Our Process

How does reputation management work?

We measure and evaluate the reputation of your company and deduce actionable key drivers to improve your company’s esteem among key stakeholders. Are you eager to generate or further increase your stakeholders’ trust in your company, products and services? You need empirical-based insights on how to make your key stakeholders behave in the desired way, e.g. purchase or recommend your products and services. You need to know if and where your company could run into reputational risks – and how to evade them? Here reputation analysis and reputation evaluation comes into play.



Our Initial Process includes extracting negative content obtained from the internet and using it as a reference for the production of that can be used to substitute negative material with performance. We believe that building a good reputation online is more than simply creating content. Once we’ve determined the quality of the content targeted to existing phrases, we’ll determine how these web pages rank on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. We then work to strategically improve your reputation by creating relevant, high-quality content that gets shared across the Internet. The main objective is to create online visibility so you’ll be perceived as an industry expert while growing your organic traffic.

  • 01SERP gap analysis : We do a gap analysis by comparing the results of your online reputation with competitors, industry leaders, and potential acquirers.
  • 02Development plan : After analyzing your website, we create a content development plan. It’s a roadmap to help you gain traffic and links from high-quality sources.
  • 03Identifying influencers : We identify key influencers related to your industry and also spot the viral trends happening at the given time which will be used later in the promotion stage for website traffic analysis


We can help you protect your online reputation and grow your business. By ensuring that all of the content on the internet about you is high quality and well referenced, you will be sure to find an increased number of search results.

Once the research phase has been completed we design a strategy to accomplish your goals. For example, there are different strategies for various situations and outcomes.

Some examples include:

  • 01Wikipedia development
  • 02"Replacement" of content
  • 03Review improvement
  • 04Rating improvement
  • 05Suppression of negative results
  • 06Promotion of positive results
  • 07Development of new third-party content
  • 08Article placement
  • 09Social media strategy

Every strategy designed by CryptoMize is different.



We make sure to protect your digital reputation by providing quality content about you which helps your customers in finding positive content about your brand and it in turn helps in increasing the search outreach. The negative materials are further demoted in the search media by replacing it using techniques such as Article replacement, Rating improvement, Review improvement.

After the research phase has been completed, the content will be promoted on following platforms:

  • 01Quora
  • 02Wikipedia
  • 03Facebook
  • 04Twitter
  • 05Pinterest
  • 06Instagram
  • 07Reddit


We identify and build websites, business listings, social media profiles, existing blogs, and other owned properties that can control and influence the targeted audience, We build it using the latest digital content creator tools among others. The impact is made on the followings:

  • 01Blogs
  • 02Social media Accounts
  • 03Image sharing websites
  • 04Video profiles and more

With these in place, we set up a network of owned domains to enable us to distribute content that will later be developed to each of your web properties.



How Monitoring Can Boost Your Brand's Image:

  • 01Actively monitor brand mentions, competitors, and keywords.
  • 02Engage your audience in a prompt and on-brand way.
  • 03Identify & engage key influencers and their online identity

We have developed a proactive approach to monitoring your reputation that differs from the reactive approach used by most other firms and individuals. In order to pursue a proactive strategy, we use our proprietary tools to track what people are saying about you, it is extremely important to see how your perception index improves.

Our monitoring tools keep us alerted to negative mentions about your company, we respond with a well-crafted monitoring, engagement, and reputation management plan. This saves us from additional problems and bad publicity that might arise in future.

Cryptomize is a platform that gives you access to thousands of real-time brand mentions and keyword alerts, all in one place. We use it to build and automate our social listening strategy. Here are the steps we take in managing our Search Engine Optimization, online reputation management, and brand communication strategy.



This is an important part in the operations of the ORM, where the authors will promote the good content over and over again to maintain a positive image and demote the undesirable content.

  • 01Leverage owned properties for the brand : Reach out to the reader based on properties you own and control. Because we can control these properties to a high degree, we work to get as many owned properties into search and social results as possible.
  • 02Paid content supports both owned and earned : We use social media and solicit comments, feedback, shares, and links to created content—whether by asking directly or by creating engaging content that naturally draws these forms of promotion. During some campaigns, we interface with third-party PR agencies to perform public outreach.
  • 03Strategic retargeting of assets to keep things fresh : Retargeting is simply watching results to see what has worked, then changing the way the content marketing and SEO program is focused so inertia continues and search results improve. SEO reputation management includes researching appropriate link partners, SEO outreach, link development, on-page and off-page technical optimization, and more.
  • 04Google De-index or Content Removal : There are many ways to remove URLs from Google, but there’s no one size fits all approach. It all depends on your circumstances.That’s an important point to understand. Not only will using the wrong method sometimes lead to pages not being removed from the index as intended, but it can also have a negative effect on SEO.

We prioritize removals If you have multiple pages to remove from Google’s index, then they should be prioritized accordingly.


Highest Priority

These pages are usually security-related or related to confidential data. This includes content that contains personal data (PII), customer data, or proprietary information.


Medium Priority

This involves content meant for a specific group of users. Company intranets or employee portals, content meant for members only, and staging, test, or development environments.


Low Priority

We ensure comfortability of you and your team with ours, which can only come from complete transparency.

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