Online Reputation Monitoring

Monitoring Online Reputation

Online credibility is not just a matter of Google search and finding results, good reputation is generated through a well thought out strategy, and reputation tracking is a significant factor in monitoring the compliance strategy.

New monitoring tools with sophisticated algorithms have paved the way for us to pro-actively manage your personal online reputation management and also to search the digital media domain to provide you with real-time sentiment analysis and support our reputation repair strategies.

As the internet is getting more and more aware of people's mistakes, thanks to the advent of social media, it's important to know what's being said about you online. CryptoMize helps you monitor your reputation in order to protect your online reputation in the long run.


Perception is Reality

In today's digital landscape, a negative reputation can be the kiss of death for any business or brand. As online search inquiries and review sites come to dictate a business' bottom line, more and more, it becomes imperative for companies to play a more active role in guarding their online reputation.

The Question is How?

How can companies guard their online reputation as effectively and efficiently as possible? Manually Googling your business name, day after day, may be somewhat effective, but who has time for it? There are better strategies that companies can implement, and we have listed five of them below.


Online Reputation Monitoring Solutions

Any reputable brand reputation monitoring tool will have a variety of features that can give a company an upper hand on their online reputation. However, these are some of the most valuable features that shouldn’t be excluded, and we offer all of the above:

Sentiment Analysis

The company uses both traditional techniques and sophisticated software to analyze the reputation of the company and identifies reputation threats. Subsequently, one of the most overlooked aspects of online marketing must be the online presence of your company. Your online reputation is everything so it's important to maintain it.

  • Audience Sentiment Analysis provides you a statistical view of how your audience feels about a specific subject or object.
  • It has been used for years by political leaders, business leaders, and anyone else who wants to better understand the market of target audience.
  • Audience Sentiment Analysis is to assure that the message that they are trying to deliver is going to be understood and accepted by their audience.
Sentiment Analysis

Google Monitoring

As you probably know, Google’s search engine is the most popular one on the web, and most internet users turn to it in order to find information. In addition to this, Google’s search results are constantly updated to display the most recent content, and when it comes to reputation monitoring, there’s no better tool than Google. Google has been monitoring the web for years, which makes it a valuable resource for Reputation Management.

Hence, Google helps us to find issues like negative news and product reviews much faster. Through Google search monitoring, we can check exactly what people are saying about you, and if there is any negative information, we can address or remove it with legitimate reasons.

Google Monitoring

Black List And White Lists Sites

This is not a news to us anymore that Reputation Monitoring is very important for companies that are actively building their online reputation.

  • The problem with reputation monitoring is that there are so many sites out there monitoring you, that it is impossible to monitor everything. In the world of digitization, there are many tools and software that are used to monitor every word on the internet.
  • Our Software is capable of monitoring all URLs including websites that most of the entities mostly avoid to access.
Black List And White Lists Sites

Deep Web Monitoring

Deep Web monitoring in online reputation is an important asset. As soon as a business is established, it becomes a target of spammers, hackers, competitors, and scammers who might be interested in damaging the online reputation of a company.

  • It’s important to protect your business from all sorts of online threats. Our softwares is built in a way that it can monitor any kind of de-indexed websites constantly which not most of the companies provide.
  • One of the best ways to do that is to go beyond the surface web and monitor what’s happening in the deep web.

Social Media Monitoring

In Social Media Monitoring, or Social Media Monitoring and Analysis (SMMA)

  • We collect, scan, analyze, and report all the mentions on the social media activity of your brand, your industry, or your competitor.
  • Using tools to monitor social media can help your business or brand to proactively identify and act on key trends and issues, help to build a better reputation, or to monitor online reputation.
  • This helps you respond quickly to any potential crises that may arise, and it also allows you to befriend and connect with your target audience.
Social Media Monitoring

Competitors Monitoring

When you are a business owner, even a small business owner, you have to understand the value of reputation monitoring. There are thousands of firms out there, some of which are run by companies with little or no reputation. In every business it is important to keep your eye upon your competitors.

A good competitor analysis is a list of your competitor’s good or bad actions and their strategies. The nature of the internet means that your business could be at risk from competitors' reputation management strategies. Or a reputation management strategy could be as simple as a diversionary tactic.So, we conduct competitor analysis for comprehensive reputation monitoring services.

Competitors Monitoring

What Do We Do?

Our Featured Service Offering Categories

Automated Monitoring

Online reputation monitoring compiles and tracks online reviews, mentions of your business and social media posts about you. Have peace of mind knowing that what is said online about your business will be promptly addressed by us.Our softwares can give you a heads up when something negative is happening, so you can take action to remove the negativity, instead of finding out when it's too late.

Amicable settlement

A negative comment can strike you anytime irrespective of your intention which can prove to be disastrous. The prompt way to avoid this is by opening up multiple channels to vent the issue and manage non-desirable issues instantly. Our priority will be to open up channels for your customers to offer constructive ways to settle the issues amicably, thus, removing the negative content and maintaining a positive brand image.

Encourage Positive Reviews

There is nothing more inspiring for an organization or a person than a favorable review or positive information.We manage your online presence by encouraging loyal customers to provide honest reviews to enable people to use your product or service which in turn will help in the brand building process. Our team will check the credibility of the allegation and work towards diminishing it promptly.

Demote Negative Reviews

We protect our clients 24x7 against negative search results appearing in Google and other search engines. We are uniquely positioned to help you combat online reputation damage. If people are saying negative things about your business, you need to avoid the damage that can be done to your reputation. If you have negative reviews that are ranking on the first page of Google, you need to take action to move those negative reviews down.

What is Reputation Management Software?

In the world of social media, any negative comment about you can damage a reputation within seconds. Reputation Management Softwares are tools to monitor your online mentions. It provides you real-time data and sends alerts to us. Our monitoring with these software provides us to manage any kind of damage or crisis to your reputation.

Our Reputation Management Software is often used for collecting data from various sources for monitoring your reputation in the most convenient way. It captures all the mentions online whether negative or positive.

Our Reputation Management Software holds the power to receive real-time data, which means as soon as your name is mentioned online we can get an alert.

These softwares are able to collected data from various sources:

  • 01Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc)
  • 02Article Mentions
  • 03Web Mentions (Mentions from various websites eg. Review Websites)
  • 04Search Engine Results Pages

Unlike conventional methods of going through every website for research, our software provides the same results within seconds. With these results we are capable of providing daily, weekly and monthly reports. Our Reputation Management Software is beneficiary and practical in all ways:

  • 01Data into Insights : We receive unbiased and unified data from various sources. Our team of professionals assess data which provides you an idea of current online sentiment of your audience.
  • 02Real Time Alerts : Our monitoring tool provides us real-time data which enables us to acknowledge the issue as early as possible.
  • 03Positive Presence : Another merit that our monitoring tools provide is the ability to monitor online happenings constantly resulting in a positive presence.
  • 04Easy Monitoring : With all these tools our monitoring becomes less time-consuming and much more practical.
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Our Approach

To monitor your reputation, we use empirical data from Our Reputation Management Software. Our tool is made to simplify the long-haul process to research data from the internet. Our main objective is to collect as much as data we can whether it is negative or positive. We evaluate the data by qualitative and quantitative approaches. Our customized creations are consumer demographics or audience demographics based . We monitor elements such as social media, web mentions, search engine rankings and several other factors that are reputation-builders.

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