Party Propulsion

Political Party

A party is an organization consisting of different candidates from different regions, which most likely have the same beliefs or similar ideas about politics.

  • Politics can go beyond boundary lines. CryptoMize provides services to advance Party Research and Analysis to cover all the bases. Party Data and Analytics is a new way for you to feel confident that your voice is being heard and respected by a specific set of audiences.
  • Politicians nowadays are more interested in data. CryptoMize is a political research company that helps anyone interested in politics to understand the complex world of politics better.
Political Party

Party Influence and Candidates

Political parties have great influence over people’s political involvement at local, regional, and national levels. They determine which candidates get elected, what political issues are brought to the forefront, and the degree of representation for diverse groups.

  • Parties have the power to choose candidates and determine which issues have prominence in the political arena.
  • Political parties and their candidates determine the political agendas and actions taken by elected officials. They also determine who is nominated and elected in an election contest.
  • Parties require candidates to demonstrate the ability to set and achieve goals, and hold themselves accountable along the way.

To ensure a political balance between candidates and voters, the party plays a vital role in determining this relationship.

Party Influence and Candidates

Methods for Analysis

  • Predictive Analysis

    Predictive analysis is based on analytics that show which candidate has the best chance of winning based on past election results, demographics, personality and other factors. The forecast models attempt to predict outcomes for a campaign based on past patterns such as party affiliations, public sentiment, and party beliefs.

  • Impact on Campaigns

    It shows cause-related impact on campaigns, which uses publicly available information to project how the party’s status or position will change by the numerous factors such as impact created by a single speech made by the candidate. The cause can vary from issue to issue. We analyse and predict with certainty.

  • Threat Predictions

    Threat analysis shows how posts viewed by particular users can signal changes in the members’ behaviour toward the candidate, which in turn influences their decisions during the campaign. It is a structure created after comprehensive analysis of factors such as past elections, public opinion polls, candidate performance, etc.

Methods for Analysis

Government Gaps

CryptoMize identifies gaps between government works and the expectations of voters and keeps a proper check on Manifesto’s promises which were not delivered on time.

  • Our Data centric team analyzes the data of promises made by parties during campaigns in every rally, press conference or through any medium as well as various bills/circulars/laws which the government fails to make people understand.
  • We help governments to make people understand and find positives in Bills/laws/circulars.
Government Gaps

Why Political Profiling

Political profiling is the process of gathering and analysing information about a party, such as its background, candidates, agenda, affiliations, and connections.


Separate Identity

Profiling helps to classify parties and help them establish their separate identity. This helps the party establish itself as a party which stands for something different and important and establishes its special identity in the eyes of voters.


Information to Voters

Through a proper analysis, profiling provides much needed information to the voters and helps them make an informed decision. Their policies, their leaders, their positions on certain issues can give you a better picture of how they would govern if they were elected.



It can give you insights into how your political representatives behave behind the scenes. It gives you a better understanding of how they would act if they were in your shoes and it can help them find positions that are in line with your beliefs and values.

Informed Decision

  • CryptoMize provides the transfer of authentic fact-based information to the voters. It directly ends the agenda of the opposition to spread fake and baseless news about your party.
  • CryptoMize works for information transfer to voters without any malfunctioning and change in the context of information by the opposition driven agenda.
  • CryptoMize works to Communicate with voters and transfer the exact content of party manifesto ,and Govt Policies
Informed Decision

Driving Political Party Forward


Party Propulsion

Attract Voters

CryptoMize will help you in dealing with myths regarding the political party/leader and various misconceptions spread in the society which can damage the image of the leader/party. We deal with those misconceptions and work to dispel them within the short est possible time, so that it does not cause much harm.

Solving Voter Concerns

CryptoMize provides exquisite solutions for addressing various voter concerns. Our team is dedicated to solving concerns regarding voting mechanisms, any form of discrimination or bias, public harassment, voter ID or registration concerns etc.

Party Profiling

Political campaigns are all about communication. The better your messaging is, the more likely people are to turn out. And the easiest way to communicate is to provide the voter with all the relevant information on one platform. Sometimes it's best just to communicate straightforwardly. That's what political party profiling is all about.

  • Party Profiling provides you with the names, roles, achievements, positions and videos of the leaders of any political party in your country.
  • With our research data, we create the most extensive, powerful and powerful political profile you will know.'
  • However, the characteristics covered under the same umbrella describe an agenda and a strategy for managing a political campaign to the best of one's ability.
Party Profiling

Why Party Research matters?

Proper research on the party would include the party background, candidates' detailed profiles, functions, achievements, and party agenda.

Complete Information

Complete Information

Well researched and documented information would provide the voters with complete information about the party and, on one hand, help the voters make a decision and the party to widen its support base.


Identify Loopholes

Research not only provides information in a proper manner but also helps in the identification of loopholes. This enables the party to take actions before much damage is done.


Better Chances at Winning

Information can act as a tool in the hands of the party. Through the already provided information and through premptive actions, a party can increase its chances of winning.

Party Agenda

Party Agenda CryptoMize provides a place for campaigns to collaborate, share ideas and learn from one another. We allow campaigners to create their own space and analyze them within the partyline agenda so that groups of campaigners can work together on projects.

  • Share information about what they're doing in the run-up to an election
  • Collaborate with others on campaign activities
  • Learn from one another by sharing resources
  • CryptoMize research area ,analysis and perception campaign runs with the party agenda
Party Agenda

Party Influence

CryptoMize helps the Party to influence the extent to which they are able to exert control over their candidates. Political organizations and leaders have long played an important role in determining who is nominated and elected, especially at local levels.

  • Party profiling is a useful methodology of CryptoMize when it comes to elections. It helps in identifying the political parties and their policies, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. This information can be used to create a better campaign strategy for your party or candidate.
  • CryptoMize also helps in understanding the voting pattern of people in different regions of the country. By knowing this information, you can focus on those areas where you have more chances of winning seats in the state or national legislature.'
Party Influence

Our Work Process


Uniform Policy

Proper research would help the party design a uniform policy. This would help the party set its objectives, goals and priorities. With the help of digital platforms, we would make this information available to the voters.


Compilation Approach

Through a case study approach, we would compile data on various issues such as party background, performance, third party analysis. This approach would not only help voters but the party as well.


Digital Perception

People's perceptions of the world are aggregated and homogenised through digital perception. We will guarantee you the finest outcomes by establishing a good digital impression of the party among your target audience.


Digital Surveys

We here at Cryptomize would carry out digital surveys where voters would be able to ask questions and put forward their issues with the party through digital platforms.This would establish direct contact between the voter and the party.

Party Background

  • CryptoMize manages the party's background, candidate's political history and voting record. This information is important because it can tell you how well a candidate will represent your views and interests.
  • Party background of the candidates is an important indicator for voters. The party that the candidate belongs to and its past performance are important factors for voters to decide whom to vote.
  • Cryptomize manages the impact of govt policies according to the requirements of the election. We can increase/ decrease the impact of government policies on Voters .
Party Background

Methods of Party Profiling


Ideological Multidimensions

Ideological differences in emotional experiences are a function not only of the intensity of the experiences but also of their "fit" with one’s beliefs, which can moderate their effects on political attitudes of voters.

  • We consider an alternative pathway that runs from beliefs to emotional experiences of fear and anger grounded in the sense of group identity, values, and intergroup interests.
  • Our focus is practically based on finding out the political party ideological factor affecting voters' sentiment.
  • This plays a vital role in presenting voters’ insights based on their sentiments and mood, which are highly affected by the party's beliefs.

Political Efficacy

Political efficacy is an important factor in the overall evaluation of how the party and, more importantly, the candidate performs.

  • When politicians make promises to change laws, it is important that citizens believe they can be effective in getting the laws changed.
  • To persuade a certain set of people, it is important to let voters see the political party’s efficiency to change their perspective.
  • Party efficacy focuses more on both internal and external efficacy to provide you with a general overview.

Voters Segmentation

The intent of any campaign is to persuade voters to vote for the said candidate. This makes voters an indispensable part of any campaign.

  • To persuade voters or the indispensable entity, it is essential to provide a specific group of voters to target.
  • With our Political Party Research, our methods provide you with data on voters segmented into geographical areas.
  • This data is segmented, first, on the basis of beliefs and then segmented by demography.

Party Research

Party research relates to elections, campaigns, or conflict. It includes the use of various methods and approaches to gather information for political use in both short-term and long-term campaigns. Research may be focused on a single event or issue, but may also consider issues or leaders that aren't directly related to the party's goals. We think that there is only one way to avoid being biased, which is to gather information from as many sources as possible.


Political Party Analysis

There are three analytical techniques in political campaign prediction: predictive, cause-related, and threat-based prediction. All are used by the forecast models as they attempt to predict outcomes for a campaign based on past patterns.

  • The first shows predictive value, which indicates which posts and comments will be most influential on the reader’s decisions later in the campaign.
  • The second section of the analysis looks at the potential consequences for political campaigns.
  • The third part looks at the threats and strengths of each candidate and looks at how they will interact with each other on the campaign trail.
Political Party Analysis

Why Party Analysis Is Imperative?



Party analysis helps predict the official position of a politician based on policies published by related parties, their past performance, and public perceptions. The model is also used to then develop actions and plans for those stakeholders in order to achieve a specific outcome.

Impact of Campaigns

It shows the cause-related impact of campaigns, which uses publicly available information to project how the party’s status or position will change due to numerous factors, such as the impact created by a single speech made by the candidate. The cause can vary from issue to issue. We analyze and predict with certainty.

Threat Predictions

Threat analysis shows how posts viewed by particular users can signal changes in the members’ behaviour toward the candidate, which in turn influences their decisions during the campaign. It is a structure created after comprehensive analysis of factors such as past elections, public opinion polls, and candidate performance.

Our Goals

Image Management

To be successful, your political party will need to develop and recruit strong candidates who will work with you. The party should have a reputation management department that deals with the media and the opposition.

Crisis Management

The political environment is very volatile. New issues arise every day. This makes it important for the party to have a team that manages crises in terms of people and situations.

Perception Management

We at CryptoMize would be happy to assist you in managing your perception among those who will vote, which will give you a competitive advantage in the upcoming electoral process.

Enhancing Visibility

We would facilitate your continuing to increase your visibility and popularity among the voting public with the help of digital platforms, allowing you to win the election with flying colours.



Frequently Asked Questions

Inclusion is the foundation of a healthy, robust democracy, and political parties and representative institutions are in a unique position to ensure that this is the case. In spite of this, political parties are finding it more difficult to maintain an environment of inclusivity. This is especially true given women and youth's disproportionate exclusion from representative institutions. Younger generations are underrepresented in political party membership, leadership, and representation in state and federal legislatures. Their exclusion from conventional party politics, as well as their waning confidence in them, is of particular concern, since young people have the potential to create or break future forms of representation.”
There is a tense connection between young people and political parties in many nations nowadays. Many young people do not trust political parties, and party officials often lament that young people are reluctant to become engaged in their campaigns.
There are mainly four types of political parties —
Reactionary parties — parties which cling to the old socio-economic and political institutions.
Conservative parties — parties which believe in the status-quo (existing state of affairs).
Liberal parties — parties which aim at reforming the existing institutions.
Radical parties —parties which aim at establishing a new order by overthrowing the existing institutions.

Political scientists have classified political parties on the basis of their ideologies, placing the Radical parties on the left, the Liberal parties in the middle, and the Reactionary and Conservative parties on the right, according to their findings. In other terms, they are often referred to as "Leftist," "Centerist," and "Rightist" political parties.

A decent political party, if such a thing were conceivable, would have a clear political ideology that was compatible with the rules of government in a democratic republic, such as the Democratic Party. The power of that concept would attract members rather than the need to alter it in order to appease particular interest groups, according to the organisation. They would devote their time and energy in government to carrying out the will of the people, which would include reaching agreements with members of other political parties when required to ensure that perfection does not become an enemy of progress. It would be a symbol of the greatest possible personal liberty while still representing the realities of economic life. It would make every effort to guarantee that the government never grows to become any bigger than it needs to be.
Political parties are the vehicle through which a collection of views and activities are brought together under the banner of their own names and ideas. so that those who don't want to spend time delving into every detail can simply vote for their party and be certain that, for the most part, they are voting for people who share their views.
People grow less tolerant of any departures from party discipline as their political views become more divided, particularly when it comes to certain hot-button topics that are used as litmus tests. As a consequence, politicians who they don't like are scrutinised endlessly, and they are either supported or punished as a result of one topic on which they may differ. No one is good enough until they are completely on board with their political party's train or are a complete traitor, in which case they may as well switch parties, the result is a rise in radicalization.
Political parties are the only means by which the needs of a vast people may be expressed and accommodated in a democratic setting.
The existence of political parties in a representative democracy guarantees that the nation is governed in accordance with its policies and beliefs and that the government is responsive and responsible to the people who elect it.
The absence of political parties means that candidates who are elected will be independent and responsible to their constituents for their actions in the area
Political parties are needed in order for a nation to be governed according to a set of ideas, and they will be held accountable for the way the country is managed.
There are a number of variables at play in this situation. The goal that individuals want to accomplish with their vote is something to keep in mind while voting. This varies from election to election, but in general, it is done in order to improve the chance that the government will enact legislation that they (the voter) agree with or are supportive of. Political parties aid in the organisation of politicians into groupings that provide them with leverage. One of the most distinguishing characteristics of political parties is that they establish a degree of predictability in terms of how members of that party will vote in whichever body they are elected to represent them. As a result, you have individuals who are members of political parties who are voting in accordance with the wishes of the petty. Regardless of their personal emotions about the situation. A minority of individuals will vote against their conscience, although this group is much less than the majority of those who support the party. It is unlikely that the party system would have survived for as long as it has if they had not been. They seek to promote the passage of legislation that is in their favour. The party platform, rather than the candidates' personal beliefs, will provide the most accurate forecast of what legislation will be enacted.

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