A political campaign is a type of organized effort aimed towards persuading voters. With a set of carefully designed tactics, CryptoMize can be at the helm to structure your campaign according to your preferences.

Why Catalysis?

Catalyst for Change
in the World of Politics

People fight for change, but change can come with the will of people. We are a catalyst that helps representatives or individual politicians to voice their opinions easily and quickly. From our first day we work as facilitators of the change in the way people think and behave. We are a catalyst for change in the current world of politics .

We bring all the ideas together by combining art and technology, and thus we act as an agent that represents you. We work to help political candidates get elected by educating voters about their Demographics, Voters, Candidates, Political Parties and Competition.

Catalyst for Change in the World of Politics
  • In a political system, catalysis is a force that creates change without being affected by the changes.
  • We influence your outcomes without being affected by any internal or external force.
  • We provide communication, strategy, and logistics which enable representatives to grow.


Affected Voters





Using Predictive Analytics

Attract Voters

Predictive analytics as a tool to attract voters is a highly contested topic, especially during campaign season and even more so after the election. When it comes to technology, political parties across the country use it to bring about their cause. The results of predictive analysis can be applied to political campaigns. But the technology can yield its biggest returns when it's applied early in a race, as opposed to too late in the cycle.

Translating Analytics

While using predictive analytics comes with its share of benefits, strict protocols need to be set in place so that nobody is harmed while carrying out the plan. It is not unusual to find some analysts concerned about translating their skills to politics. Doing so involves a large set of skills. And that’s what CryptoMize offers.


Get started with CryptoMize

Get associated with CryptoMize and have your voice heard with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technology.


With ML and AI Technology


Elements may drive your Political Campaign

Times have turned Political Campaigning to a full 360° by turning to Machine Learning Technology and AI. They have turned to data-driven techniques to help predict political outcomes. Instead of relying on traditional techniques, they are turning to machine learning to help them anticipate elements that may have an impact on voters.

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    Easy Information Gathering

    Information gathering shouldn’t be a tedious process. Technology has made it possible for businesses to be connected and reach potential customers faster than ever before.

  • public-sphere

    Vast Public Sphere

    Technology has been combined with political and social interests to trigger significant change. With ML and AI based technology having a colossal outreach is not a problem.

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Monitoring Process for Better Results

Our process involves linking together a range of strategies to increase your chances of winning, and also ensuring that you’re aware of what we’re doing throughout. We even monitor the change that comes from our service!

Parallel Monitoring

Our process is vast and comprehensive. The foundation of our process and services is Monitoring. By monitoring each and every aspect of the elements affecting you and your campaign, we make sure that your campaign is protected. Our process involves Monitoring at all stages of the campaign.

Pre Monitoring

Pre-Campaign Monitoring

It is a way to evaluate the current political situation and verify what factors and elements are a fit to be supported.


Campaign Monitoring

Monitoring and tracking the impact of campaign messages on voter attitudes and behavior is essential to a successful campaign.

Post Monitoring

Post-Campaign Monitoring

It can be used to test what worked or didn’t work with previous messages to determine any other future campaigns.

Our Features

Our Featured Services Offering Categories

Use of AI and ML Technologies

Our key strategies include prioritizing and managing elements or details as we believe that every word has an equal measure. It is nearly impossible to monitor each minor detail without technology. For a much more viable and improved profile, we provide unbelievable results which is only possible with the mixture of high-technology Artificial Intelligence and top professionals.

Our techniques have become a powerful and effective tool that is capable of building a strong perception in front of your voters. In an age, where everyone is always on the lookout for the next big thing, it’s important for all candidates to ensure that they’re using the most effective strategies to maintain a growing presence in a sea of competition.

Geo-Tagged Results

We are always on the lookout. Geo-tagged data will show up on our monitoring properties. Negative feedback and questionable behavior can be flagged for follow-up by your staff. Positively promote or quickly share the good stuff.

We are the only solution that allows you to monitor and manage geo-tagged images and videos directly from social media. We’re able to help you keep a pulse on what is happening in your area — from real-time monitoring to reputation management to social content scheduling.

Open-Ended Plans

We are not restricted to researching, analyzing and managing data online. Our team of diligent pundits keeps an eye out online in order to bury it with positive information, persuading voters to choose you.

The sky's the limit when it comes to achieving a strong intelligence. Not knowing your analytics and workings may leave you vulnerable in your campaign strategy. Our work expands to proactive management.

Proactive Management

We excel in facilitating online engagement by developing strategies that help our clients attract potential customers. We build a strong foundation for your online existence by building trust with opportunities for great engagement and favorable content that drives a long-term outcome.

Our team of dexterous photo/video editing, article writing, social media management, campaign management specialists, will work together to create a unique master plan to augment your overall strategy. Building your campaign is a long-term commitment, and we’re here with you every step of the way.

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Demography is the statistical study of human populations. It uses methods from history, economics, anthropology, sociology, and other fields. These Statistics are used to predict the human population. The field of demography is unique because it uses analyses from many fields (as well as their respective methods). Demography is a huge and important economic factor for governments and businesses, which is why it is a popular career.

With Demography Analytics, campaigners locate people who share similar views, and target them with political campaigns. This will ensure they choose the candidate that can benefit the most from the different segments of the population they attract in their campaign.Demographics could be changed by people who are passionate, enthusiastic, and excited about a certain political movement.


Get early warning on what your political opponents are planning – whether that’s a national candidate, congressional candidate, or local politician. The Competitive Intelligence Report is designed to give you qualitative and quantitative insight into what your competition is doing. To better anticipate your Competition’s actions and maximize your political campaign’s effectiveness:

  • Our intelligent approach to competitive analysis looks at the macro and micro factors in your market.
  • Highlighting where your competitor is weak and maximizes the strengths.
  • Maximising your opportunities and reducing your vulnerabilities.
  • Increase your operational efficiencies and reduce your risk level by profiling your competitors.

Our comprehensive political campaign Compete Intelligence service is your competitive edge and campaign advantage, providing you with valuable competitive intel that will help you achieve victory.



Constituency Intelligence is an integral part of political campaign service that goes beyond the usual prediction and election monitoring services.

Constituency Demographics
Demographics are the statistics concerning population, including age, ethnic group, income, religion, level of education and others.
Governance Gaps
With the help of data we identify any gaps between the incumbent government's positions and the expectations of voters.
Agenda Construction
With the identified information on governance gaps, we create an agenda which can support your candidate.
Issue Advocacy
Agenda Construction is followed by issue advocacy to display voters by raising issues that affect a large set of voters .

Our team works with our analysts and strategists in multiple ways for mapping the gaps of governance and finding solutions for changing lives. We want to contribute in a larger way, for the effectiveness of your campaign.



The participation of political party agents in the electoral process is growing, as a result of their growing political significance. A party's data can be used to target individual voters with tailored communications. However, party members themselves need to be convinced that their views are sufficiently represented in the totals rather than squeezed out of view.

The advantages of the involvement of party and candidate agents monitoring the election include that they contribute to the legitimacy and trust of the process. Data is being used to help understand the party membership and persuades are being used to help persuade members to change their views or remain neutral.

difference between reputation management and review management


Political scientists have found that there are several factors that influence voting behavior: party identification, perception of the government's past performance, and personal characteristics. Know where you stand in the mind of the voter. You already spent money to get their attention; now make sure you use it effectively by keeping your ear to the ground on what they're saying about you.

Through providing key information such as identifying potential voters, analyzing your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, conducting polling, grassroots activities, designing campaign materials, analyzing voter trends, and much more. By inputting these factors, the application then predicts how likely a user is to vote for each presidential candidate. In order to facilitate ease of use, our service provides users with an example prediction using current data from registered voters nationwide.

Why Choose Our Political Services?

What makes us unique?

In times of digital representations, public perception is the reality. Voice of Perception and Reputation are leading the political world.

Prominent politicians and parties that are leading the world acknowledge the power of Voters. Perception is an intangible asset for them and is what sets them apart from each other. We specialize in supporting innovative political candidates and political parties with online tools and services that get results.


Monitoring All Along

All of our wide-set services provide parallel monitoring.

Dominate Agenda

Be on the top of the game, stay ahead of your competitors.

Wide Outreach

Receive a wide outreach digitally to promote campaign.
Our Team

Craft Strategies
With Team CryptoMize

In politics, campaigning is the action taken by candidates to present themselves and their ideas to the general public. Our campaign experts will help you tell your story clearly.

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 craft strategies with team cryptomize
Researchers and Analysts

Our team comprises Political Researchers and Data Analysts that gives us a strategic advantage.

Strategists and Managers

Our Political Strategists and Media Managers make sure that we’re going down the right path.

Developers and Designers

Web Developers and Content Designers handles the implementing aspects of any campaign.

An Awesome Funfact

Our Achievement

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Why Us?

Why are we so amazing?



CryptoMize is a leading Information Security Company with headquarters in New Delhi, the capital of India. Over the past decade we have grown into a Powerhouse Conglomerate Digital Agency operating out of 3 continents, having served clients in 30+ countries and proudly celebrating numerous success stories.



We provide an elite set of premium customized services to a selective top-tier clientele such as Governments, Presidential and Prime Minister Offices, Politicians and Major Political Parties, Large and Multinational Corporations, Celebrities and High Net-worth Individuals.



Our services super premium, are only for the elite and a little expensive. It’s all because we very strongly believe in Quality over Quantity, hence we only serve a very limited number of clients at a time ensuring that we always meet our clients expectations, over-deliver, before time and create success stories together.



We maintain absolute non disclosure, secrecy, privacy, security and confidentiality and always sign binding agreements ensuring the same among all parties. Unlike others we do as we preach, being an Information Security Company we ensure that no confidential information ever goes out where it is not meant to.



Well imagine Usain Bolt being asked to race with kids, Sachin Tendulkar being asked to play gully cricket, Lamborghini being asked to race a cycle, CryptoMize being asked to Secure your Communications, Data, Make you Anonymous, Make your website, Make you famous, Remove negative thing about you from Internet, It’s all the same.



Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based proprietary Tools, Assets and Resources which are so powerful that they can only run on Powerful Datacenters, Mainframes and Supercomputers and have been years in development, implementation, learning and improvement. They being used for traditional services.

Our Principles

These are some of the principles that we strongly believe in, preach and actually follow as well.



We clearly commit what we can do, by when can we do it and how we would do it, And then we do it.



We are extremely paranoid about protecting the confidentiality of what we do, for whom and how we do it.



We ensure comfortability of you and your team with ours, which can only come from complete transparency.



We keep improving our already awesome capabilities by investing all resources at our disposal.



Frequently Asked Questions

Founded to shake up the political process and put technology at the forefront, Our Political Catalysis Service makes sure your platform is limitless. We combine top technology with professional copywriters to craft a message that sticks. Unlike other Political Catalysis service providers who claim to be near accurate and provide fake promises, we guarantee you an efficient solution. With our parallel monitoring service that goes along with every service you get insight into who’s saying what. This combined with our text analytics, which shows relationships, tone and strength of language, makes Our Political Catalysis Service unique.
We hunt down any and all negative information about you across multiple databases based on Demography, Candidate, Party, Constituency, Competition and Voters; then create a concise counter-narrative that is advantageous for your campaign. We create and promote positive narratives about your professional and personal information to relevant voter demographics and aim to provide negligible damaging links.
Our political Catalysis service begins the election campaign from scratch. It analyses the public mood of the constituents and gives frequent advice regarding political events. This service does not end with just monitoring but suggests better techniques to capture the voters’ attention so as to help in improving the odds of winning and sustain positive ideas projected by your party.
With our political catalysis service, Just like our company’s objective, we also provide a vision to over-deliver which allows us to be ahead of the competition. Our vision is to provide you with the best intelligence, strategies, insights to help you succeed in a competitive marketplace. We are very well-informed of the latest changes and will share that knowledge with you continually.
Apart from Political Catalysis Service CryptoMize offers Privacy Enforcement which provides a full range of services to protect your personal and professional data, communications and infrastructure. With that CryptoMize also helps entities and representatives to be on the top of your league with Our Perception Perfection Service. Our mission is to improve your digital perception to the extent of perfection.

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