Privacy Enforcement is an organized effort aimed towards protecting your privacy designed to mitigate the effects of cybercrime. CryptoMize with the help of its proprietary tools, would help you keep your data safe and private.

Capacitating You Through Privacy

Regardless of how you perceive it, privacy has become an integral aspect of the modern digital age. Whether you realize it or not, we are all under constant surveillance. From the companies we trust most, to the governments we defend, we are always being watched.


You are being watched

In exchange for free services, some of these devices record our chats, track our whereabouts, and collect data.

Privacy Trade-Off

The Crisis of Digital Age

Privacy concerns have grown with technological development and the ability to collect and store more personal information.


Privacy as strength

Information privacy empowers others to have control over how your personal information is collected and used.

Why Does Privacy Matter?

Privacy is more than a basic right. It’s a defense against manipulation and deception. You need to make sure that your privacy is not compromised wherever you go online.


Reputation Management

Protecting information would not only protect you against certain falsehoods but also certain truths. A good reputation lets you choose when and where to share certain information and maintain privacy.


Protects What’s Yours

It is imperative to protect all types of personal information. This information, if leaked, can destroy you overnight. You need to have the right to object about how your data is used and with whom your data is shared.

Privacy versus Security

It may seem that Privacy and Security are one and the same thing. However, that is not the case. The specific differences are way complex and there are areas where they overlap, security and privacy are still different in certain ways. While security is about safeguarding data, privacy is about safeguarding the user identity.

In security, we put security controls in place to limit who can access information while in privacy we ensure that your information remains private and safe from intruders and hackers. Privacy is extremely essential as the data collected cannot be used by someone else until you provide them with the permission to access it.

Private information is hard to protect in today’s digital age, but with our help, you can quickly and easily keep your private data safe. We’re committed to protecting your privacy. You can delight in your privacy and share content freely knowing we will be vigilant about your privacy.

privacy enforcement

What is Privacy Enforcement?

You need to ensure that your privacy remains intact and is not compromised whenever you go online. Privacy Enforcement means determining privacy data regulations and implementing privacy and cybersecurity frameworks, conducting internal audits and keeping a detailed record of your compliance activities.

  • 01Privacy Enforcement ensures that through the application of a proper set of standards your private information remains private and is not leaked to the public for the world to see.
  • 02CryptoMize can provide you with an entire package for these services and protect your data.
  • 03Our services will help you comply with cybersecurity frameworks and help you manage privacy online.

Why Should We Enforce Privacy?

If you care about protecting your privacy and keeping your online activities away from the prying eyes of hackers and corporations, your information is at risk. The extensive reach of the internet today means a more dangerous network of surveillance. If a company wants to protect its confidential information, an individual wants to protect their personal information too.

Faced with the continual fear of doxxing and the necessity to protect their data from targeted harassment, privacy has become a concern for every individual and organisation. Sadly, not every cyber-attacker will hold back in their efforts to take advantage of your business. That’s why you need Privacy Enforcement tactics in place.

Benefits of Privacy Enforcement

Privacy enforcement means ensuring a proper execution of the set of standards or compliance for someone's private information. Privacy enforcement plays a very significant role in the safeguard of an organisation’s confidential data:

Ensures Protection

No one wants to compromise the risk of data breach in their company. Organisations require Privacy Enforcement to prevent malicious attacks and protect their confidential information.

Enforces Confidentiality

In business, confidentiality that is a key factor to success. It means ensuring that data is kept secret from competitors, partners, and outsiders in order to maintain a competitive advantage.

Enforces Integrity

Integrity protects your data from anyone tampering with it by providing a powerful system that makes sure the data is always correct and available. It ensures that your data is safe from prying eyes.

Enforces Availability

The availability of a network, application, or service is important for organizations. Organizations can enhance availability by staying on top of upgrades to software packages and security systems.

Brand Protection

A privacy policy should be an expression of the organization’s values. Prioritizing your privacy will improve your brand image in the short run and strengthen your brand identity in the long run.

Builds Credibility

People are beginning to value their privacy more than ever. A company that values the privacy and security of its customer's data will be able to gain their trust and build their brand’s credibility.

future of privacy

Future of Privacy

With the rise in cyber crimes, everyone needs to take action against identity theft and fraud. No matter which way you slice it- hundreds of millions of dollars are being stolen each month by cyber criminals and can cost companies an average of $3.86 million per breach. People’s personal data has been lost, stolen, exposed, and hacked. 2021 has already seen leaks of personally identifiable information (PII) for millions of users.

What Data says?

As per a study, by 2023, 40% of privacy compliance technology will use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Global spending on privacy efforts are expected to reach $8 billion by 2022.

Technical Future at risk

The greatest security risk with IoT devices is that no matter how secure your device is, if the connection between your device and the system is not secure then anyone can hack into the system.

CryptoMize- To the Rescue

CryptoMize is already a step ahead. We provide safety to you and your valuable personal information from leakages and cybercriminals through use of various intelligence services.

Our Services

communication Security

Communication Privacy

Communication Privacy enhances the protection of an organization's data processing systems and information exchanges. These services can help you in defending against any kind of security attacks, data breaches, and other threats.

cyber security consultancy

Cyber Security Consultancy

Cybersecurity affects both national security and industry. We assist firms restore their cyber resilience by providing cybersecurity services such as cybersecurity consulting, vendor management and cyber policies and procedures for a network.

data security

Data Security

Data is a company's most important asset. For this reason alone, every company should prioritise data security. Our data protection services can help you ensure that your essential data is never lost and is protected within your company.


Infrastructure Protection

Infrastructure Protection Services help our clients reduce security risks, reduce incident losses, and ensure reliable and secure network access. Cloud Access Security and other infrastructure protection services are provided.

information protection

Information Security

Information Security protects an organization's operations, data, and technology. Our data privacy and compliance services will safeguard your assets, secure software’s lifecycle and standardise policies to protect sensitive information.

forensic services

Penetration Testing

With Penetration testing, we assess your network system's security by simulating real-time cyber attacks. It entails a collection of techniques for examining a network in order to identify and mitigate possible vulnerabilities in a system.

Our Objectives

Exhaustive Evaluation

Cryptomize helps individuals, businesses, and organizations manage their online privacy We have a team of experts who perform a detailed analysis of any situation and provide a detailed analysis.

Planned Structures

Planning is the key for a successful privacy enforcement service and that is where we come in. We provide you with professional and experienced individuals to provide you with the best of services.

Brainstorming Ideas

We have created a platform that will solve your privacy concerns and help you to protect your online data by brainstorming any possibility and ideas. Our approaches are helpful in preventing any crises.


We, At CryptoMize, provide our clients with full transparency and clarity to keep you in the loop of our process.We are able to provide you daily reports based on your needs and wants.

Our Team

We've employed the best team on the planet composed of specialists that are dedicated to getting results using whatever means possible, with the ability to flow seamlessly with any and every kind of information you can think of.


Cyber Forensics Expert

A Cyber Forensics and Information Security Expert dismantles and rebuilds any compromised system or network in order to recover potentially crucial data. They are called in to investigate when information is stolen from a digital device.


Ethical Hacker

Ethical Hackers, known as whitehat hackers are security professionals who use their hacking expertise to defend information systems on behalf of their owners. They help organizations to secure and improve the technology by using their knowledge.


Penetration Tester

Penetration Testers are highly trained security professionals who spend their days trying to break into computer and network security systems. These testers guarantee that unauthorised individuals do not have access to an organization's data.


Red Team Experts

A Red team takes things a step further by incorporating physical penetration, social engineering, and a surprise factor. They simulate an attack, testing the environment and seeing how quickly unpatched vulnerabilities can be found so that prior arrangements can be made.


SOC Experts

A Security Operations Centre (SOC) Analyst is a cybersecurity expert that works as part of a team to monitor and combat threats to an organization's IT infrastructure, as well as to examine security systems and procedures for flaws and potential enhancements.


Source Code Auditor

A Source Code Auditor is a cyber security expert who examines source code in apps for flaws or vulnerabilities that could compromise their functioning or security. Our code auditor is up to date with the newest hacking tools and methodologies.













Our Principles

These are some of the principles that we strongly believe in, preach and actually follow as well.



We clearly commit what we can do, by when can we do it and how we would do it, And then we do it.



We are extremely paranoid about protecting the confidentiality of what we do, for whom and how we do it.



We ensure comfortability of you and your team with ours, which can only come from complete transparency.



We keep improving our already awesome capabilities by investing all resources at our disposal.


Why Us?

Why are we so amazing?



CryptoMize is a leading Information Security Company with headquarters in New Delhi, the capital of India. Over the past decade we have grown into a Powerhouse Conglomerate Digital Agency operating out of 3 continents, having served clients in 30+ countries and proudly celebrating numerous success stories.



We provide an elite set of premium customized services to a selective top-tier clientele such as Governments, Presidential and Prime Minister Offices, Politicians and Major Political Parties, Large and Multinational Corporations, Celebrities and High Net-worth Individuals.



Our services super premium, are only for the elite and a little expensive. It’s all because we very strongly believe in Quality over Quantity, hence we only serve a very limited number of clients at a time ensuring that we always meet our clients expectations, over-deliver, before time and create success stories together.



We maintain absolute non disclosure, secrecy, privacy, security and confidentiality and always sign binding agreements ensuring the same among all parties. Unlike others we do as we preach, being an Information Security Company we ensure that no confidential information ever goes out where it is not meant to.



Well imagine Usain Bolt being asked to race with kids, Sachin Tendulkar being asked to play gully cricket, Lamborghini being asked to race a cycle, CryptoMize being asked to Secure your Communications, Data, Make you Anonymous, Make your website, Make you famous, Remove negative thing about you from Internet, It’s all the same.



Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based proprietary Tools, Assets and Resources which are so powerful that they can only run on Powerful Datacenters, Mainframes and Supercomputers and have been years in development, implementation, learning and improvement. They being used for traditional services.



Frequently Asked Questions

Cyber hygiene entails teaching oneself to think about cyber security as proactively as you do your regular personal hygiene in order to avoid cyber dangers and online security difficulties.It's beneficial to have a robust cyber hygiene procedure in place for your systems and software for two reasons: maintenance and security.Computers and software require maintenance in order to function properly.The most important reason to implement a cyber hygiene practise is security. The hostile threat landscape includes hackers, identity thieves, advanced viruses, and intelligent malware. While anticipating threats is difficult, preparing for and mitigating them is possible with good cyber hygiene measures.
Hackers target sensitive data by using the most up-to-date tools, technologies, and user habits that expose systems to attack.Once a hacker gains access to a firm's network, a number of things can happen, including the theft of digital data about the company or its customers with the aim to sell it (think personal information, credit card numbers, or information on user accounts), harvested information from the company’s computers to commit fraud, disclosing confidential information to embarrass the company and damage its reputation, and encrypting company information that hackers hold hostage for a ransom fee (e.g., ransomware).
A security situation in which information is accessed without authorization is known as a data breach. Data breaches can cause a range of problems for businesses and consumers. They are an expensive investment that can harm people's lives and reputations, and they take years to heal.When a company suffers a data breach, it suffers in a variety of ways, the most urgent of which are the financial consequences.Compensation for affected customers; setting up breach response efforts, such as help desks for affected customers and complimentary credit checks; investigating the incident, which may include hiring a third party or paying your own security staff in overtime; and falling share prices are all costs associated with a data breach.
The value of a code of ethics for any organisation is immeasurable since it establishes clear guidelines for behaviour and serves as the foundation for a proactive warning. Regardless of size, business leaders rely on their employees to uphold ethical standards for other employees.A good code of ethics can keep people in the highest standards of behaviour or activity, regardless of the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, and right and injustice.It guards against bad behaviour, encourages goodness for all, keeps us socially responsible, and sets a high bar.
When you use a ‘privacy by design' approach to security, you build your security projects from the ground up with privacy and data protection in mind. When it comes to complying with worldwide data privacy standards, this method can benefit your company. Consider using ‘privacy by design' in the following situations: Any new IT infrastructure that contains or processes personal data must be deployed. Putting in place new security rules or methods, sharing data with third parties or customers, and analysing data. You can help to reduce the danger of data loss by adopting "privacy by design." You may spot problems early on and raise the degree of awareness for privacy concerns in the business if you design your projects, procedures, and systems with privacy in mind.
A privacy impact assessment (PIA) is a useful technique for identifying and reducing the risk of inadequate privacy practises in your company. These tests lower your chances of mishandling personal information. A PIA interview is conducted with key stakeholders, which results in the identification of potential privacy issues and recommendations for how to handle them. In the end, a PIA will assist a company's security staff in developing stronger rules and methods for handling sensitive personal data.

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