Anonymizing All Aspects Of Your Life

CryptoMize’s Privacy Enforcement aims to shield your data from malicious attacks and attackers who are always ready to invade your privacy. With the help of our premium tools, we ensure that no one peeps into your private life.

Perceive Privacy With Us

Perceive Privacy With Us

Understanding The Concept Of Privacy

In general, Privacy is an ability to have a control on the accessibility of any information. Many people have different perceptions of privacy. For some, privacy is just protecting your identity.

Privacy Invasion

We use digital platforms like Whatsapp, Meta, Instagram, etc., which give free services but in return collect your chats and all the sensitive information.

How do we help you?

CryptoMize’s Privacy Enforcement is characterized by personal information, specifications and protection guidelines. In its broadest sense, Privacy Enforcement is freedom from any intrusion.

Be Anonymous With Us

Worrying about your anonymity? We are the solution. CryptoMize protects your identity and keeps your information private and safe, all at the same time.


What Can You Gain From Us?

CryptoMize resolves the privacy issues rising with the amount of data being created and stored. We follow a code of ethics to handle your information with utmost privacy.
  • We have various tools which ensure tight security.
  • We keep the collected data confidential between you and us.
  • We ensure that we meet all the Standard Operational Procedures.

Information Protection

We make sure that no third person becomes aware of your valuable sensitive information, thereby securing the same.

Attack Prevention

Hackers reveal sensitive information to use against you. Hence, we increase the privacy of your data.

Tracking Prevention

There is a chance of data breach since your login credentials can be tracked. That is why we enforce privacy.

Meeting Standards

Our primary goal is to protect your data. For this we use tools and software meeting the standards.


Threats to Privacy

Maintaining privacy and staying safe is crucial.Following are some of the threats to privacy:

Short passwords

Short passwords

We tend to set short and easy passwords to ease our tasks.. But such a practice may lead to a huge loss of privacy.

Phishing Attacks

Phishing Attacks

Phishing is an attack of gaining information by tricking the users. Increased attacks can gain access to your sensitive information and lead to business loss.



Malware attacks can be very disastrous towards your data. Such attacks can even occur without you even noticing and can corrupt your systems.


CryptoMize Across the Globe

With its presence in over 3 continents, CryptoMize has grown into a Conglomerate Agency maneuvering the digital world.

  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • South East Asia
  • South America
  • Central Asia
  • Europe

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South America

Central Asia

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Get The Best Cognizance With Us

With the advancement of the digital era, privacy has become an important issue. One of the reasons why our Privacy Enforcement service should be considered is prevention from the consequences of privacy invasion.

Safeguarding Your Reputation
Safeguarding Your Reputation

The cases of data breaches are really tragic as your sensitive information is no longer private. CryptoMize ensures a strong security against your private information so that your organization does not suffer any financial loss in future.

Protecting Your Privacy
Protecting Your Privacy

Cyber attackers are becoming efficient day by day. They can capture your data and exploit it. In the end, you are the ones suffering from such a situation. CryptoMize ensures that all your information is encrypted thereby ensuring privacy.

Brand Value
Brand Value

Cyber attackers usually capture your sensitive data, thereby keeping your brand image prone to unnecessary risks. Don't worry, we are here to enhance your brand value with our exclusive service and super premium tools.

Analyze, Assess and Mitigate Risks


Analyze, Assess and Mitigate Risks

We sympathize with your problems and we have effectively derived the best suitable solutions to tackle them.

  • We are experts at maintaining confidentiality and integrity of the data gathered or any information provided by you. We help you manage your online privacy through cybersecurity frameworks.
  • We are experts at maintaining confidentiality and integrity of the data gathered or any information provided by you. We help you manage your online privacy through cybersecurity frameworks.
  • We follow our three basic principles of security i.e. confidentiality, integrity and availability for ensuring complete privacy.
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Tackle Your Challenges With Us



Protection Against Cyber Crime

Our Security experts ensure security against any data theft and data loss. We secure all types of confidential communications.

What will happen?

If your data is not secure, you might become a victim of several attacks like malware, social engineering, phishing, and DDoS attacks. These attacks cause tremendous loss to your organization’s identity.

How will we do it?

Our skilled experts are ready to provide you with real time advice on how to make your organization more secure with the help of our unique tools and products.

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Our Procedure

We follow a certain set of procedures which acts as our supporting pillars. These pillars make sure that we protect your privacy, website and your online presence. Following are the methodology that we follow:


Exhaustive Evaluation

CryptoMize helps individuals, businesses, and organizations manage their online privacy and perform a detailed analysis of any situation and provide a detailed analysis.


Planned Structures

Planning is the key for a successful privacy enforcement and that is where we come in with professional and experienced individuals to provide you with the best services.


Brainstorming Ideas

We have created a platform that will solve your privacy concerns and help you to protect your online data by brainstorming possibilities and ideas thereby, preventing crises.



CryptoMize provides our clients with full transparency and clarity to keep you in the loop of our process.We provide you daily reports based on your needs and wants.

Plan, Strategise and Execute

Struggling with an effective strategy? Follow our tried and tested golden steps leading to a path which will accomplish a successful mission.


Our Goals


We believe in keeping your data confidential from intruders, preventing them from stealing your valuable data.


While analysing your digital data, we ensure that the integrity is maintained. We will never compromise with the integrity of the data you provide to us.


Even if data is kept secure and its integrity is protected, it is frequently meaningless unless it is accessible to individuals within the organisation as well as the clients we serve.

Our Clients

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We offer a wide-range of premium services to Governments, Politicians, MNCs, Celebrities and HNIs around the globe.

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Why Us?

Why are we so amazing?



CryptoMize is a leading Information Security Company serving Privacy Enforcement for years. Over the past decade we have grown in the fields of Privacy and served clients in more than 30 countries and proudly celebrated years of success.



For Privacy concerns, many high profile clients seek help from us including Politicians, Government officials, President and prime Ministers, Multinational Companies, High Net-worth Individuals and Celebrities.



We have premium services which we serve for our clients. We prefer Quality over Quantity. With our top rated services we ensure Privacy, Security, Integrity and Confidentiality.



While dealing with our clients, we ensure confidentiality and integrity of the data our clients provide. We make use of the available data and process it into information.



We utilize our CryptoSuite in many situations. Our CryptoSuit has many features which encrypts all the communication between a client and an expert. We work efficiently and productively.



Our core approach revolves around Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Instead of using traditional techniques, we focus on Intelligence for gathering data and processing it into information.

Our Principles

These are some of the principles that we strongly believe in, preach and actually follow as well.


We clearly commit what we can do, when we can it and how we would do it, And then we do it.


We are extremely paranoid about protecting the confidentiality of what we do, for whom.


We ensure comfortability of you and your team with ours, which can only come from transparency.


We keep improving our already awesome capabilities by investing all resources at our disposal.



Frequently Asked Questions

The importance of a code of ethics for your organisation cannot be overstated, as it creates clear rules for behaviour and acts as the framework for a proactive warning system when necessary. Whatever their company's size, business leaders depend on their staff to preserve ethical standards in the workplace for the benefit of all employees. It is possible for individuals to adhere to the highest standards of behaviour or activity by following a sound code of ethics, regardless of the distinction between right and wrong, between good and evil, or between justice and injustice. It protects us from bad behaviour, supports kindness in everyone, keeps us socially accountable, and establishes a high standard for ourselves and others.

Before we dive into this, let’s first understand what sensitive data is. Sensitive data is classified information that must be safeguarded from unwanted access. It is a higher layer of data that needs more security than personal data. Much information, such as a person's name or email address, might be deemed personal data.

Sensitive information is often buried in bigger data sets or files. To discover sensitive data on your computer, download a sensitive data detection software and run a scan with it. After performing a scan, you will get a report that will help you in locating and safeguarding any unencrypted sensitive information on your computer or discs, such as Social Security numbers.

A security situation in which information is accessed without authorization is known as a data breach. Data breaches can cause a range of problems for businesses and consumers. They are an expensive investment that can harm people's lives and reputations, and they take years to heal.When a company suffers a data breach, it suffers in a variety of ways, the most urgent of which are the financial consequences. Compensation for affected customers; setting up breach response efforts, such as help desks for affected customers and complimentary credit checks; investigating the incident, which may include hiring a third party or paying your own security staff in overtime; and falling share prices are all costs associated with a data breach.

The technique of securing information through limiting information risks is known as information security, or InfoSec. Information security refers to the process of protecting information and information systems against unauthorised disclosure, modification, and destruction, as well as other threats. It falls within the category of information risk management. It usually entails preventing or minimising the likelihood of unauthorized/inappropriate data access, as well as illegitimate data usage, disclosure, interruption, deletion, corruption, alteration, inspection, recording, or devaluation. It also includes activities aimed at reducing the negative consequences of such situations. It includes all information technology resources, including University data and the information technology equipment that accesses, processes, stores, or transfers it.

Ensure that your software is up to date: It's vital to keep your operating system and apps up to date. Always make sure your devices have the most recent security updates.

Set your operating system's automatic updates to on: Use online browsers that get regular, automated security upgrades, such as Chrome or Firefox. Make sure your browser's plug-ins (Flash, Java, and so on) are up to date.

Make effective password management a habit: We all have too many passwords to keep track of, and it's all too tempting to take shortcuts like repeating the same one. A password manager can help you keep all of your accounts' passwords strong and unique. This can create secure passwords for you, automatically input credentials, and remind you to change your passwords on a regular basis.

If your firm has insufficient privacy practises, doing a privacy impact assessment (PIA) may help you identify and reduce the risk of poor privacy practises in your organisation. As a result of these checks, your risks of misusing personal information are reduced. It is necessary to undertake a privacy impact assessment (PIA) with key stakeholders, which results in the identification of possible privacy concerns and suggestions on how to deal with these issues. A PIA will, in the end, aid the security team of a firm with the development of tighter regulations and techniques for managing sensitive personal data.

When sending or receiving sensitive material, email should be avoided at all costs. The hacking of an email account or the forwarding of an email message might result in sensitive information being exposed to persons who were not intended receivers. Alternatives include using a secure file transfer service, such as UD Dropbox, or using a secure web form. If there are no other choices available and you are forced to communicate sensitive information by email, that information must be encrypted before it can be sent. Prior to sending the encrypted file as an attachment, it is necessary to first encrypt the file. Make separate contact with the recipient to get his or her encryption passcode. It is never a good idea to send sensitive information in plain text.

Hackers target sensitive data by using the most up-to-date tools, technologies, and user habits that expose systems to attack.Once a hacker gains access to a firm's network, a number of things can happen, including the theft of digital data about the company or its customers with the aim to sell it (think personal information, credit card numbers, or information on user accounts), harvested information from the company’s computers to commit fraud, disclosing confidential information to embarrass the company and damage its reputation, and encrypting company information that hackers hold hostage for a ransom fee (e.g., ransomware).

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