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With increasing popularity of the internet, Search Engine Management has become an integral part of any marketing strategy. Social Media Presence and Brand Reputation must be managed in order to gain positive insights in terms of individuals and business reputation as 25 percent of business is related to a brand reputation. Search engine reputation management is important for online marketers and webmasters, as it can help to shape the online presence of a company in a positive way.

CryptoMize provides search protection for brand reputation management with the use of SEO techniques.

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No matter how big or small your business is, ensuring that your company’s search engine listings are free from negative comments or any negative information can be tricky. By partnering with CryptoMize brand reputation management services, we’ll help you improve your online presence and defend against damaging attacks to you or your brand reputation.

The Process

Any disgruntled customer can write a scathing review about your business. They can write blog posts that speak negatively of your business. They can use social media to bash your company. And there’s nothing you can do to stop them.

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PR Management and Search Engine Management

PR Management and Search Engine Management may seem the same but both concepts are different in nature. Both of the concepts are in some ways similar but not same. PR services are somewhat visible to the world such as advertising, press conferences, and other strategies to buffer marketing whereas Online Reputation Management (ORM) services work as behind the actual brand strategies that are not obvious to the audience.

PR Services involves:

Press Conferences

Community Relations

Event Management



Handling Media Relations

What is Search Engine Management?

Search Engine Management is a concept of cleansing, revamping and improving of the information present online about a person or a brand. We, At CryptoMize, provide you with the best Search Protection services which includes SERP cleansing, Improve SEO, Social Media Presence, Responding to negative content and pushing of positive content.

What happens when a business has a bad reputation?

A brand’s reputation is the company’s most valuable asset, and it is a key factor in the company’s success. It is the voice of the company, as well as the first point of contact between the company and the outside world. However, as the commercial world changes, so does the reputation market. In previous years, a company’s reputation was seen as a one-off project that would remain static and unchanging. Today, it is seen as a fluid concept that needs to be readjusted and managed on a more frequent basis.

It is for a fact that any negative comment can ruin a reputation. As:

  • A business having a bad reputation may lead to around 80 percent loss in business.
  • 90 percent of buyers avoid purchasing products or rendering services from the companies that reflect a negative image.
  • With that, a consistent decrease in the numbers of investors and stakeholders may ruin a business.
What happens when a business has a bad reputation


Our Featured Service Offering Categories

SERP Cleansing

Our first step is to make sure that our client’s SEO reputation is ideal and the first page of the search engine is filled with positive information about our client.We cannot control what other people say but we can make a drastic change is what the public sees. Our consistent aim is to cleanse the first ten pages of search engine results with our client’s name free from negative comments, reviews or web articles.

Improve SEO

We build versatile techniques to influence search engine optimization, which is quite different from the other seo techniques which focus on many keywords. We find the branded keywords from SEO word generator to use reputation management to rank many different websites. We develop flexible methods to affect Search Engine Optimization, which is very different from other SEO techniques that use several keywords. Our techniques have proven to be the best in the industry that makes us stand out from other SEO providers.

Social Media Presence

Our Social media team is filled with Digital Millennialists who are aware of the latest happenings in the social media world. Our team will build a unique idea to promote or demote any content by developing campaigns to provide a positive brand image. We will provide the best strategy to give you a strong search engine ranking.

Demote Negative content

It has now become a norm to get a review for a brand or organization in the digital presence, but it may become a downfall for a company if it is not managed properly. Our team will make sure that all the undesirable reviews are addressed properly, and we use our SEO techniques to de-index and diminish the negative contents about you.

Push Positive Content

We promote all the positive content about you or your company on the internet. We use multiple methods to Increase and maintain a good image of you among people.Our team makes use of the best methods available to get the best results in the shortest span of time for enhancing local visibility as well as globally.

Review Optimization

Whether it’s a customer review or a partner review, our reviews will be authentic, relevant, and well-thought-out. We’re here to help you multiply it. Add a little fire to your presence on social media platforms by asking for and encouraging real-life reviews about your brand.

Why is Search Engine Management Important?

Search Engine Reputation management has become a cornerstone of public relations. The importance of search engine management cannot be denied, as over 90% of all online activity is generated through search engines.

If you've ever Googled your name and saw what you don't want anyone else to see, you know how important it is to manage your reputation online. It is an essential part of online reputation management, as it can help to shape the online presence of a person, company, or brand in a positive way.

If you need to know why search engine reputation management (SEM) is important to your online presence, you don’t need to look any further than your search engine results page (SERP).

  • Looking to the top of the page, you will see that the top result for your company name is a negative review from a disgruntled customer.
  • Next to that, you see a review from someone that doesn’t have experience with your product or service and is referred to as a “troll.”
  • On the last page of results, you won’t even find a link to your company website, but one to a competitor’s site. This is the world of search engine reputation

If you've been the victim of cyber-bullying or any other , you can take steps to repair the damage with a reputation management plan.

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