Viral Marketing


Understanding the Value of Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is like a virus. It can spread with alarming rapidity sometimes but most of the time it's actually pretty harmless. Like how most viruses are so small they never even fully materialize, most viral marketing campaigns are small and short-lived. You’ve got to be careful about who you trust, though, because there are bandits out there just waiting for an opportunity to steal your ideas and try to pass them off as their own!

It can be word-of-mouth or it can employ mass-media channels or a combination of both. The marketing theory behind viral marketing is that people are more willing to share a product with others if they are given something of value for free.

It's difficult to predict whether a particular piece of viral marketing will be successful, but there are some commonalities among those that succeed. The content has to be entertaining and valuable enough that people want to pass it on to their friends; it shouldn't simply state a product's name or look like an advertisement.



Role of Viral Marketing

In a traditional marketing campaign, you invest time and money in something like a television commercial and measure success by how many people saw it. In a viral campaign you try to create something that people will pass on without any action on your part. You make something worth talking about. If it spreads rapidly, you get more than the old-fashioned way: you get millions of dollars of free publicity and an army of unpaid salespeople.Reasons for viral marketing are as given below:

  • It is cheap means of advertising since the cost involved is comparatively less
  • It gives you higher visibility that can help in reaching out more customers
  • LIt helps you reach out to the potential customers quickly and directly
  • If the message has a strong pull factor then it will spread like wildfire across other channels


Benefits of Viral Marketing

The power of viral marketing lies in the fact that it can help you to achieve a very high level of awareness through the content you create. Viral marketing is a term that describes how consumers can pass on positive brand experiences to other people via their social media accounts.

Cost Effective

It uses users to create advertising content that is then shared on social media. Traditional media cannot match the speed and cost of viral messaging.

Brand Loyalty

Viral marketing also increases brand loyalty. People are more likely to buy a product after seeing it go viral. They trust it more because they feel they know it well.

More Reach

Viral marketing can potentially bring about a large amount of exposure. Viral marketing is appealing to companies and individuals for this potential reach.

Increased Sales

Viral marketing is a form of advertising that generates sales for very little expense due to the fact that it does not require any type of paid media.

Viral Marketing Strategy

The key to successful viral marketing is to create a strategy that attracts attention and encourages people to pass it on.

Promote in Communities

You should regularly submit blogs, podcasts, video sites, and other online media where members regularly post content. Submit it to offline communities. You shouldn't only promote in communities where you think your own fans will be.


Use Email Outreach

Email outreach is the backbone of any viral marketing campaign. First, you should use your email list to promote your content to interested parties. Then you can also use this same list to distribute news about your business.


Focus on Video

Email outreach is the process of sending emails to bloggers, journalists, and influencers in your industry who have a large audience to promote your content. Email outreach is one of the most effective methods for generating backlinks.

Viral Marketing Strategy

Creating Viral Marketing Campaigns

We market your brand for you, so you don't have to, in front of the right audience in a manner they want to receive it.

Audience Analysis

The process begins with data gathering that can be obtained from different sources and using intelligent techniques such as Digital Listening and Big Data Mining

Campaign Strategy

Understanding why you're creating viral content is critical to your campaign's success. You should also have marketing campaign goals in mind.

Shareable Content

Understanding of what kinds of content work best on it in order to better define the viral marketing experience and create shareable content.

Trend Jacking

Making promotional material that reflects a viral trend is trend-jacking. Brands can easily benefit from popular hashtags.

Final Implementation

Brands must ensure their marketing materials, websites, and other platforms meet visitor expectations.


Ultimately all the intelligence based information is formulated in comprehensive reports which are simple and result oriented.

Our Process


Every successful viral marketing campaign has to contain the message, which is planned to be communicated by consumers. Viral marketing messages have to attract via emotions and motivate consumers to spread the message to others.


Random virals are less corporate-controlled and necessitate greater user interaction from the start. Paid virals are virals that are strategically placed. The top-down approach presupposes that viral spread is initiated by consumers.


Each viral message must appeal to the emotions and motivations of consumers. Additionally, selecting the appropriate target group lends credibility to the viral campaign. CryptoMize assists you in managing your viral marketing campaign.


Our Goals


Wider reach

Viral marketing enables you to reach a broader audience.

Wider Reach
Faster And Exponential Growth


Faster and exponential growth

Our team will work with you to achieve exponential growth.


Lower costs

With viral marketing, you can achieve a high level of success at a low cost.

Lower Costs
Decision Making


Decision Making

Design a strategy to respond to trends in accordance with your business goals.


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Marketers use viral marketing to spread their messages in the same way that a virus does. This straightforward approach can contribute significantly to the positive impact generated during product launches or marketing campaigns. It contributes to increased visibility, exposure, and traffic, all of which result in increased sales revenue.

While viral marketing is an excellent method of generating traffic and leads, it can also generate significant demand for a product that has not yet been released. When it comes to viral marketing, one of the primary reasons for its success is that it generates the necessary curiosity and desire to generate demand for a particular product or service.

The term "viral marketing" refers to a form of marketing in which a product or service is promoted through the use of an audience. Viral marketing is used to describe when a marketing campaign reaches the point of being shared by the general public rather than just the intended audience.

The term "viral" refers to campaigns that have been viewed by a large number of people. Businesses may see an increase in sales as a result of their marketing efforts, as well as increased engagement on social media and increased conversation about their brand and products.

Social media networks are an ideal environment for this type of marketing due to their speed and ease of use. The most common example in recent years has been the creation of emotional, surprising, funny, or unique videos on YouTube, which are then shared on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and others.

There are striking parallels between memes and viral marketing, and you can incorporate both into your marketing efforts. Indeed, creating a meme or repurposing an existing meme in a humorous manner is a surefire way to garner widespread attention and popularity. Simply use positive language to ensure that the attention you attract is positive in nature rather than negative.

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