Brand Management

Bring Value to Your Brand

No matter how big or small your business is, ensuring that your company’s search engine listings are free from negative comments or any negative information can be tricky. While it takes years to create a brand, consistently growing your brand equity is not an easy task.

  • 01By partnering with CryptoMize, Brand reputation management services, you can improve your online presence and defend against damaging attacks to you or your brand.
  • 02Brand management is the curated process of selecting, organizing, and presenting a brand.We aim at increasing the value of your product or brand through different marketing techniques.
  • 03Through our proprietary tools, Cryptomize would maintain, improve and bring value to your product or brand over time.
  • 04In today's competitive marketplace, you need a powerful and effective online presence to differentiate yourself from your competition.
Bring Value

Why Does Brand Management Matter?

We're living in a time when the Internet expands with every second, and it is easier than ever for people to share their opinions on various social media and online platforms. Brand management has thus become a key to success for any business. You can have the best product and service, but if your potential customers find your business unreliable, they will never buy from you.

  • 01Don't focus on sales or making money, your business will fail. It goes beyond that. The only thing that can earn you a permanent client base is Brand Management.
  • 02A brand management campaign helps to build a long-lasting relationship between the brand and the targeted audience or customers. This assures loyal audiences and long-term benefits for the brand.
  • 03As the gatekeepers of the modern world, We have worked out a way to manage your brand online. Cryptomize can restore or build it for you in real time through our sophisticated tools and techniques.
Brand Management


Brand management is a manner by which a brand's value is managed and finally reflected in the target market. Building a reputation requires patience and reparative efforts but investing in it for sure brings in long-term benefits.

Builds Reputation

Brand management efforts help to build a reputation of the brand in the eyes of the audience, the company comes out as someone who they can trust and the company reaps benefits out of their loyal customers.


Build Relationships

A brand management campaign helps to build a long-lasting relationship between the brand and the audience. This assures loyal audiences and long-term benefits for the brand.


Unique Identity

Through brand management efforts, a company can establish its separate identity from its competitors. This can be based on the company's USP efforts, the digital content like messages and advertisements, etc.


How big is the Online Brand Management market?

The reach and the extent to which digital platforms can impact perceptions today is tremendous. Your digital perception can shape and break your brand’s image in the eyes of the audience. So why not use it tactically to build your brand’s image in the eyes of the audience with the help of digital branding.

  • 01Reports suggest that 92% consumers trust information presented digitally over other sources.
  • 0288% view brands as credible when their reputation is built through digital channels.
  • 03A consistent brand presentation across all your marketing channels can increase your revenue by almost 25%.
  • 04CryptoMize will help you sail through the tough times and make sure that what took years to build is not tarnished within seconds
Big Management

Brands and Social Media

Today, social media is much more than just adding friends and sharing photos. Over the years, social media has developed itself to the point where businesses use these platforms to promote their brands. Social Media Reputation Management now acts to buffer marketing strategy that is used for brand reputation management.

  • 01It helps them get in touch with their customers, communicate with them quickly, and work together to resolve issues.
  • 02However, this doesn’t mean that social media is the only avenue for interaction between companies and customers.
  • 03Many small to medium size companies are still hesitant when it comes to social media marketing.
  • 04They may even be concerned about negative feedback or bad press. While this is understandable, it is not always a good reason to stay out of social media.
  • 05Having a large following on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and other niche platforms, is important for any brand these days.
  • 06The different social media channels are essential for connecting with customers on a personal level, and for creating a reputation of trust and transparency.
Social Media

Brand Monitoring

Brand monitoring is the process of keeping a check on different channels to identify where your brand is mentioned. Monitoring your brand’s online reputation will help you better understand how people perceive you, and let you collect valuable feedback from your audience.

  • 01Brand Monitoring is an effective way of ensuring your online presence is safe and effective. It can save you a lot of time and money if your goal is to maintain a positive image on the Internet.
  • 02Our online brand reputation is important and if you ignore it, you will start to take a hit. That’s why we exist, we keep an eye on your online brand reputation and we ensure it stays positive.
  • 03We keep you updated on any mentions of your brand so you can react accordingly to rectify any negative occurrences swiftly.
Brand Monitoring

Why is Brand Monitoring important?

  • 01Sentiment Analysis- Brand Monitoring helps you improve the overall customer sentiment towards your brand. It provides a comprehensive and timely analysis and reporting of all online conversations about your brand and products.
  • 02Crisis Management - Listening to people would help you manage your brand’s reputation. Handling a crisis situation would increase audience trust and show that you actually care. Brand Monitoring can help you stay at top of your reputation
  • 03Identify User-Generated Content - User-generated content can act as a great complement to your content strategy.Monitoring your brand mentions is the single most effective way to reach out to loyal customers and build a relationship.
Brandmonitoring Important

Brand Protection

Digitalization results in the constant threat of fraudulent infringements. It is required to deal with such attacks. The internet has changed everything, online retail websites have now accounted for 16% sales worldwide. Consequently, an increase in counterfeit products.

  • 01Protecting a brand is like protecting your reputation. No matter how good your product or service is, if people don't trust you, they won't buy. Therefore is crucial to protect your brand.
  • 02Our approaches are continuously evolving and we implement new strategies to counter these challenges in the brand development process.
  • 03Our premium services will provide you with the best brand protection and secure our client’s digital presence without any compromise.
  • 04CryptoMize provides online brand protection services that allow businesses to secure their digital properties and help detect any digital fraud. Accordingly provide with the implementation of the appropriate measures to protect the domain name
Brand Protection

Components of Brand Protection Service

anti counterfeit services

Anti-Counterfeit Services

We would provide you protection against counterfeiters and ensure that you and your brand remains safe. Our services would cover you against a range of risks that could impact your business.

supply chain

Supply-Chain integrity

Through our Brand protection services, we will ensure that your supply chain remains integrated and your keeps running smoothly. Nothing more than an integrated easily flowing business matters.

 kpi protection

KPI Protection

Our team creates an actionable report for you to identify elements. We monitor information regarding you, so that you can rest assured that your customers are getting the best experience from your brand.

Why Brand Protection is Important?

Establishing a brand requires a lot of effort, however, efforts have to be put in to protect one’s identity and property rights in the market.

Strategic Direction

A well-designed strategy can help to set a company's efforts into a strategic direction for anti-counterfeiting measures and operational practices.

Identify Offenders

Through the use of cutting-edge tools and technology, we would help you identify the key offenders. This would help you identify infringers and their activities.
safe and seprate

Safe and Separate Identity

Establish your safe and separate identity in the market. Your brand would remain protected from infringements from unauthorized use of the intellectual property.
brand protection

Focus of Brand Marketing

Brand Augmentation

Brand Augmentation will allow you to establish your brand more clearly in the marketplace. This would add value to your brand and help you to stand out, without any significant cost.

Social Media

Social media’s reach is undeniable We would tap on to this strength of social media and bring you to the center through buzz marketing,trend marketing and influencer marketing.

Search Media

That is why search media services are geared towards making sure that you are visible online. If you want the best internet visibility, then you must utilize our search media services.

Services of Brand Monitoring


Competitive Monitoring

We monitor, track and file away every social media post, blog or article that might give you a competitive advantage. Let us be your guiding light. We’ll let you know if and how your competitors are getting ahead and tailor a report just for you.

Audience/ Consumer Monitoring

Your success depends on your audience. Therefore, the most important aspect of brand management is consumer monitoring. It would include monitoring consumer emotions, sentiments and perceptions.

KPI Monitoring

We monitor and analyze the performance of your brand, so you can understand how to improve or change it. KPI monitoring helps you to monitor your performance based on a number of indicators and gives you an edge.

Why is Brand Marketing important?

raising Brand Awareness

Raising Brand Awareness

A brand marketing strategy would also focus on creating your brand’s image in such a way that your audience recognizes and remembers you.


Enhances Engagement

A well designed online marketing plan would help you enhance your online engagement with customers and bring innumerable benefits.

Develops Brand Loyalty

Develops Brand Loyalty

Loyal customers are the greatest assets for a company. Brand Marketing would help you develop a loyal customer base that sticks with you over time.

Brand Marketing

Brand marketing is the process of building, maintaining, and optimizing your brand. It is a long term, strategic plan to boost brand’s recognition and reputation. Brand Marketing strategy aims at communicating the brand’s image in a meaningful and engaging way to customers.

  • 01While brand marketing is such an important part of every company, many companies do not realize that it takes time to build a positive image.
  • 02Brand marketing can be an investment. When building a brand, it’s important to focus on your target audience and appeal to them. You should also tell your audience why they should buy from you and what makes them better than other competitors.
  • 02Our top notch brand marketing strategies would surely amplify your brand across the platforms. Connect with us for an exciting marketing campaign that assures you complete visibility of your product or service.
brand markiting

Our Goals

Personal Branding

Personal Branding

We strive to establish you as a powerful brand. Through our branding strategies, we will help you identify your core qualities that make a person a great professional. Our services will help you identify unique features to promote your brand.

Brand Image

Brand Image

We, at CryptoMize, aim at building your brand. We will do this by developing your unique identity that sets you apart from your competitors. You can then use this identity to reach out to target customers and win them.

Create Buzz

Create Buzz

We, at CryptoMize, We work round the clock to try and ensure you are always in the center of attraction. We help you get the attention you deserve and need. We create a buzz around a target audience to promote you in a relevant way.

Personal Branding

Threat Reduction

We will keep a watchful eye through a range of powerful services that will help you isolate risks before they become issues. The evaluation process is tailored in a way that you’re just one step away from making the right decisions.



Frequently Asked Questions

Brand management in marketing begins with an analysis of how a brand is now seen in the market, continues on to planning how the brand should be perceived in order to achieve its objectives and continues with ensuring that the brand is perceived as planned and works as expected. Establishing a positive relationship with target markets is critical for brand management. The product itself is a tangible element of brand management; its appearance, pricing, and packaging, for example. The intangible elements are the experiences and relationships that target markets have with the brand. A brand manager would be responsible for all aspects of the consumer's brand association, as well as relationships with supply chain participants.
Brand management is to continuously create a favorable perception of your brand among your target audience. Every element of your marketing and content strategy must be consistent with your brand and its offerings.
A brand does not develop overnight; it takes time, patience, and reparative efforts. Additionally, a budget is essential to boost brand recognition efforts through digital marketing tactics. While online marketing techniques nearly always demand some form of financial investment, they may be tailored to fit any budget. Prioritize brand management since it is critical for a variety of reasons.
The process of strategic brand management consists of developing, implementing, and monitoring marketing programs and activities aimed at establishing, measuring, and managing brand recognition. Whereas brand equity refers to the commercial value associated with a brand's name.
The process of strategic brand management includes the following steps:
  • Identifying and establishing brand positioning and value
  • planning and implementing brand marketing programs
  • Measuring and interpreting brand performance
  • Growing and sustaining brand equity
Brand management is an aspect of marketing that focuses on building and maintaining an overall perception of the firm and its products that people can recognize and associate with immediately and readily.
In most businesses, product management is more independent and is tasked with the responsibility of finding valuable market problems, developing and verifying solutions to those problems, and trying to guide those ideas through the product development process from inspiration to delivery.
In general brands can be divided into four categories:
  • Products Brands
  • Services Brands
  • Environments Brands
  • Communications Brands
  • Behavior Brands
Whether developing a new brand or rebranding an established one, brand execution is one of the most difficult processes a business can undertake. The difficulty is that because this is not a routine operation, most businesses lack experience and knowledge in this area.
Here are a few ideas on things to keep an eye out for:
  • Poor Implementation
  • Project Planning
  • Effective Implementation
  • Information Gathering
  • Consistent and Manageable Image
  • Story Building
  • Implementation management
  • Emphasize Internal Communication
  • External communications

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