal action to combat fake reviews.

Writing fake testimonials is not legal as they are considered as a deceptive brand marketing strategy that can mislead a customer and may act as a tactic which is misleading and manipulating to buyers. We provide services to manage reviews with our legal and legitimate techniques.


What's the difference between Reputation Management and Review Management?

The concept of Reputation Management is broader than we can imagine. It provides an all - purpose comprehensive set of services for every industry and individuals. Whereas, Review Management is just a layer of it focusing on the reviews by the customers only.

Reputation Management is a set of practices and processes that can be used to help you mitigate damage to your online reputation. It can also be used to help you improve your reputation by engaging with your current and potential audience through online reputation management (ORM) practices such as social media and content marketing.

Review Management is one of the most commonly used ORM tools. It is the process of managing reviews that are placed on a webpage of the business. It aims to remove reviews that are false, irrelevant, or other types of reviews that can potentially harm the reputation of the business.

difference between reputation management and review management

Why use Online Review Management Services?

Whether it is a local business, high market-value , or Multi-national corporation with global reach, online review management services are useful for every type of business. Reviews is a vital element in the market that 70 percent buyers are review-based. Now, reasons why ORM is the most fascinating marketing strategy:

Expand Possibilities

Online Review Management (ORM) services help to expand your limitation of audiences and expand your unique selling points based on customer reviews. With genuine responses by real buyers, a positive brand image despite negative comments is reflected which adds value to a business and protects online reputation.

Maximize your Team's Time

An outside team can handle this important task, freeing teams from the time-consuming task and letting them work on other tasks within a company. Online review management services can analyze the structure of content creation of reviews, contact customers who post them, moderate and respond to reviews and determine their placement on the list of responses that buyers see to manage online presence.

Enhance SEO Strategy

In today’s world of the internet, online representation of reputation is vital for marketing. Before purchasing anything online or offline customers 85 percent of customers research online. This is where SEO consultants come in. They make sure that content creation of the product is in the manner that the products are prominently visible to the audience.

Construct Social Following

More than half of the population is on social media platforms and rely on these platforms alone for their purchases. But only 25 percent of companies involve social media such as Social Media Marketing Blogs in their marketing strategies. Consequently, several smaller and larger entities miss out on the benefits of social media.

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Years of Experience

With years of experience and tons of projects we have consistently provided our clients with the best of the services and is a leading choice for many companies for review management.


Client Retention Rate

Our years of experience has proven that CryptoMize delivers real and genuine results. Our client retention rate is 100 percent. Our mission is to help companies achieve “seamless” customer satisfaction by addressing any negative feedback.

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