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Political Candidate Profile is said to have a major influence in elections whether it is PM Candidate, Independent Candidate, Presidential Candidates or any governmental candidate . Voters with a greater level of political awareness are more likely to consider a wide variety of candidate characteristics in general.

  • The first impressions of a Political Candidate are crucially dependent on the information available online.
  • Information available digitally can shape voter’s thinking and encourage them to act on their beliefs.
  • There is ample evidence that candidates with higher levels of political reputation are more likely to be elected.

Candidate and their Perception

Besides a candidate’s sociodemographic profile, information available online has the potential to shape and reshape their political beliefs.

A positive reputation can help a candidate emerge victorious.

Candidate Features

Voters are likely to choose a candidate who is representative of the masses, has a clean image and voices voter concerns. We focus on features that will help in shaping the perception.

Shapes perceptions

Information available digitally can shape voter’s thinking and encourage them to act on their beliefs. This provides a candidate with an edge over their opponent in a better way.


Identify possibilities and influence perspective with right information.

Perception of a Political Candidate should be clearly defined and objective combining sufficient detail with a relevant history and sufficient context. With our services, we can establish candidate supremacy:

Identify Possibilities

Our process starts with identifying possibilities. We use the knowledge gathered along with our experience to create a package that can be customized.

Neglected Scope

To produce a perfect campaign strategy, analyzing all the assumptions is necessary. We ensure to use all the available sources to provide information.

Influence Analysis

Better the influence, the more positive the election result will be. With the services, we can analyse the extent of your campaign and influence.

Voters Perspective

Voters make their choice based on the candidate's perception. Our services serve the Voter’s perspective to a comprehensive extent and ability to manage it.

Leading The Way with Political Profiling

Profiling is an approach to gather all the information on our candidate to ensure your victory. The strategy of political profiling in political campaigning is designed to win a clear election victory and to ensure that all the candidates whether they are Independent Candidate, PM Candidate, Presidential Candidates, Individual Candidate, are re-elected. The reason why profiling our candidate is important is because it gives you a strategic advantage in the elections.

The need to win leads political campaigners to analyse their perception. Considering the changing political scenario, the candidates must move fast; hence we should be faster than them. Political profiling is one of the efforts that you can make to stay ahead of your competition.

Identify Elements

Candidate profiling is essentially a list of qualities, characteristics, and achievements that can benefit a candidate or their campaign.

Examine Elements

Examine the internal and external elements that might fit the position in order to make an informed choice on which is right for the campaign.

Increase Efficiencies

You can increase your operational efficiencies and reduce your risk level by profiling your competitors. It does not matter whether you operate.


Why do we need Political Profiling?

Creating a Political Profile of a candidate allows us to understand, monitor and track potential threats beforehand.

Our vision by creating a political profiling beforehand is to understand the behaviour of potential threats before they create havoc. Underpinning such circumstances can prevent any threat to your campaign. Political Profiling is the reason we can:
  • Alert our proprietary tools to monitor and track hashtags, news and any other digital activity that can pose a threat.
  • Use data from candidate’s political characteristics from digital sources to target a certain demographic to increase conversion rates.
  • To predict future behaviour and can see the potential for using insights such as keyword analytics to influence voter’s a fact-checked information.
Elements of Profiling

4 P’s of Political Profiling

Political Profiling is a comprehensive analysis of 4 broad terms related to our candidates. These focal points help us to further strategize the campaign:

Personal Information

Candidate characteristics vary with people's attitudes toward candidates and found that they did not. The more positive the image the candidate reflects, the more likely they are to win.

Political orientation

Political Orientation is the personal qualities of a candidate that voters look for in making their choice. It highly influences voters as they tend to vote for candidates with the same views.

Political experience

Political Experience refers to the implicit or explicit perception belief one has experienced during their political career eg. any protests during their tenure or any negative or positive incidence

Performance Data

Our way to approach this is to distil down criteria for a candidate into a set of core factors. These will be the factors and performance which drive overall assessment of the campaign.

Methods of Candidate Profiling

Defining a threat is only half the battle. You need to know where they come from, and what they want. The combination of analytics and open source intelligence, identification of any potential is possible.

Open Source Intelligence

Using information and intelligence gathered from open source tools and threads, professionals can piece together a complete picture for our candidate. Open source intelligence (OSINT) collects and analyzes data from numerous open source tools to create knowledge that can be published, shared, deployed, and transformed into action. OSINT connects people around the world by reusing, extending, and advancing existing knowledge without charge or obligation.


Keyword Analysis is used to provide our team an insight into what the voters are looking for and which keyword on search engines, such as Google, is leading them to negative and positive information. Keyword Analysis allows our research team to capture information from public sources, including niche forums, social media pages and news agencies, in order to gain an initial understanding of the search dynamics occurring within a particular market.

Digital Engagement

Digital intelligence will inform our team analytics related to their social engagements, so that we can monitor how connected our candidates are with voters. Voter engagement data is an under-the-radar kind of data that the campaigns don't get a great deal of attention for, but it can tell a lot about the state of a campaign and how well it's communicating with potential voters.

Voters Opinion

Voting involves giving your opinions on candidates, which creates the impression that you are a participating participant in the democratic process. Voters' opinions can be influenced by public dissatisfaction with candidates and the political process in general. We highlight key characteristics that help decide which candidate will win an audience's support.

Candidate Research

Connecting Voters with Information

The voters are likely to choose a candidate ‘they know’. Therefore, Before voting a voter tries to understand a candidate, vision and initiatives. Candidate research provides the voter with such information and helps them make an informed decision.

Current Perception

Current Perception: Our research would focus on the prevailing view of the candidate name or perception among the voters.

Background and Vision

A comprehensive research would comprise background information, a candidate’s vision and agenda which would make the candidate a likely choice for the voters.

Why Candidate Research is important?

A comprehensive candidate research would include background information, agenda and initiatives. This can further improve his/her candidature for the elections and ensure a victory for the decision. A well researched profile would assist the voter to make the right decision. Not only this, comprehensive information about a candidate will help the voter’s know the candidate and attract swing voters. This could also help the candidate form a permanent support base with voters aligning themselves with the candidate that they feel shares the same mission.


What Our Vision Would Be?

Perceptions of political sophistication interact with a measure of political orientation and with a measure of behavioural aspects.

  • Understanding Attitudes: Resolving this conflict leads to a better understanding of how values, beliefs and attitudes affect decision making.
  • Identify Qualities: We find evidence that the perceived quality of candidates' policies strongly predicts support for them.
  • Group Segmentation: We also find groups that rely on more informative information when making a political decision and target them.

Keeping these aspects in our mind we create and implement strategy solely for your campaign. Our goal is to create the perception of the candidate in reality.


Methods of Candidate Research


Competitive Intelligence Research

  • Competitive intelligence is a discreet but powerful set of statistical analysis, data collection, and reporting that's used by companies to monitor and evaluate their competitors.
  • Competitive intelligence research can help you understand what makes voters change their perspective.It can also help you identify emerging trends and threats so that you can prepare properly.
  • With the right information, you can identify opportunities to improve efficiency and optimize any developmental plans.

Comparative Research

  • Comparative research is analytical-based research where we can see strengths and weaknesses within the chosen factors.
  • We focus on factors that will positively affect your campaign, including voters, your previous performance, support among the other factors.
  • We determine which trend or factor suggests the most promising outcomes and
    find ways to optimize those plans.
Content Management Team

Social Mentions Research

  • As the campaigns heat up and candidates begin to arrive, the media and social landscape is becoming saturated with messages from each candidate.
  • One way to combat this is by examining social media dealing with social media content as well as campaign finances.
  • Political orientations found on social media will be key in shaping voter's perceptions of candidates.
Social Media Marketers

Local Issues Research

  • Issues can shape entire movements and campaigns. Issues are a touchstone in all communities. To provide comprehensive research researching local issues is important.
  • Local issues make up a significant proportion of the population and can be influential in shaping choices made at a local level.
  • Public opinion can rapidly turn against an issue or group of issues. We widely recognize one of the top issues that will significantly suggest most promising results.

What is Candidate Analysis?

Political Candidate Analysis finds out what makes you stand out from other people. We do this by analyzing data, looking at your behavior and using behavioral science to measure what makes you stand out. The result is a clear picture of how you would act as an effective leader and citizen. The analysis also reveals which issues your favor and how you compare to other candidates on those issues.

Why Candidate Analysis?

Our focus is purely based upon all the information related to candidate’s information provided or available online. Candidate Analysis involves the collection and analysis of online media content in order to monitor the political campaigns and influence the campaigns.

  • Influence Campaign

    The purpose of this program is to influence the candidate or campaign directly, by gathering critical information for use in campaign planning.

  • Online Information

    The focus of this program is the collected and aggregated news media articles, blog posts, and other information deemed relevant to the overall campaign.

  • Social Listening

    The goal of this program is to provide the campaign team with a greater understanding of what the public thinks about a candidate through analysis of online media content as well as social listening.


SWOT Analysis

Our SWOT analysis on the basis of these 4 factors provides us focus points from which we can identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. The SWOT framework gives you a way to see how each factor acts.

Outreach Analysis

Finding out your outreach spreads out a wide range of opportunities and possibilities that can be converted into positive leads.

Reputation Analysis

Reputation analysis is one of the most powerful studies that can be done in an election. Reputation analysis is used to influencing voters,

Web Perception Analysis

We identify your strengths and weaknesses by analyzing your perception on the web and other digital media platforms. And figuring out ways to turn them into opportunities.

Competitor Analysis

Political campaigning involves a lot of thought and research, so it's important to have a framework in place to analyze your campaign.

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