Administration Offices

The Administration Office fortifies the entire course of the company’s operations. CryptoMize helps you strengthen the core of your operations to work in the most efficient ways possible.


Improve Internal Frameworks With Us

CryptoMize offers service to Administration Offices that provides services to optimize all the processes related to human resource management, financial planning, case docketing and management and other similar activities. We aim to provide an optimized manner for internal and external structures of your company by creating a map for the same.
Improve Internal Frameworks With Us

Adherence within Offices

CryptoMize aims to plan, direct, and
coordinate activities that may help you
in smooth functioning of your organization.


Guide to smooth functioning

We offer a full-range of services for Protection
and Privacy to make sure that the backbone
services of an organisation remain strong.


Creating Efficient and Secure Structures

We create a map of the most efficient path for our yours future development.

For any Administration Office, efficiency and optimization plays an important role. We first and foremostly, identify a series of exercises that will bring enhanced benefit to our client.

CryptoMize operates on the aim to optimize the internal structure of the company and create a more efficient workflow. Our processes includes analyzing the existing problems and create a map of the most efficient path for our client's future development.

We then implement all the changes that we have defined together, as well as to work on business processes that will allow us to optimize our client's daily activities.

Creating Efficient and Secure Structures

Possible Challenges

Unorganised Workspace

Unorganised Workspace

Administrative offices still rely on managing their data manually which results in inefficiency in operations and delays in work.

Lack of Technology

Lack of Technology

Managing databases manually is tough. Technologically managing these operations could have ensured better management.

Insecure Operations

Insecure Operations

Administrative offices hold important data. They need to make sure that they opt for both data and operations security mechanisms.

Our Objective

Our Objective

An administration office is a place where one can carry out various tasks. Some of the important services provided by them:

Keeping record of the documents and files issued by the company. Administration office acts as a link between the company and the outside world, so that all communications related to business are conducted in a systematic manner.

To ensure proper functioning of the entire operation, it is necessary that proper arrangement be made for all types of communications for both internal and external communications. Of course, the internet has its limitations but without it, there can be problems in communication with clients, suppliers and even employees.

Smooth Functioning

In order to keep an administrative organisation running smoothly, CryptoMize's Privacy, Reputation, and other services are designed to ensure that.

Stakeholder Trust

Since there are multiple stakeholders in an organisation, it is important to build and maintain trust among them for the growth of the organisation.

Sensitive Data Protection

Administrative departments are responsible for taking care of sensitive data. Our services can protect sensitive data important for organization's security.

Our Vision

Our Vision

In the days of core, gathering intelligence, was a matter of sending out spies. Today the world has changed, and intelligence is as much about technology as it is about people. We are redefining what it means to truly protect you and your business. From network security, to cloud recovery, to data recovery, CryptoMize focuses on your technology’s vulnerabilities so you can avoid pitfalls and stay ahead.

We have a singular vision – to be the ultimate ‘go-to’ company for digital reputation management. Our approach is holistic, covering reputation management, social media management, and crisis management. We uncover security flaws in your technology, identify new threats, and create proactive measures to protect you.

We provide innovative IT solutions to clients of all sizes. Our expertise is in all levels of the information technology stack, including network architecture and cybersecurity.

Our Services

CryptoMize provides all-inclusive services to ensure your evolving needs are met. From initial consultations to full-scale development, CryptoMize is a place in which you’re guaranteed to find exactly what you need.


What will you Gain?

Improved Operations

A range of our services will help you upgrade your operations and bring efficiency to your important tasks that will provide a services

Digitally Secure

We aim to provide you with ultimate digital security services that will help you secure your online database.

Optimized Processes

Through our services, we can ensure that every step that you do is optimized to its ultimate level so that you achieve efficiency

Our Deliverables

Communication Security

Communication Security

Communication Security

Our services ensure that your online communication remains safe from unauthorized access.

Threat Analysis

Threat Analysis

Threat Analysis

We identify and analyse events that may possibly impair an organization's working and reputation

AI and ML Support

AI and ML Support

AI and ML Support

We provide our clients with a variety of support services backed by AI and Ml technologies.

Strategic Intelligence

Strategic Intelligence

Strategic Intelligence

To produce insights and information about future trends, We utilize Strategic Intelligence to provide you an edge.

Tactical Intelligence

Tactical Intelligence

Tactical Intelligence

We improvise solutions to help you deal intelligently with unanticipated situations from the intellegence gathered

Big Data Mining

Big Data Mining

Big Data Mining

Our services can assist you manage data into easy manageable information to uncover truths for data mining

Our Activities

CryptoMize can help you understand your personal and professional digital worlds. Our services help you comprehend and predict the dangers and benefits of emerging technology.

Streamlined Efficiency

Data Protection

We want to protect your data from cybercriminals and provide data loss protection services so you can relax. We work tirelessly to improve our services and tools for your benefit.
  • Secure Data Storage: With CryptoMize, you can store your sensitive data in a secure environment and rely on us to backup your data regularly. We provide fully encrypted storage using cutting-edge encryption technology.
  • Secure Data Transfer: Among the many tasks you perform daily, file transfer is the most vital. We offer data transfer services like tunnelling that allow you to send data in a more secure manner than ever before.
  • Data Leakage Monitoring: We know that data is king. A single data leak can destabilise a country. An expert team at CryptoMize monitors the internet for data leakage 24/7.

Photos and Videos

Beautiful moments are captured on film. If misused, it can ruin your life. With CryptoMize, you can protect your personal photos and videos from leakage.

False Data

Online rumours quickly spread. In both your personal and professional life, CryptoMize's experts will monitor and remove such data from the internet.

Dark Web

Weird dark web. If not used properly, it can cause confusion. It ends up on the dark web. We have a team that searches the dark web for your data and removes it.

Data Loss

We help clients detect and prevent data breaches, data loss, and data destruction. Denial-of-service attacks (DoS) are a major threat to data security

Strategic Advantage


Coincidentally, CryptoMize is the world's only historical threat data lake. Data from the surface, deep, and dark webs are mined by CryptoMize to provide actionable intelligence on threats.
  • Geopolitical Intelligence: CryptoMize’s experts develop an understanding of the risks that a specific region of the world poses to you and your operations. The main areas that our experts covered include political and cultural risks as well as regulatory, health, and other related issues.
  • Third Party Intelligence: Examine the threat posed by vendors and partners in your supply chain from a variety of threat intelligence perspectives. CryptoMize has you covered here as we provide an intelligence gathering service to inform you about the organisations and clients.
  • Threat Intelligence: We keep track of developments or policies that may affect specific geographic areas or executives. Keep track of events that affect cybersecurity and physical posture.


CryptoMize can assist you in identifying potentially risky domains, phishing attacks and executive impersonations in order to protect your brand.


CryptoMize has developed tools that allow our experts to keep track of geopolitical events, as well as social, health, and economic indicators


In order to undermine your and your clients' trust in you, our team searches for malicious data sets, websites, tools, fraud specialists and their TTPs.


Set up a system to identify legitimate vs. suspect domain and hosting/VPS. Investigate active infrastructure exploits, TTPs, suspicious hosts, etc.



Privacy concerns can have a significant impact on large corporations CryptoMize provides services that help to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of data and information stored on a computer or network.
  • Information Privacy: Our information privacy services will assist you in keeping your sensitive information private and safe from prying eyes, such as cybercriminals.
  • Data Privacy: Nowadays, data privacy is paramount. We provide data privacy services to ensure that your data is kept private.
  • Communication Privacy: Communication privacy issues can severely impact large companies. CryptoMize provides services that ensure the communication's integrity and confidentiality.


Anyone can see unencrypted online communication. We protect your privacy by encrypting communications.

Phone Calls

We combine technology with expert knowledge to ensure the security of On Call conversations

File Transfer

CryptoMize provides monitoring and prevention services for malicious files that attempt to enter your system.

Sniffing Protection

Wiretaps are the main issue today. With CryptoMize, you can fully encrypt and protect your communications.

Get Stuff Done. Online.


Administrative offices invaded Theft of an email address, web app account, or other security measure is common. It measures every aspect of a cyber crime.
  • Data Recovery: We provide data recovery for recovering data from secondary storage, removable media, or files that cannot be accessed normally.
  • Network Forensics: We offer a network forensics service in which we monitor and analyse computer network traffic in order to gather information, provide legal evidence, or detect intrusions.
  • Cyber Crime Investigation: We have expertise in investigating social media accounts, collecting and interpreting digital evidence, and assisting law enforcement in solving cyber crimes.


With our Android data recovery, you can easily recover contacts, messages, call history and photos from your Android phone.


Our iOS data/file recovery software enables you to completely restore data from your iOS device, including videos etc.

Remote Data

When software can recover lost data, it can often be done remotely via the internet connection to the damaged media.

Intrusion Detection

Intrusion detection systems (IDS) are discussed in detail, as they are employed in the detection of computer and network-based attacks.














Enduring A Secure And Encrypted Digital


CryptoBox is an encrypted and secure communication device. It offers complete anonymity, protection and security to your entire communication.


CryptoDrive is an Encrypted and Secure Private Data Storage Device. This device can protect your data ensuring that no unauthorized party can access.


CryptoMail is the Next Generation Email Solution. To protect your information over mails, this device can help you exchange encrypted emails.


To ensure that your digital footprints are hidden and your data remains safe from digital creeps ,CryptoRouter provides the ultimate protection.


What Makes Us Different?

CryptoMize is proud to offer a full spectrum of elite services derived with preemptive analysis and strategic planning to our clients. We work at a speed of light with our proactive team and extraordinary tools.

Collaboration with Dignitaries

We are proficiently collaborated with several highly influential and noteworthy personalities of the world. Being transcendental and visionary has its own benefits, establishing our supremacy of being omnipresent.


Powerful Team

CryptoMize is the combination of a powerful team that works on a supportive, transparent and encouraging platform. With haste and dedication to the advancement of technology, we aspire to be better at what we do for people who trust us with their information and projects.


Triple-Proof Approach

We use our experience in the sphere of Information Security, Research, and Development with our triple-proof approach that protects your reputation and public sentiment, your websites and your complete digital lives, by traversing all layers of the technology stack.

What Makes Us Different

Our Process

Our process for our clients is multi-layered and involves following all three pillars: security, research and development. Our analyses and strategic planning consist of preemptive analysis and proactive measures to protect your brand, reputation, websites and online presence. We attune ourselves to the technological structure in order to provide total protection at all levels.



Before starting any project, we begin with familiarizing ourselves with the trends, audiences, and everything around in a way that helps us get an overhaul view.



We don't trust every statement to be a fact. We research about each and every fact or statements into questions so that it can be answered with data to be sure.



We are extremely paranoid about every statement and fact that we find. Our systems rigorously monitor each and every fact that we find on a real time basis.



After verifying facts, we tend to analyse the plan. Our analysis consists of taking realistic steps to achieve your goal. That means re-verifying of all the related facts.



We focus on assessing and evaluating every possible solution. With so many ideas we make sure to provide the best plan and strategy.



At CryptoMize, we are here for you. No matter what challenge you are facing now or will encounter in the future, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Our Team

We have gathered a skilled and experienced team who are dedicated and enthusiastic to get best quality results

Why Us?

Why are we so amazing?



CryptoMize is a leading Information Security Company with headquarters in New Delhi, the capital of India. Over the past decade we have grown into a Powerhouse Conglomerate Digital Agency operating out of 3 continents, having served clients in 30+ countries and proudly celebrating numerous success stories.



We provide an elite set of premium customized services to a selective top-tier clientele such as Governments, Presidential and Prime Minister Offices, Politicians and Major Political Parties, Large and Multinational Corporations, Celebrities and High Net-worth Individuals.



Our services super premium, are only for the elite and a little expensive. It’s all because we very strongly believe in Quality over Quantity, hence we only serve a very limited number of clients at a time ensuring that we always meet our clients expectations, over-deliver, before time and create success stories together.



We maintain absolute non disclosure, secrecy, privacy, security and confidentiality and always sign binding agreements ensuring the same among all parties. Unlike others we do as we preach, being an Information Security Company we ensure that no confidential information ever goes out where it is not meant to.



Well imagine Usain Bolt being asked to race with kids, Sachin Tendulkar being asked to play gully cricket, Lamborghini being asked to race a cycle, CryptoMize being asked to Secure your Communications, Data, Make you Anonymous, Make your website, Make you famous, Remove negative thing about you from Internet, It’s all the same.



Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based proprietary Tools, Assets and Resources which are so powerful that they can only run on Powerful Datacenters, Mainframes and Supercomputers and have been years in development, implementation, learning and improvement. They being used for traditional services.

Our Principles

These are some of the principles that we strongly believe in, preach and actually follow as well.



We clearly commit what we can do, by when can we do it and how we would do it, And then we do it.



We are extremely paranoid about protecting the confidentiality of what we do, for whom and how we do it.



We ensure comfortability of you and your team with ours, which can only come from complete transparency.



We keep improving our already awesome capabilities by investing all resources at our disposal.

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