Communication Privacy

Maintaining Confidentiality

What is Communication Privacy ?

Communication privacy is the most important thing in today's world.We regularly communicate with each other on a regular basis and don't want communication to be leaked in the wild or other people to listen to our communication. CryptoMize's Communication privacy feature provides a set of practises for enhancing the privacy and stability of your communications networks.

Maintain Integrity

Integrity is a standard that we adhere to in all of our communications.

Communication Mediums

It secures audio, video, and data across wired and wireless networks.


Why is Communication Privacy Important?

  • Privacy enables us to erect barriers and manage boundaries in order to protect ourselves from unwarranted intrusion into our lives, allowing us to negotiate who we are and how we wish to interact with the world. Privacy enables us to establish perimeters around our bodies, places, and things, as well as our communications and information.
  • It is critical to safeguard communication. Communication is the most important part for anything. If communication is compromised, the confidentiality of the information will also be compromised, which may lead to data breach. The only way to accomplish this is to make privacy a personal priority and a way of life.
  • Whenever you communicate with someone else using CryptoMize service, you can be confident that your communications will be secure, confidential, and of high integrity throughout the duration of their transmission.

Our Services

CryptoMize’s mission is to provide a range of services that can help keep your online communication safe and secure. We won’t let anyone compromise your security.

Email encryption encrypts the content of email messages to prevent sensitive information from being read by anyone other than the intended recipients.
Private Virtual Networks helps you mask your identity on the internet, allowing you to remain anonymous so that third parties cannot track your online activities
Network Tunneling is used to transfer data while using protocols that a network does not support encapsulating packets inside other packets.
When you use our wiretapping protection, you can rest assured that any communication you have will remain confidential and that its integrity will be maintained.

What is Email Encryption ?

Email is a vulnerable medium, even more so when it is used to send messages over unsecured or public Wi-Fi networks. Even emails sent within a secure company network, including those containing your login credentials, can be intercepted by other users.
Our email encryption tool renders the content of your emails unreadable as they travel between origin and destination, ensuring that even if your messages are intercepted, the content cannot be interpreted. CryptoMize has a highly sophisticated tool that provides Email encryption which encrypts or disguises the content of email messages to prevent potentially sensitive information from being read by anyone other than the intended recipients. Authentication is frequently included in email encryption.

Why is Email Encryption important ?

Avoid Business Risks

While our wiretapping protection is in place, we ensure that the confidentiality and security of all conversations are protected at all times.


Protect Information

Our wiretapping protection guarantees that all conversations are held in strict confidence and are not recorded.


Nullify Replay Possibilities

Sending messages is easy. A false communication seems genuine after receiving an official one. They won't know if it's just erased.


Avoid Identity Theft

If someone gets your email server login and password, they may read your emails and send them on your behalf.


Repudiate Sent Messages

Emails may be readily forged. This affects email contracts, e-commerce, and commercial communications.


Unprotected Backups

The SMTP servers save your emails for years. It can be accessed and used against you by anybody with backup files.


Virtual Private Network

VPNs encrypt your internet traffic and hide your true identity on the internet. Third parties will have a harder time tracking your online activities and stealing data as a result of this. The encryption is carried out in real time. CryptoMize has created VPN tools that will help you in your communication privacy.
When you connect to the internet, your ISP usually sets up your connection. It uses your IP address to track you. Your network traffic is routed through the servers of your Internet service provider, who can log and display everything you do online.In this situation, you can count on CryptoMize for VPNs as we will not log any activity of yours and will keep your communication completely private.

What is Network Tunneling?

  • Tunnels are used in networking to transport data across a network using protocols that aren't supported by that network.
  • Encapsulating packets, or wrapping packets inside of other packets, is how tunnelling works.
  • Packets are small pieces of data that can be reassembled into a larger file at their destination.
  • Tunneling allows communication over a private network but over a public network.
  • This is useful in a business setting and offers security features like encryption.
Benefits of IP Masking

Why is Network Tunneling important ?

Tunneling is a method of transmitting data over a private network while passing through a public network as a means of transmission. When used in a corporate setting, this is particularly useful because it includes security features such as encryption options.


Because of the usage of PPTP, it is feasible to keep private information secure even while it is sent over public networks.


Tunneling protocols such as PPTP and Layer 2 Forwarding are used in conjunction with one another in this type of tunnelling protocol.

Our Principle of Data Privacy

What is Wiretapping ?

In communication privacy, wiretapping is the process of monitoring and capturing all data packets that pass through a network. Using wiretapping, attackers can capture data packets containing sensitive information such as your:
  • Passwords
  • PAN Card number
  • Name
  • Address
  • Passport number
  • Driving License number
  • Communication
  • OTP’s
Wiretapping can be accomplished through the use of hardware or software that has been installed on the system. A malicious intruder has the capability of capturing and analysing all network traffic.

Why is Wiretapping Protection Important ?

Currently, wiretapping represents a significant threat to client-server computing. It is one of the most important steps in preventing common network attacks to identify and prevent the common network adversaries from gaining access to your network.
  • Digital Age

  • Because we are living in an era of digitalization, protecting your digital assets is essential.

  • Risks Involved

  • While working remotely, Employees must ensure that they are working from a secure network

  • We can help

  • CryptoMize provides solutions to deal with wiretapping problems and ensures that your communication remains confidential.



Frequently Asked Questions

An encapsulated packet is, in essence, a packet that is contained within another packet. During the transmission of an encapsulated packet, the header and payload of the first packet are placed inside the payload section of the following packet. The payload is created from the original packet itself.
A virtual private network (VPN) gives you online privacy and anonymity by creating a private network from a public internet connection. VPNs mask your internet protocol (IP) address so your online actions are virtually untraceable. Most importantly, VPN services establish secure and encrypted connections to provide greater privacy than even a secured Wi-Fi hotspot.
Following private boundaries is the element of control and ownership. This element is important because it acknowledges the public perception of ownership over information, and how this manifests in communication. Petronio acknowledges that most people equate preserving privacy with dignity and safety of self.
Keeping communication private benefits businesses by: Supporting good decision-making by promoting honest communication. Maintaining a competitive advantage by preventing the theft of intellectual property. Protecting personal information and preserving the trust of clients, customers, or patients.
Privacy may also relate to information about oneself, and information privacy laws regulate the handling of personal information through enforceable privacy principles. Confidentiality relates to information only.
Supporting good decision-making by promoting honest communication. Maintaining a competitive advantage by preventing the theft of intellectual property. Protecting personal information and preserving the trust of clients, customers, or patients.

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