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Business Development Executive Jobs in Delhi at CryptoMize - Check Out Business Executive Jobs Experienced with Job Description, Responsibilities, Salary. A Business Development Executive is a person responsible for running an organization. They create plans to help their organizations grow. Becoming an executive usually takes years of promotions and hard work since the qualifications of this role needs hard working individuals with years of experience in multiple facets of the business. A large part of an executive’s job is developing relationships with people outside the organization. These people may be customers or contributors.

Business Development Executive Responsibilities

International business development evolves through the normal processes of trade, foreign direct investment, capital flows, migration, and the advancement of technology in undeveloped nations. In order to achieve sustainable global business development, Business Development Executive often must find ways of adapting to the cultures and societies within which they operate and conduct business. business development professionals provide the necessary legal, financial, and cultural bridges between supplier and consumer.

The role of a International Business Development Executive is to assist the organisations sales and growth efforts by contributing to new customer acquisition. He/she should be able to provide ideas to attract new clients and keep the senior management updated about marketplace and competitor activity. Build contacts with potential clients to create new business opportunities. Keep prospective client database updated

Business executive role is to oversee budgets. They need good persuasion skills to keep costs down. Prepare and deliver pitches to potential investors. Maintain fruitful relationships with clients and address their needs effectively. Foster a collaborative environment within the organization. Support in writing new business proposals. Maintain knowledge of all product and service offerings of the company

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Business Development Executive Job Description

•  Should be open to work in Flexible Hours.
•  Should take weekly, monthly Report from his team members.
•  Initiating marketing strategies for scheduling technical workshops in Colleges and Schools.
•  Should be able to sale Workshop, Training Camps & Summer Camps.
•  Keen to Keep Researching for New, Interactive and Latest updates.
•  Work with and Group marketing to develop marketing campaigns to support Sales Strategy. Generate new business and raise awareness of other company products.
•  Capable to handle multiple projects Simultaneously.
•  Identify requirements for new products & services to anticipate and potentially lead the market.
•  Provide regular feedback to senior management about marketplace and competitor activity
•  Meeting/liaising with clients to discuss requirements and/or project progress.

Business Development Executive Skills

•  Rather than concerning about your degree first we would prefer “How Smart, Intelligent, Skilled, Professional and Innovative You Are” and “How Good You are at What You Do”.
•  Should be Willing and Ready to Travel.
•  Provide time-phased, qualified reports on achievement and activities.
•  Plan diary to make effective use of working day.
•  Maintain accurate records of all contacts with clients.
•  Handle correspondence related to all selling activities.
•  Up-to-Date with Recent Technological and Software Developments, Advances in Computer Technology and How This Affects the Business Environment and have a Strong Client Focus.
•  Ability to both Lead and Follow Instructions and Give Appropriate Input and Suggestions when required to.
•  Should be Adaptable and Able to Pick Up New, Better and Advanced Techniques whenever required to.

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