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Strategic intelligence is a broad concept that includes the collection, processing, analysis, and dissemination of intelligence that is required for forming plans and strategies. It has a much larger scope than traditional intelligence as it focuses on the big picture rather than on specific events.

Order From Chaos

A strategy is a plan, a process by which a company creates value. Strategic Intelligence services can help you know about things that happen outside the company's boundary.

Gain Useful Insights

We can help you gain insight into critical long-term questions about it’s products, it’s customers and adversary's goals, controls, vulnerabilities, and probable courses of action.

Our Process

The Strategic Intelligence Process is a cycle of intelligence operations that begins with planning and ends when the resulting strategic intelligence is applied in support of decision making.

  • 01Planning: The process of determining the intelligence needs required to support planning and related activities.
  • 02 Collection: The process of collecting information from available sources. Processing: The process of transforming raw data into information, such as reports or other intelligence products.
  • 03Analysis: The analysis and interpretation of collected information to derive meaningful intelligence.


Information is the bedrock of strategic intelligence. The benefits of our Strategic Intelligence solutions:


Through social analytics, our team would analyse competitors every move. We would focus on how the competitor is engaging with the voters and on what issues they are engaging in.


Our team keeps a close check on competitor’s every move and strategy so that we can design a policy as per the requirement for you with an aim of pursuing their voter.


We have the ability to identify, synthesise, and integrate elements that work together to accomplish a shared goal


We have the potential to form strategic partnerships with persons, groups, and organisations. Strategic Intelligence has a major role in this attribute.

Approaches to Strategic Intelligence

To produce insights and information about future trends, We utilize one of the two most prevalent methods to Strategic Intelligence, either a Functional Approach or a Process Approach.


Correlation With Decision Making and Strategic Planning

The significant advances in human understanding in many social, political, economic, cultural, and technical domains are some of the features of the current period.
  • In today's competitive world, every organization's success depends on its ability to apply knowledge and insight to strategic planning and making sound strategic choices. .
  • Planning and strategic decision-making are vital in today's enterprises. In today’s fast paced business environment, crucial planning is necessary. These rapid and significant changes require proper judgement.
  • The utilisation of intelligent activities, particularly Strategic Intelligence, is the essential answer for appropriate planning and making good judgments in this unpredictable environment.
  • Combining SEO tactics with SEM metrics will get your business moving forward in the right direction.
The CryptoMize Strategic Intelligence helps firms plan and make choices, while increasing knowledge and enhancing internal and external communications.

Our Goals

Our team of Intelligence experts leave no stones unturned in collecting, evaluating, and distributing signals that aid strategic decision-making. Our main focus of Strategic Intelligence is towards proactive actions and we cater to the demands of high-level decision-makers.


Pro-active Intelligence

Gain insight about future strategies of terrorist groups, their supporters and goals, controls and vulnerabilities.


Preemptive Approach

Through insights, we aim to design a strategy that will guide the possible courses of action.



We seek to bridge the gap between strategy and execution and bring efficiency into operations.


Dynamic Responses

Establish and use foresight and develop a mechanism for instant response.


Strategic Partnerships

We can help you establish strategic partnerships with organisations, groups, and individuals.



Frequently Asked Questions

Strategic intelligence is a decision-making tool that is utilized by business and organisation management to make educated corporate and organisational decisions. Incorporated within this category are the processes of framing, gathering information, analysing, sharing and cooperating, as well as the dissemination of information and knowledge. Also referred to as competitive intelligence or corporate intelligence, strategic intelligence has become an extremely valuable business tool in the past decade. It is used in all areas of business, but most commonly in strategy formulation and implementation. The basic motivation behind strategic intelligence is that businesses must be able to compete effectively in an increasingly complex global economy. One way for organisations to increase their chances of success is by obtaining information on their competitors' strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT).

Strategic intelligence is crucial because it sheds light on long-term issues such as an adversary's objectives, controls, weaknesses, and likely course of action. Strategic intelligence. This is accomplished by describing the overall strategy, military doctrine, organisational structure, command relationships, weapons systems, and doctrines of an adversary, as well as their readiness levels, risk-taking or escalation readiness, and force-use readiness, as well as their alliance structures and other strategic alliances (if any). With this kind of foresight, leaders are able to foresee issues and prepare suitable actions before they arise. It is essential to be able to do this if you want to develop effective methods.

The Five Elements of Strategic Intelligence:
Systems thinking

A synergy in an organization's intelligence and knowledge management occurs when a range of various types of intelligence, such as commercial intelligence and competitive intelligence, are brought together. Consequently, useful information may be gathered and utilized in the decision-making process inside an organisation, resulting in increased productivity.

Strategic intelligence is very significant because it is primarily concerned with long-term policies, which is why it is so crucial. Strategic intelligence provides the means to assist operational objectives by foreseeing potential impediments in the future. This can have a direct impact on operational planning.

Strategic intelligence is information that is required for the formulation of policy and organisation’s strategies of policy formulation. Strategic intelligence is designed to be used to help them plan for and, if necessary, conduct combat operations. Tactical intelligence is the capacity to deal with situations that you never expected to occur in your life. It is the ability to improvise solutions to situations that are unforeseen, ambiguous, or poorly defined. It is about coping with surprises in an intelligent manner.

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