Demography Derivation

The Art of Winning Elections

Demography in politics is the knowledge of population which helps in the identification and classification of the population. This makes it easier to identify and target voters during an election process. This Political Data is used by the strategist for better political outreach, decision making and strengthening relation with voters.

Data with Politics

It should not be mistaken by just “data” but treated as a channel to use for targeting a group and in later stages penetrating and implementing strategy.

Harnessing Perception

Emotions are employed to communicate with a group. Certain demographic groupings influence worldwide political campaigns.

The Art of Winning Elections

Significance of Demography

Constituency demarcation depends upon the demography of an area. This makes studying demography rather more important for the candidate.

  • Strengthen Candidate/Voter Relations - Demographic data can help with better political outreach, decision making and strengthening relation with the voters.
  • Strategy for Political Campaign - Using demographic analytics can help a candidate formulate an edge cutting strategy and finally emerge victorious in the elections.
  • Analysing Past and Predicting Future - It helps study political behavior of various social groups and thus, understand past trends and predict and prepare for the future.
  • Understanding Different Social Groups - In the age of democracy, community comprises different social groups who have different demands and aspirations.

A deeply done constituency research can help with a better political outreach, decision making, formulate policy and predict for a win- win situation in the elections.


Advancing Political Campaign Marketing

Political Campaign Marketing through digital demography data is an easier and efficient way to advertise.

Targeted Marketing

With data on targeted demography, we can tailor campaigns and advertisements to help influence opinions to a bigger demographic.

Correlated Factors

Our Team can pinpoint correlations between demographic data and voters behavior that have never been targeted by any other strategist.

Improved Strategy Mix

Information is gathered and entered into a database. This enables political campaigns to enhance their strategy mix and monitor data.


Public Sentiments

To influence any segment of the demography sentiments plays an important role in shaping up any Prime Minister or Presidential campaign.

Data-Driven Approach

Target people who care about your issues and could be persuaded to spend money on your product. The result will be more effective.

Brand Recognition

The result will be more effective which is more relevant to their lives. It also helps brands figure out which content is most persuasive.

Analyzing the Sentiments

  • With our Demography Derivation service, we help parties in reading the narrative of voters/users by analyzing their posts, reviews and comments from various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • We use the data collected from the social media platforms to predict the outcome of the election by analyzing the sentiment of the public towards the candidate/party.
  • We use our specialized set of AI - ML based tools to find the emotions of the public in Tweets as well as Facebook and Instagram posts and predict the sentiment scores.
  • We will use big-data analytics to gain insights into voting preferences based on their socio-economic status, caste, local issues and other parameters. Based on the voter opinion and segments, we will create customized election campaigns with the most important advertisements and gear towards the specific target groups.
  • Our team of Political Analysts will collect the data to evaluate its effectiveness and further tweak it according to the response it produces.
  • We will analyze the data from various applications and offer insights into the political experience of MPs and MLAs, evaluating their performance. This will ultimately provide insight into a candidate's popularity (or otherwise) and help parties to make informed decisions about the best candidate for an electorate.
Analyzing the Sentiments
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Behavioral Demographics

Digital Listening


Caste is an important factor influencing the behavior of voters. Politicization of caste and casteism in politics have been a feature of Indian politics. While formulating their election strategies political parties account for the factor of caste.

Sentiment Analysis


Religion is another significant factor which influences electoral behavior. Political parties indulge in communal propaganda and exploit the religious sentiments of the voters. The existence of various communal parties has further added to the politicization of religion.

Review Management


Linguistic considerations of the people influence their voting behavior. During elections, the political parties arouse the linguistic feelings of the people and try to influence their decision-making.

Trend Management


Regionalism and sub-regionalism play an important role in voting behavior. These parochial feelings of sub-nationalism led to the emergence of perpetual regional parties in various states.

Search Management


The charismatic personality of the party leader plays an important role in electoral behavior.

Dialogue Control


The role of the money factor cannot be overlooked in explaining the voting behavior. Despite the limitations on the election expenditures, crores of rupees are spent on elections.

Dialogue Control

Management of the Political Campaign

The management of the political campaigns are also essential, and our expert team ensures this in the war room.

Dialogue Control


Linguistic considerations of the people influence their voting behaviour. During elections, the political parties arouse the linguistic feelings of the people and try to influence their decision-making by allying their linguistic minority apprehensions.

Dialogue Control

Party Identification

Personal and emotional association with political parties play a role in determining voting behavior. People who identify themselves with a particular party will always vote for that party irrespective of its omissions and commissions.

Constituency Demographics

  • Demographics play an important role in any election campaign. Data and stats of constituencies help in understanding the voter's religion, caste, area, age, gender and linguistic composition.
  • CryptoMize will assist the parties in choosing the right candidate according to the caste, religious and gender demographics of the particular constituency.
  • CryptoMize provides solutions for addressing various voter concerns. Our team is dedicated to solving concerns regarding voting mechanisms, any form of discrimination or bias, public harassment, voter ID or registration concerns etc.
Constituency Demographics

Demographic Research can be your best resource

Understanding the exact demographics of a region is key to winning an election. We submit a broken down structure of the characteristics of a region to bring you detailed, localized demographics. The most effective politicians first figure out exactly who they represent. They then use location-based data to understand the communities they serve.

Socio Demographic

Political campaigns across the globe are also using our powers of persuasion. Candidates are showing ads specifically targeted to users based on income. They use geo-targeting to show video ads in areas with a high concentration of voters. Campaigners in political campaigns can now use an organized, quick, and professional way to promote their messaging.

Geo-Tagged Data

We use the power of data to reach voters on a local level. Our proprietary algorithm predicts voting preferences even when there is no public data available and individual data cannot be matched with individual voters. By targeting specific groups of voters and convincing them to vote, campaigns can have a tremendous impact on local communities.

Behavioural Demographic
Behavioural Demographic

Behavioral targeting is changing the face of the web. No longer are people finding information randomly, but instead are receiving personalized results based on their past activity. This allows us to customize each content and provide appropriate messaging, making sure that voters or your target audience receive the most relevant message possible.

Mapping Party Voter Choice

  • We will read and analyse the voter’s choices in the selection process of the candidate as well as get the requirements of voters and party workers.
  • This complete analysis mapping process will assist the political parties to work in the right direction and get to know what the voters want.
  • CryptoMize’s services are not restricted to creating and implementing political survey plans or rally management strategies but we also offer reliable political vote bank analysis services for our clients.
Mapping Party Voter Choice
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Demography and Public Opinion

  • Public opinion occurs when a large group of people within society express an opinion. Public opinion can include a collective idea that everyone agrees with or a combination of many different opinions.
  • CryptoMize will help you in maintaining public relations and the political media which have the ability to change public opinion.
  • We will work to spread the message and influence people's opinions. We will use a wide range of advertising strategies with the use of mass media.
Competition Management

Demographic Analysis

Demographic analysis measures specific factors that allow us to understand a variety of human characteristics and behaviors. These qualitative estimates often serve as a reliable indicator for judging the accuracy of census information gathered at any time. Our data analysts will help you interpret and discuss the effects, methodological limitations, and implications of your data. We will use different analytical approaches that can help you avoid the common pitfalls that often emerge during analysis.

Target Audience Analysis

Target Audience Analysis

We have identified the ability of algorithms to process information in order to better suit campaign needs and it is only going to continue to improve. With this in mind, it is a vital step for strategists to introduce demographic analysis into their research and analysis processes in order to gain a better understanding of their target voters before launching any objective of the campaigns.


Social Media Analysis

Social media is where campaigns are won and lost. Social Media Analysis can also show you if there are any behavioral patterns within your audience that could impact your engagement in a negative way. This analysis could tell you if they are being effective in communicating their message, whether their communication is resonating with their audience, or even whether they are losing supporters.


Keyword-Based Analysis

The Keyword Analysis helps identify the heat of a particular keyword using data generated from actual search engine queries. By monitoring keywords used by people searching on different search engines, we can identify what results our target audiences are getting and manage the same. The insights are useful for understanding your competitive landscape and identifying new potential opportunities.

data analysis

Data Analysis

Data analytics for demographics is crucial for any kind of campaigns. No matter who you are or what you do, your demographic can tell you things about you and your behavior that are predictive of outcomes. Data has power that can be a powerhouse of your campaign. A properly developed analysis can highlight key areas for improvement and offer clear predictions about what will happen next.

Political Opinion

  • Political opinion is the view or attitude of an individual or group on a certain topic, such as politics, religion, and social issues. It can be a belief that is held by an individual or group.
  • Political opinions are often associated with a political party, but not always. Some people have political opinions that differ from their parties
  • Political opinion is a very important part of an election. It can be said that it even determines which candidate will win. Without a good political opinion, you can’t expect to convince people to vote for your candidate.
  • The political opinion is something that every politician must take into account before making any decision or statement. If there is no public support, then it means that you are wasting your time and money trying to convince people about something that they don’t support at all.
  • CryptoMize organises "Political opinion" Programs that refer to a broad category of attitudes that people might have on matters that concern their state, their government, or their society.
  • CryptoMize will analyse the political opinions of the public from the desired geographical area based on their personal characteristics or background, including their race or region of origin.
Political Opinion

Why Demographic Analysis?

Our Demographic Analysis provides you with useful insights about demographics of each group of people who are supporting your candidate. These demographic reports allow us to

Trusted Partner

Social Demography is a distinguishing factor that helps analysts determine their audiences. We discover interesting information such as age, gender, interests and even places of residence.

Product Security

Our analytics engine is constantly collecting data through hundreds of tracking points collected from users every day. These data points include things like IP addresses, browser type and version, operating system and even page content.



Frequently Asked Questions

The world's population has grown, but the rate of fertility has declined, and lately it's been declining to a greater extent. We're entering unexplored territory. The relative demographic decline of Europe and the Americas, which has occurred as a result of lower birth rates, contrasts sharply with the population ascendance of Asia and Africa. Migration is a stimulus for political instability, and political instability is a catalyst for population structure change. Many more individuals from less fortunate countries are moving than ever before, widening the gap between older, wealthier countries and younger, impoverished ones. Evenly distributed demographic changes across ethnic, linguistic, and religious groups within a nation may result in a shift in the population mix, which can have a significant impact on political politics. It's going to be a major hot point in politics for many years to come. Political and physical borders of a nation may be altered by intrastate demographics, which has the potential to change them. In any given region or territory, changes in demography wi
As a subject that cuts across all of them, demography has significant links to all of them. It is impossible to be a competent demographer if one does not have a sufficient understanding of the many disciplines mentioned above. Demography is a quantitative discipline that studies population change, but it must depend on other sciences in order to correctly understand and forecast the change that has been observed. In its operations, demography makes use of statistics and mathematics, but so do many other disciplines in the social sciences, not to mention the physical sciences, in order to function properly. Political demography has developed to be a distinct field within demographic study which studies concepts such as gender, age, birth and death from the perspective of politics.
Claiming that demography is destiny will not be wrong. There seems to be an increasing tendency in the media to place more focus on race and gender in relation to both candidates and voter surveys. Race, gender, age, education, wealth, and location are all significant factors in deciding which political problems impact you and, therefore, which messages are more or less likely to appeal to you on a personal level. All of these categories will have specific problems or questions that are more or less significant to them, and each bracket will have its own difficulties or questions. However, it goes without saying that running and electing a diverse pool of candidates who represent the people is very essential. As well as being attractive to a wide range of demographics.
The popular adage "demography is destiny" has divided people's opinions. The reality that demographic variables such as age, income, ethnicity, educational level, and income have a vitally decisive impact on our daily lives cannot be denied. However, a properly done study can help a party and a candidate a lot in an election. Demographic study in politics can help in understanding voters, in better outreach and a better campaign.
Demographics can be important in elections, for two reasons. One is that there is a long-run tendency for the ratio of the number of young people to old people – which is what we usually mean by "the number of voters" – to fall. This makes elections more competitive as the proportion of young people falls.
It refers to statistics on the size, age, gender composition, and other characteristics of the populations concerned, which is defined as "in terms of demography." A population study (demography) is concerned with the people (demos), and is often thought of in a quantitative manner. What is the total number of people? What are the different age groups? What percentage of the population is male and what percentage is female? What is the average age at which they marry? What is the average number of children a woman has? What is the total number of immigrants and emigrants? How have wars, industrialization, education, social unrest, technology and other variables influenced any of these elements? What are the implications of these factors? A comprehensive study of all these factors is carried out in a demographic analysis.
Demography may be described as the study of population, with the majority of attention paid to five main aspects:
1) Size: an estimate of the current size of a population, and sometimes projections of future change.
2) Geographic distribution: where people live, and how this has changed -- both spatially (i.e. urbanization), and in terms of socio-economic status.
3) Composition: age, sex, marital status, family structure, household structure.
4) Components: birth and death rates, and factors affecting them such as fertility and mortality rates, age structures and sex ratios.
5) Factors affecting and affected by demographic change: economics, education, religion, employment patterns. .

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