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Analyse Your Reputation With Us

In the time of the internet, maintaining a reputation whether it is for you or your company is required to gain positive outcomes. We, At CryptoMize, make these things easy for you. We detect elements or personal information that may create a reputation blunder in the foreseeable future. We generate and further improve your reputation to gain trust and credibility for prominent insights.

Brand Reputation Analysis detects public perception about your brand with help of:

  • 01 Product Reviews
  • 02 Online Mentions
  • 03 Business Listings
  • 04 Social Media Comments

With Reputation Analysis For Individuals, we analyse the sentiments of the public through:

  • 01 Social Media Comments
  • 02 News Articles
  • 03 Web Reputation
  • 04 Social Media Mentions
  • 04 Search Engine Rankingss
Analyse Your Reputation With Us

What are the techniques that we use?

With years of experience from thousands of projects, we develop strategies filled with new and traditional techniques and tactics based on our client’s needs by analysing their empirical data collection, situation and briefing. Our customized reputation analysis solutions are based on current reputation situation, audience, local visibility, online presence, recognition, and several other factors that are reputation-builders. We analyse the elements and first present by documenting the key finding based on our evaluation. We are more than happy to help our clients with our key findings of the analysis.


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Unsung and Effective Solutions

Customized Solutions

One of our primary qualities is to provide our clients with customized solutions according to their specific needs and briefings.We strategize techniques that are custom-made only for a specific client. We are equipped with tools and professional workforce that hand-deliver your quality work like no other company can. Our principle is to provide our clients best of the services with unsung activities providing them genuine and impactful insights that no other company with an eCommerce Marketing or a PR Management background can.


What factors influence reputation?

Drivers of Reputation Analysis

Our approaches and strategies are particularly based on these 4 elements, we quantify, measure and evaluate your reputation by:

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For Brands, their service and product is the king. Gathering reputation analysis is a difficult task. It requires a mixture of analytical and statistical skills, and a firm grasp on how social media, search and online forums work. Unfortunately, many business owners do not know where to start. We start first with the fact of how the public feel about your services and products. This element constitutes our base strategy to analyse your reputation.

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Elements that make us different steers our recognition on another level. To maintain an existing reputation, uniqueness is the perfect element to focus on. The step is to figure out how we are going to evaluate your reputation. Our Analysis is based on how unique your reputation is. We figure out which element makes you different from other competitors. It constitutes a structure to analyse your reputation and provide a better construct to work upon.

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Reputation is all about how your image is perceived by the audience and public perception is solely based and structured on your image. Traditional marketing techniques were mainly based on consumer or audience demographics only. Now, Reputation is becoming very important in the modern world, because of the rise of social media and the presence of the internet. So, our focus is to see how the audience or the customer perceives an entity.

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Social engagements play an important role in steering the reputation of a firm or individual. To divert reputation with our likings personnels should maintain social engagement. It is important to understand that engagements are not just about the number of likes, shares and claps on your social media posts. While these factors are important, you should also take into account the effectiveness of your social media posts. We analyse your social media and web engagement to know how expressive your posts are.

Components That Can Influence Your Reputation

Components of Reputation Analysis


Social Mentions curates, analyzes and aims to contextualize all conversations from around the web from a particular keyword on social media.

Hashtag Tracking

It is the only Twitter Hashtag tracking & reporting software that allows you to see all activity connected to any hashtag in real-time.


It is a method of detecting, analysing, and examining various aspects of malware in order to identify the suspects and cause of the attack.


Trends are the new way to promote your business. We analyze reputation on the basis of the recent trends and be on the way to success.

Keyword Tracking

To analyze your reputation, keywords are the most important component from which you may analyze your reputation online and efficiently.


Know what the population is thinking about you first hand with comments and reviews in real- time with inclusive of all channels directly.

Our Process

Data Mining

Data Mining

We initiate any analysis with our particular strategy to discover the current trends and audience analysis and geo-filter data.

Our qualitative CryptoMize Review Index ensures that the data collected is accurate,unbiased, and geo-filtered according to the needs of the project. Our discovery is based on:

  • 01Positive Indicators
  • 02Negative indicators
  • 03Public reputation-analysis


Data collected from our CryptoMize Review Index is analyzed by our Reputation Management experts. Our analysis is based on all the internal and external factors that have a huge impact on your reputation.

Our quantitative CryptoMize Review Index piles up data that mentions results in numbers on:

  • 01Online Reviews
  • 02Search Engine Rankings
  • 03Web and Social Media Engagements


Our reporting is based on our analysis. We index all the necessary data. The data is constituted with elements responsible for your current reputation.

With our Qualitative and Quantitative key findings, our team of experts provide you suggestions that will be helpful to you in the foreseeable future.

  • 01Qualitative Key Findings
  • 02Analytics
  • 03Visualization
Reinforce Your Reputation by Managing Your Online Channels

Channels of Reputation Analysis

Web Analysis

The goal of Web Analytics is to gain knowledge about the visitors of a website, their activities. Businesses use this information to make strategic decisions.

Social Media Analysis

Being in the world of Digital Media, Social Media is the most prominent way to market. We analyze your reputation from social media by various elements.

Search Engine Analysis

When someone is searching for you, make sure that everything is positive about you. Analyzing whatever information is available online is our purpose.

Our Goals


Our end goal is identifying the audience voice, which means that we find metrics that people consider while analyzing someone’s reputation. With this, we find out which way you should choose so that the audience will be receptive to you.


With analyzing your audience, we identify what the population is thinking about your or your brand and suggest narratives that might affect the elements influencing your reputation. We don’t say what we think, we give you insights.


Reputation is everything. Our team of experts help you improve yours, both qualitatively and quantitatively. We offer our clients an array of strategies to preserve and improve their reputation with outstanding solutions to our clients based on our Key Findings.


Frequently Asked Questions

Evaluation of reputation can be done by measuring the following parameters:
  • Product and services: A company's reputation is heavily influenced by the quality of its products and services. This is a high-profile place where stakeholders are most likely to interact. If a company's products and services fall short of stakeholder expectations, both its reputation and revenue will suffer.
  • Innovation: This gives the description of what the future of your company will be and what happens when it develops. Companies that are forward-thinking and creatively motivated are more highly valued.
  • Governance: The ethical behaviour, openness, and fairness of your firm are all measured by governance. If companies wish to continually obtain a license-to-operate from stakeholders, notably regulators and policymakers, they must be strong in this area.
  • Performance: Numbers matter, and performance and profitability are undeniably essential markers of reputation success, even if they are arguably less relevant than some of the other characteristics of late.

You can improve your web reputation by the following ways:
  • Review: You may currently be dealing with some poor web reviews that are harming your reputation. That is unavoidable. Because not everyone will have a positive experience with your organisation, it's an inescapable part of being in business.However, if you don't have many positive reviews online, the negative ones will stick out even more. Hence, by asking your customers to give reviews based on their positive experience can help you build your reputation.
  • Presence: For ratings and reviews, you can't only rely on one platform. When it comes to researching brands, your customers have distinct tastes. Here's another thing to think about. Customers can still submit reviews about your business on platforms, even if you don't have an account with them. It is in your best interest to claim those business sites so that you can ensure that all of your information is correct. Therefore there is a need to expand your presence.
  • Ads: Your website may be undermining your credibility without you even realising it.Certain design decisions or components may be turning customers off and leading them to believe your company is untrustworthy. This must be corrected as soon as possible.Get rid of any ads you're already running for other firms as one of the first things you should do.
  • Response: It can be a difficult scenario when customers leave negative evaluations about your company on the internet.You obviously wish to protect yourself. You don't want to start an argument with anyone, but you also don't want to offend anyone.Ignoring complaints is also not a good idea.Therefore, it is important to publicly respond to customer complaints.

You can monitor your company’s reputation in the following ways:
  • Media Monitor: Set up a project to watch the media.Listening to who's saying what about your brand, competitors, industry, and any other topic that's essential to you and your operations is known as media monitoring. In today's environment, media monitoring must expand beyond print to cover online, television, and social media as well.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Consumer trust is not the only thing that can be lost when a brand is attacked; brand assaults may also result in direct financial loss for both the customer and the business! Business email compromise assaults, which are usually characterised as a fraud to persuade companies to transfer money illegitimately, are projected to have cost $26 billion in 2019 - and that's just business email compromise.
  • React: React to any mentions of you.It's critical to reply quickly to unfavourable mentions and clear up misunderstandings because if you don't, the problem will worsen and your brand's reputation will suffer.As a result, your brand's credibility may erode, perhaps resulting in financial losses as customers migrate to your competitors.When it comes to favourable mentions, responding to them generates engagement under the postings, which can help them gain more popularity in their source media.

Reputation analysis is important because:
  • It helps to maintain positive customer relationships.
  • It aids in gaining customer’s trust.
  • It boosts customer retention and improves customer service.
  • It aids in the discovery of new marketing avenues.
  • It enables you to avoid or avert a reputation problem.

The benefit of brand reputation analysis are:

Trust: It helps to build trust and gain customer’s confidence. People buy items or services from companies they believe in. As a result, customer trust is critical to your business's success.By replying to both favourable and negative comments, you demonstrate that you value people's opinions and that your goals aren't just to make money, but also to meet their wants and expectations.

Crisis management: it supports crisis management plans. It's possible that you'll face a reputation problem.The most important thing is to understand how to act in such a situation. By using sentiment analysis and media monitoring, you may immediately identify flashpoints and respond to negative comments about our brand.

Customer insights No matter how creative your ideas are, your consumers are the ones who pay your bills at the end of the day. And this is the group on which you should concentrate the most. As a result, when launching a new product or service, employ sentiment analysis to see if customers appreciate it and are willing to pay for it.Brand reputation monitoring can help you validate your ideas while also saving you time and money

There are several techniques for managing your online reputation. However, they usually fall into one of three types. First, if at all feasible, remove Google results. Second, by creating additional SEO-optimized pages, unfavourable results can be pushed down. Finally, increasing the number of positive online reviews. Aside from that, your social media profiles will be taken into account during the online reputation management process, as favourable links from Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites often rank higher. An online reputation management firm may also participate in online groups where your brand is mentioned in order to improve people's perceptions of your business.

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