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Personal Assistant for CEO Job in Delhi at CryptoMize - Check Out Personal Assistant for CEO Jobs to many companies that are hiring experienced personal assistants (PA) to handle their day-to-day tasks in office. This means that there is a lot of responsibility on the assistant's shoulders. A Personal Secretary specializes in providing support and assistance in standard office tasks and responsibilities which must be executed with efficiency and care. A crucial aspect of being an efficient and productive personal assistant is knowing how to interact with corporate executives, senior management, clients, and so on in order to provide support to clients in a way which is effective and beneficial for all parties concerned. He/She should know everything about the company and the way it operates. Apply Now for Secretary for CEO Jobs in Delhi at CryptoMize, A Conglomerate Digital Agency and Digital Privacy Company in India.

Personal Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

A Personal Assistant (PA) provides one-on-one support to senior staff. Typically, PAs assist senior managers by providing administrative assistance such as monitoring a manager's email, drafting communications on their behalf, planning and organising meetings, and arranging travel. A Private Assistant must have a thorough understanding of the company and be aware of who the key personnel are. Personal Assistants (PA) are individuals that assist in day-to-day tasks for businesses and other organizations.

Candidates must have knowledge of the business' facilities, procedures to ensure the continuance of the services. Some things that a personal assistant will be expected to accomplish include : Greet visitors and direct them to the appropriate departments or individuals, respond to queries in person, via telephone or email, develop and implement office procedures, maintain general company record systems to uphold accurate files, compose letters, memos and emails, screen documents, book meeting rooms, set up conference calls and take messages Perform administrative tasks, including filing and photocopying. Candidates must be professionals who rigorously help their employers manage their day-to-day tasks. They must have experience carrying out administrative tasks like filing and organizing documents, taking care of personal equipment like phones and computers, and answering calls from clients. A PAs job description differs depending on whether it is handling office work or other purely administrative work like bookkeeping or data processing.

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CryptoMize is a Conglomerate Digital Agency with presence in 3 Continents evolving for a decade, having served elite clients such as Governments, Politicians, MNCs, Celebrities and HNIs in 30+ Countries. Over the years, we have garnered & trained a team of Industry Experts that have Supernatural Powers like clairvoyance, foresight, superspeed, invisibility, teleportation and omnipresence.



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Notice: The application for this opening can be submitted via the application form linked below, ONLY. Direct phone calls and emails will not be entertained.
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Personal Assistant for Office

Personal Assistant for CEO

Personal Assistant Job Description

• You will be expected, at times, to handle specific amounts of paperwork and other work personally
• Understand both the general procedures of the company and how your particular position will be affected by them
• To show particular care and attention to details when dealing with clients
• Execution of daily activities, keeping the project and departmental goals in scope and ensuring proper organization
• Identify and mitigate hazards inherent to the job and to produce appropriate plans and documentation to ensure safety of team members
• Help lower-level employees run their day-to-day responsibilities
• Be responsible for budgeting, organization, and coordination of personnel
• To delegate and coordinate tasks and duties appropriately between clients and employees
• To track progress of reports and documents

Personal Assistant Position Required Skills

• Bachelor’s degree in any subject will also be considered as an advantage
• The ability to perform these tasks will be vital
• Experience in bookkeeping, accounting and data processing is preferred
• To be able to plan a strategy
• Must possess a quality to execute any planned strategy
• Knowledge of specific software programs, including Word, Excel, SAP, Timelink and ActivePay
• Experience maintaining and prioritizing a manager’s calendar
• Must be flexible enough to perform cross-sectional activities
• To have excellent communication skills as your job requires you to take action on your client’s behalf
• Must be professional and friendly
• Must be able to write and read basic english
• Exceptional written and verbal communication skills

CryptoMize is dedicated to ensure a prominent progress to how the world perceives you. We help you to establish your perception to the extent of perfection with our devised strategic plan and techniques.

CryptoMize introduces you to Promotional Parlance which not only promotes your cause but provides a personalized-edge. Our solutions are tailored in a strategic way that attracts the audience in a way that they are most receptive to.

CryptoMize formulates a proactive strategy to amplify your Media Outreach without compromising your reputation. CryptoMize assists you in communicating with your intended audience to achieve a global outreach.

Political Catalysis

We bring efficiency to governance operations through intelligence and strategic thinking. By integrating digital approaches, CryptoMize seeks to improve Campaign Strategies and governance in general.

Policing Phronesis

CryptoMize, with the help of its special mix of Forensics and Consultancy, aims to handle all sorts of cyber crimes affecting your organisation and provide you with the best guidance for such situations.

Privacy Enforcement

CryptoMize is driven by the belief that none of your valuable data should go unprotected. Our experts put concerted effort to preserve your privacy in order to minimize the impact of cybercrime.

What Makes Us Different?

CryptoMize offers a full spectrum of elite services derived with preemptive analysis and strategic planning to our clients. We work efficiently with our proficient and proactive team by utilising extraordinary tools.

Collaboration with Dignitaries

We collaborate with highly influential and prominent personalities around the world. Being transcendental and visionary has its own benefits, our supremacy of being omnipresent empowers us to command, control and maneuver information from the internet.


Powerful Team

CryptoMize is the combination of a powerful team that works on a supportive, transparent and encouraging platform. With spontaneity and dedication to the advancement of technology, we aspire to be better at what we do for people who trust us with their information and projects.


Triple-Proof Approach

We execute a triple-proof approach from conducting thorough research, developing strong strategies, to guaranteeing information security. This proves beneficial for our clients to reach their desired goal.

What Makes Us Different?

Our Core Values


We seek to connect and build relationships with our clients.That is our core principle of our work ethic which we fully-abide to. We works on 3 principles: Respect, Honesty and Transparency.


Commitment is an act, not a word. We believe in delivering and living up to your expectations. We have grown into a global agency only through our commitment to deliver and our reliability factor.


We are extremely paranoid about protecting our client’s safety of what we do, for whom and how we do it. We maintain absolute non disclosure and confidentiality to ensure that nothing sensitive goes out.


Our passion generates enthusiasm for what we do and how we do it. We inspire, find creative ways and nurture ideas with passion. We strategize based on audience attention.


We believe in innovation, change and risk taking. With technology, we reinvent ourselves. Innovation is the reason how we are able to eliminate obstacles for cultivating growth.


We ensure to maintain your eminence by reinventing ourselves with our core values that inspire excellence. We strive for quality in everything we do.

Our Journey So Far

Our Journey So Far

Our presence is all across the globe. Our impact can be seen in 03+ continents and 30+ countries, we know how to shape people's digital lives. We have a vast range of projects, from running political campaigns, shaping people's perceptions to enforcing privacy, we work with a futuristic approach and always look ahead of time. We never restrict ourselves to specific sectors rather make sure that our services are requisites for any and everybody in the world. With our elite clientele we show supremacy of work and build trustworthy relationships. We believe intelligence is the future and aim towards collective good and growth of all!
Our Presence

Successfully establishing ourselves globally in 3+ continents.

Our Services

Giving us an edge over everyone else who is trying to solve similar problems.

Years of Experience

Serving great value to our clients since the past decade.

Our Vision

Our Vision

In the days of yore, gathering intelligence was a matter of sending out spies. Today the world has changed, and intelligence is as much about technology as it is about people. We are redefining what it means to truly protect you and your business. From network security, to cloud recovery, to data recovery, CryptoMize focuses on your technology’s vulnerabilities so you can avoid pitfalls and stay ahead.

  • We have a singular vision – to be the ultimate ‘go-to’ company for digital reputation management. Our approach is holistic, covering reputation management, social media management, and crisis management.
  • We uncover security flaws in your technology, identify new threats, and create proactive measures to protect you.
  • We provide innovative IT solutions to clients of all sizes. Our expertise is in all levels of the information technology stack, including network architecture and cybersecurity.

Why Us?

Why are we so amazing?


Our awesome chef prepares freshly Maison-made breakfasts, lunches, diners, beverages, coffees everyday to provide the fuel you need to innovate and Execute Best Ideas.


Want to organize, talk or attend an event? We give you two days per month to attend or organize team-buildings, conferences, trainings, meetups or hackathons.


Work hard, play hard! We have an in-house bar with a large choice of wines, beers and arcade games. Plus, we organize memorable & engaging team events at least twice a month.

Fun Days

Besides a day off, we present you with a day that is full of fun. You get to choose from a vast array of fun activities from outdoor activities to pool parties.


We choose to work in a flex office environment to grow new collaborative ideas and practices. We work in small product oriented teams to focus & execute faster.


At CryptoMize, we don’t care about your degrees, we only care about what you know. Your skillset will be evaluated in regard to your technical experiences and skills.

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