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Reviews and Opinions

While they may seem different to the naked eye, opinions and reviews are closely related. The digital age has ushered in a new era of publishing where reviews become opinions, and opinions are written in reviews.

For an individual, brand, or company to be successful today, it is important for them to pay heed to online customer reviews. If you want to stand out from your competitors, you need to engage with someone who can help you monitor and manage online reviews. Reviewing and interacting with your customers on a regular basis will lead you to success.

CrytoMize is the first real-time review management platform that helps organizations and individuals monitor, manage, and respond to the opinions and reviews of customers with the purpose of managing your perception.
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How Reviews Shape Perception?

Reviews are one of the first things people look for when they search for your business online. The tragedy of the digital age is that people base their perception of you based on online reviews. While positive reviews can act as a catalyst for your business, negative reviews can actually break your hard-built reputation.

  • 01Online review management shouldn’t be viewed as a nice-to-have tactic. Individuals and organizations must invest in managing their online reviews as an integral part of their business growth strategy.
  • 02If you are serious about building a long-lasting relationship with your customers, you need to establish a positive perception of yourself in the eyes of your customers.

Cryptomize review management services can help you keep a track of your customers' online reviews,emotion recognition, and manage a positive online image.


Social Media and Reviews

In a world where more than 1 billion people have active accounts, your reputation is important to your business. With the rising trend of social media, it's important to understand how your reputation is perceived by others in the virtual world. Be ready to learn the most common mistakes made by people in the business world and how to avoid them with the help of social media.
With the increase in the number of users, Social Media has become an ever-changing networking website where trends change within days. Consequently, Social Media has been acting as a brand marketing strategy for a couple of years now.

customer support
Customer Support

Any social media profile of a business reflects every piece of information about its product, which can affect the business's reputation and any B2B marketing strategy. Customers use social media as a platform where they can suggest changes and complain about certain products or services.

customer reviews
Customer Reviews

Your brand is influenced by your online reputation. Naturally, then, your review management strategy should be closely tied to your reputation management efforts. That means monitoring what people are saying about your brand and your employees’ online activities.

buying decision
Buying Decisions

Social media has played a significant role in the shaping of reputation, which means that reputations are not just based on what has happened in the past, but also on what is occurring in the present on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites as well.


Is it illegal To Write Fake Reviews?

The current world mindset is built around the idea that by throwing a few positive reviews on your site, you can generate sales. There is no question that reviews play a huge role in sales conversion.

Fake testimonials are often used to make a product or service look better than it actually is. Since online reviews play an important role in influencing potential customer decisions, this is a serious concern for companies and other businesses. Because of this, some companies have taken legal and illegal activities to combat fake reviews.

Writing fake testimonials is not legal as they are considered a deceptive brand marketing strategy that can mislead a customer and may act as a tactic that is misleading and manipulative to buyers. We provide services to manage reviews with our legal and legitimate techniques.


Review Management

Before purchasing anything, buyers tend to research the product and the firm on various search engines. Approximately 85 percent of consumers are hesitant to buy anything after going through responses by customers. Any negative comments about a product may send away a potential buyer. At CryptoMize, we offer online review management services that particularly emphasize the need for companies to manage their online presence. Our services provide capabilities to command, control, and respond to any feedback.


Review Management as an Advantageous Strategy


In today’s world of the internet, online representation of reputation is vital for marketing. 85 percent of customers conduct online research before making a purchase, whether online or offline.This is where SEO consultants come in. They make sure that content creation of the product is in the manner that the products are prominently visible to the audience.


An outside team may execute this vital duty, freeing teams from the time-consuming task and letting them work on other tasks within a company. Online review management services can assess review content structure, contact reviewers, moderate and respond to reviews, and select their placement on the list of responses that purchasers see.


Online Review Management (ORM) services help to expand your audience and expand your unique selling points based on customer reviews. With genuine responses by real buyers, a positive brand image is reflected, which adds value to a business and builds up your perception.


More than half of the population on social media platforms rely on these platforms alone for their purchases. However, only 25% of businesses use social media in their marketing strategies, such as Social Media Marketing Blogs.Consequently, several smaller and larger entities miss out on the benefits of social media.

Corporate Reputation

What is Corporate Reputation?

A company's reputation is an important asset. The value of a company’s reputation can be measured by the profits it makes, the costs to replace it, and the costs of any damage to it.

  • 01It also includes intangible elements such as the pride, its managers, employees, and shareholders take in the company.
  • 02A good reputation can attract new customers, investors, and suppliers. It can help a company retain its employees and motivate them to provide high-quality service to customers. It can also discourage competitors from entering a market, since they may view the company as a strong and formidable competitor.
Understanding Distinction

Difference between Reputation Management and Review Management

The concept of Reputation Management is broader than we can imagine. It provides an all-purpose comprehensive set of services for every industry and individual. Whereas, Review Management is just a layer of it focusing on the reviews by the customers only.

Reputation management is a set of practices and processes that can be used to help you build, improve, and mitigate damage to your online reputation.

Review Management is the process of managing reviews that are placed on a business's webpages. It aims to remove reviews that are false, irrelevant or other types of reviews that can potentially harm the reputation of the business.

CryptoMize would provide you with a combination of services that through review management would build your reputation in the market.


Review Monitoring

  • In the age of digitalization, the word of mouth culture has gone online where people base their decision to buy or engage with an entity based on their reviews by other customers. Review monitoring will help you manage what people say and think of you.
  • Review monitoring is a method of monitoring reviews from any platform, website, or search engine. It would not only help you keep a constant track of your customers' online reviews but also understand the sentiment behind them. This will not only affect the overall perception of your business but will also help you get more customers.
  • CryptoMize can help you monitor your reviews and use data to make them more business-oriented. Our review monitoring and management system will help you get more conversions.We act upon negative customer feedback so that things can improve, hence expanding your business operations.

Why Review Monitoring is Important?

Increased Revenue
Increased Revenue

When you’re working in a competitive market, any way to stand apart from the competition can help win more customers. Through monitoring customer reviews, you can observe and act and increase your revenues.

Customer Insight
Customer Insight

Review monitoring helps you see things from the customer’s perspective. It gives you the information necessary to streamline your internal processes and provide better customer service.

Increase Customer Loyalty
Increase Customer Loyalty

Any business's success depends on its customers. But gaining loyal customers is not that easy. A review management strategy can help you understand customer emotions and act accordingly.

Turn Browsers into Buyers
Turn Browsers into Buyers

The ability to monitor customer reviews is vital to marketing success. Capturing all of your customers' feedback and responding to it in a reasonable timeframe converts upshot visitors into purchasers.


Target Audience Analysis

What can be better than knowing what your audience wants and expects? A target audience analysis would provide you this ‘insider’ look. A target audience analysis would help you streamline your marketing processes to derive maximum value from a campaign. A clear view of the market will lead to smarter, more focused marketing strategies.

With the help of this knowledge, you can tailor your product or service according to the needs of your target audience. No such analysis may result in your idea not even reaching the intended group.

The first step to understanding your market and target audience is conducting an analysis. Let us help you. CryptoMize would keep a constant check of your audience mood and demands which will assist you with decisions that will take your business in the right direction.


Why is Target Audience Analysis is Important?

Find Appropriate Audience

Your perfect audience might be closer than you think. A target audience analysis lets you reach a wider audience and improve your customer base with timely and effective communication.


Craft Content

A target audience analysis helps you target your audience and tailor content to their needs. It will help you to identify both common and distinctive characteristics among customers.


Long Term Relationships

If you want to establish a never ending relationship with your customers, you need to invest in a target audience analysis so that your actions reflect your motivation to deliver.

Why Target Audience Analysis is Important?

Our Services

01 Consumer Insight Analysis

Consumer Insight Analysis

Our customer insight analysis will help you understand your customers and their needs, and will in turn improve your marketing efforts and product development so that you can build a relationship with them.

02 Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis is a powerful tool that can be used to understand your target market. With our services, you’ll be able to delight and surprise your customers with targeted, personalized services.

03 infographic


CryptoMize will go over anything you need help with. The team will go over each and every infographic that is available on the internet in order to provide you with an accurate target audience assessment.


Response Management

There will always be a customer response to your products, activities, and initiatives. The response from your customers is the way to know if you are succeeding as a business or not.

While a review may take time, a response is an instant reaction. Managing a review at a later stage is a noble idea, but with response management you can analyse and manage customer responses immediately.

With response management, you can get detailed reviews and feedback from customers. CryptoMize can do this for you in the most efficient manner. We can monitor and analyse customer response, so you can focus on making more sales and reducing customer churn.


Response Management Approach

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing uses content marketing and more to improve customer reviews, build brand recognition, and attract new consumers.

Link Building

Through our services, we would help you manage your perception in such a way that, through positive reviews, we build you a network of customers and clients.

White- Hat Market

Our review management solution will help you improve your search engine rankings. With the appropriate tools, our review management can keep you ahead!

Our Goals

Better Engagement

Our review management service will help you get the most from your customers. We will help you understand them better, and engage with them in a more personalized way.

Strengthen Perception

With the help of our innovative review management technique, we aim to create a positive impression of your company and improve your audience perception.

Customer Retention

We aim to provide you with a customized platform according to your needs, so that your business can grow at an impeccable pace. This can only be achieved through customer retention.



Frequently Asked Questions

Many business owners are beginning to recognize that customer reviews may make or ruin their company. Suggestions for managing online customer reviews successfully:
  • Keep track of reviews.
  • Claim or create a page for your business.
  • Determine who will be in charge of reviews.
  • React positively to positive reviews.
  • Take control of unfavorable reviews.
  • Adhere to the guidelines specific to each site.
  • Do not publish fictitious reviews.
  • Positive reviews should be encouraged.

Seven reasons why internet reviews are critical to the success of your brand:
  • Social proof motivates purchases.
  • They increase your visibility.
  • They establish your credibility.
  • They broaden the conversation about you.
  • They Are Becoming an Increasingly Important Part of Decision Making.
  • They Have a Clear Impact on Sales.
  • They Provide You With An Open Line to Consumers.

Among the report's main outcomes is that low Google ratings are more harmful to small businesses than low Yelp or Facebook reviews. Businesses with an average Google star rating of 1 to 1.5 generate 33% less revenue per year on average than other businesses.

Not only do reviews have the ability to impact consumer behavior, but they may also help build a company's credibility. Reviews have the ability to increase customer trust and motivate individuals to interact with a business. Ultimately, customer connection results in increased profitability for companies.

When done correctly, online reputation management provides individuals and businesses some control over how they are regarded online. In brief, reputation management is ethical as long as it does not cross specific lines by providing less-than-truthful content, fabricating reviews, or engaging in other unethical behavior.

Around 5%–10% of consumers submit reviews, accounting for over $400 billion in total e-commerce sales income. 84 percent of individuals place the same amount of trust in internet reviews as they do in personal recommendations. 82 percent of buyers go out of their way to find bad reviews.

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