What is Anonymity?

Anonymity refers to the act of keeping one's actions and activities separate from one's personal identity. When you are anonymous, no one knows who you are or what you are doing, but they may be aware of your activities.

Masked identity

With Anonymity, we are capable enough to keep one's actions and activities separate from one's personal identity.

Safe Interaction

The internet provides a safe platform to interact with people all around the world and explore new ideas with Safe Interaction

What is Anonymity

Why Anonymity is Important?

  • Built on the concept of anonymity, the internet gives users a safe place to interact and explore ideas.
  • It enables you to freely exchange information which makes the world smaller and more connected.
  • Anonymity system ensures that people can express themselves freely online.
  • It provides you shield-like protection , preventing people from being judged and shamed for their views.
  • Anonymity is the right to be left alone. It's the right to be free from anyone knowing who you are.
Why Anonymity is Important

What happens when Identity is not Protected ?

Users of the Internet are understandably concerned about the way their personal information is used. In a nutshell, their privacy is at stake. Along with concerns about identity theft, users have concerns about the widespread practise of sharing personal information between services.
Identity Protection

Personal Harassment

Sensitive Issues



Identity Theft

Anonymity confers a measure of social security and protects you from paparazzi.


Anonymity enables you to safeguard yourself from online harassment.

Sensitive Issues

People require additional information but do not wish to be identified as seeking it.


Information leak on the internet results in pranks and even death threats.

Our Services

IP Masking

IP Masking

IP masking protects you from identity theft and conceals your location.

Anonymous Browsing

Anonymous Browsing

We manage all of your logs, keeping everything anonymous and encrypted.

Anonymous OS

Anonymous OS

We provide an OS to safeguard all your data and keep it unknown to the outside world.

Masking Your Online Traffic

Your online traffic will always require an IP address, as this is how websites and services determine who is making requests and where to send responses. IP masking is a technique for concealing your true IP address. It is primarily used to maintain anonymity while surfing, communicating, downloading, or uploading a file on the Internet. This safeguards you against identity theft, safeguards your privacy, and conceals your location, which can be easily traced otherwise.
We use the latest technology to protect you from identity theft. We safeguard your privacy, and employ a variety of tools to keep you hidden from the prying eyes of potential thieves. IP masking services from CryptoMize will assist you in remaining anonymous on the internet when you are browsing, chatting, downloading, or uploading a file while connected to the internet.
oMasking Your Online Traffic
Benefits of IP Masking

Make Your IP Address Anonymous

Your online traffic will always require an IP address, as this is how websites and services determine who is making requests and where to send responses. IP addresses are used by clients to connect to servers, and by servers to return requested data to the correct client.

Hide Your Activity

Our services ensure that nobody can trace activities back to you by keeping your IP address private.

Data Private

If you simply want to keep your personal information private, mask your IP address.

Make Your IP Address Anonymous

Safeguarding You From Hackers

Anonymous Browsing is the act of browsing the web while concealing your personally identifiable information, preventing advertisers, websites, your ISP or hackers from tracking you. While anonymous browsing traditionally refers to masking your IP address, true online privacy requires you to also block tracking cookies and browser fingerprinting.

We use the internet for a variety of purposes, ranging from social networking to purchasing and selling goods and sending information. When you give businesses and other internet users your personal information, you trust them to use it for legitimate purposes. However, your financial and personal information can be misused for malicious purposes such as hacking, stalking, and identity theft.

Our Anonymous Browser allows users to access specific sites on the Internet without having to disclose any private or personal information such as their name or e-mail address. We do not collect any private information about their users when they are online and surfing through various sites on the net. CryptoMize’s services form a comprehensive suite, designed to offer anonymous web browsing as well as the ability to manage your online presence.

Safeguarding You From Hackers

Why can’t all Browsers be Considered Secure?

Anonymity on the Internet is a great thing, but it depends on the browser you use. The anonymity is not guaranteed by the provider, so you should check it yourself.
  • Track Your Activity:One of the chores that the Internet brings is the ability to collect data about users. Browsers make it easy to collect user activities and habits.
  • Compromised Security: Surfing the Internet using the most popular browsers jeopardises your security and confidentiality.
  • Non Exhaustive: Browsers are a never ending source of data. The greater the number of people who download and use a browser on a daily basis.
Why can’t all Browsers be Considered Secure

Boosting Your Live Operating System

Every computer, smart TV, laptop, tablet, and other modern consumer computing device is equipped with an operating system. There are numerous operating systems devoted to online anonymity. The operating system software controls the hardware of the device. It directs the physical operation of the computer and enables you to run software packages on it. Additionally, the operating system typically includes an interface through which you can send commands and receive feedback.
CryptoMize provides a live operating system that can be booted from a DVD, USB stick, or SD card controlled by the user. It aims to protect users' privacy and anonymity and to circumvent censorship by forcing Internet connections through the Tor network, leaving no trace on the computer, and encrypting files, emails, and instant messages using state-of-the-art cryptographic tools.
Boosting Your Live Operating System

Benefits of using Anonymous OS

Because CryptoMize's operating system is designed from the start with privacy and anonymity in mind, it differs from other operating systems in several ways:

Network monitors will not be able to determine which websites you visit if you use our anonymous operating system to Obscure system.
In order to secure it, you must first download and execute the software on a USB stick, after which you must configure the programme.
Malware cannot determine a user's true IP address even when root privileges are granted, keeping you hidden ip can make you Undetectable
For safe conversations via encryption, CryptoMize has covered your communications with PGP and OTR support, both of which are essential.

What We Aim For ?

  • Guard against the possibility of a loss of market share and public confidence.
  • Protect you and your organisation against data misuse and insider exploitation threats.
  • increase the effectiveness of governance and the consistency of results.
What We Aim For


Frequently Asked Questions

Anonymity, in simplest terms, describes situations where the acting person's identity is unknown.
Anonymity and confidentiality are important because they protect the privacy of those who voluntarily agree to participate in research. Researchers are interested in the aggregate of the information that people provide, regardless of the specific person who provided the information
1. Use Signal
2. Use Tor
3. Don’t expect anonymity from VPNs
4. Use zero-knowledge services
5. Be careful what you post online
6. Check those app permissions
7. Use an ad blocker
8. Dump your home assistant
Researchers employ a number of methods to keep their subjects' identity confidential. Foremost, they keep their records secure through the use of password protected files, encryption when sending information over the internet, and even old-fashioned locked doors and drawers.
The protection of anonymity is a vital component in protecting both the right to freedom of expression and the right to privacy. Anonymity allows individuals to express themselves without fear of reprisal, and is especially important in those countries where freedom of expression is heavily censored.
Personal data is considered among the most valuable commodities on the internet, that's why hackers go out of their way to obtain it. Being anonymous prevents hackers from getting access to sensitive information such personal data, credit card transactions, passwords, and banking information

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