Trend Management

What is Trend Management?

Trendjacking refers to an opportunity when a trend can be tapped and capitalized for one’s advantage. Companies and individuals through Trend Management can break the information, trends, or hashtags to strengthen one’s position by targeting the audience and improving its position among the audience.

Through the use of digital space, individuals can reach an audience with the use of a tweet, visual post, or video. We, at Crytomize, would help you manage your perception among the audience through our trend-jacking efforts, where we would keep a close check on day-to-day social media happenings and will make sure your position is never compromised and always remains positive.

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Why Trend Management is Important?

Imagine the next hot, provocative trend is gaining momentum on social media. The concept has now captured the attention of so many people that it’s poised to go mainstream. What would happen if you jump in and seize the trend?

  • 01Trendjacking analyzes what’s trending on social media—a tweet, a video, a photo—and gives you an actionable strategy to launch a piece of content that will capture the same level of attention.
  • 02It is a method for amplifying your brand’s reach at scale by aligning your brand values to the underlying cause. The result is positive earned media that attracts new audiences, increases credibility, and grows organic reach.
  • 03Trendjacking helps you drive traffic to your digital campaign and social media channels. It helps you not only create awareness for your brand, but also drive sales conversion.

Benefits of Trend Management

Trend Management is the practice of analyzing social media and related platforms to identify hot topics, trends, and conversations. Keeping a close check on trends and acting accordingly can help an individual/ brand manage its perception in the eyes of the audience.


Observe and Act

A company's reputation is an important asset. The value of a company’s reputation can be measured by the profits it makes, the costs to replace it, and the costs of any damage to it.

Harness Attention

By tapping appropriate content, Trendjacking helps to divert traffic towards oneself. This can be done by recognizing trends, garnering audience attention, and solidifying one’s online presence.

Competitive Edge

Social media has extensive reach and impact today. This requires similar efforts. The reach and impact that social media has today, requires similar efforts. Trendjacking can help you gain a competitive edge and perform better in comparison to your competitors.


Trend Management and Perception

  • 01In a world dominated by digital representations, your perception of someone is more true than their reality. But you can always change it. Trendjacking provides you with that window of opportunity.
  • 02It's important to remember that your media doesn't exist in a vacuum. If it's experienced by people, they will form opinions about it. You can hope that they understand you, or you can work hard to make sure they do.If you do it right, your brand can begin to create greater visibility by connecting to trends everyone's talking about.
  • 03The digital age can help you reach current customers and reach everyone who could become a customer in the future and change how they think of your business. With our services, you can embrace every opportunity and utilize a trend as an opportunity to change your audience perception. If opinions happen, why not shape them.

Trend Management and Communication

The key to success is communication. The more you communicate with your customers, the more likely you are to understand what they want and to be able to meet their needs. Because if you don't communicate, you can't get feedback from them and you will have a harder time satisfying their needs.

Trend Management can totally assist you with. Trendjacking will help you speak directly to the hearts and minds of your audience. It is a great way to grab customer attention and make your message and yourself more memorable.

You just need to pay close attention to what’s happening around, tap at the right moment and then you can easily join in on the fun. If you’re struggling to communicate , let Trend Management take care of it for you!

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Our Process

tracking the elements

Tracking the Elements

A trend doesn’t just happen. There are many factors to it and tracking them all is key. We would keep a close eye on various digital media platforms so that we can keep a track of various trends and can help you to dive into the narrative.

assessing top formats

Assessing Top Formats

Trend Management is more than just a passing fad. A trend starts with an idea, and who better to spark that idea than you? Cryptomize can do that for you. We would not only observe but also analyse trends to pick out the ones that will make it to the top.

plunge in

Plunge In

After assessing top trends, Cryptomize will help you plunge into the narrative and navigate it according to your goals and requirements.. We believe in the power of trends and we can help you be the best in the industry, only if you let us help.



After plugging you in to the popular narrative, we will assure that you as a brand and your interests are promoted. Promoting you and your interests is our sole motive and we are the best in the industry who can do it for you.

Our Channels

Traditional Media

For a lot of us, our perception still depends on what is printed or shown on traditional media platforms like newspapers, news channels etc. We would even analyse traditional media platforms closely for you and help you with trendjacking efforts.

Social Media

Online platforms have created powerful, even addictive, properties that can influence people’s emotions in ways we might never have guessed. We will observe and utilize our strengths to keep a track of activities trending on social media.

Search Media

People go and search for things online that are trending. Searching for stuff online is important for making sure you know what people think about certain things. It actually can help you to predict trends.

Dialogue Management

Our Trend Management services would help communicate better with the audience and engage in a two- way communication with your audience. Engaging through a dialogue is the best way to know what your audience wants and how you can deliver it.

Drive a Trend

Trend Management gives you the power to dive into popular trends and drive the narrative around it as well build perceptions about your brand. Trendjacking makes sure that you are the one driving the narratives in the market.

Review Management

Cryptomize understands and would work to manage reviews around and about your company through its trendjacking techniques. Managing reviews will help you build your perception in the eyes of the audience.

Maintaining Relevance

Through our trendjacking efforts, we will make sure that you tap on to the latest trend and remain relevant in the market. You can be sure of being relevant, if you stick to being decisive and authentic and Cryptomize can help you with that.


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